7 Questions to Ask When Finding Dog Care

How to find reputable dog care during the busy travel season? Learning the 7 questions, it could help to vet a business before allowing them to care for our pets. While some of these questions seem obvious, overlooking them can lead to insufficient care going on longer than they should.

1. What background checks are done for pet care providers at the company?

The background check has become a relatively standard practice in the pet care industry. However, we often hear the news about dog owners suffer the consequences of pet sitter’ inappropriate behaviors.

Who are you letting into your home? A background check is more than just knowing a name. Dog owners want to find a professional to care for their pets.

2. What is the owner’s experience?

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have certifications?
  • How do they train their employees?
  • Are their staff trained in pet first aid & CPR?
  • What types of pets do they have experience with?

Getting more information is to help you to get an idea of how well your dog will be cared for.

3. Are the staff independent contractors or actual employees?

Using app-based pet care listing sites to search for services has become a phenomenon. Plenty of users praise those companies for their convenience, but they’re not without controversy.

Some people argue that those companies use independent contractors rather than real employees. When finding the right pet care, degree of education and experience are the core considerations. 

4. Do they provide references upon request?

The best pet care providers will have glowing reviews from former clients. Therefore, they will not be shy about providing references. Make sure to vet  because references are another way to know the pet care provider.

You might find that some experienced pet care providers may only have a few clients. However, if those are long-term clients, then that speaks well to their satisfaction.

5. What is the company’s policy on training? Does staff have medical and emergency training?

Training is an essential component to pet care providers as it will set a professional pet care provider apart from a hotline pet care provider.

Educated pet care providers mean they can safely care for people’s pets. Dog owners want to hire the person who cares for their pets know what to do in an emergency, describe the issue, get instructions then act.

6. Does the company have some kind of accountability system so you know your pet is being properly cared for?

Many dog owners lure with WAG! because of their app offering the features designed that allows dog walkers to track and share information with pet owners about pee, poo, food, and water activity during the walk.

To make real-time certainty that your dog is being taken care of, choosing the dog walkers or pet sitters who use technology tools that facilitate dog owners to follow the pet’s activities. If you have a sitter staying over, then having a security camera in your home is necessary.

7. Are they bonded and insured?

Pet care service is a profession as much as a passion; it’s not a hobby. Having a license and insurance shows that this person is professional and serious about the services he/she offers. Professional pet care providers also know that things can happen beyond their control.

Whether you’re traveling for vacation or work, finding  a good pet care provider is a dog owner’s responsibility. After learning the 7 questions in Bark (the dog culture magazine), you would find a good pet care providers if you have to leave your dogs behind while traveling.



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