7 Things to consider when including your dog in your wedding ceremony

Dogs at at your wedding? Absolutely! Many brides and grooms want to include their beloved pet in their wedding celebration and the trend is catching on!

Here are 7 things to keep in mind before your big day:

1.Take a “doggy” point of view. Wedding preparations and the wedding day are hectic for everyone involved, especially pets. Routines are disrupted and couples are under a lot of stress which sill not go un-noticed by your dog.

Some dogs might “ignore” the fact and refuse to take their parents’ wedding seriously. Therefore, thinking about how your dog may respond in different situations during the wedding and give your dog extra guidance.

2. Choose a pet friendly wedding and reception venue with a dog friendly indoor and outdoor area where your four-legged friend can relax away from the crowd.

3. If possible, familiarize your dog with your wedding venue  and introduce them to the people in your wedding party ahead of time. Your dog will naturally be excited with all the commotion surrounding your wedding and this will help make your pet more comfortable with these unfamiliar places and people.

4. Including your dog in any wedding rehearsals will help your pet and give you a heads up if you need to deal with any disruptive dog behaviour. You may need to train your dog how to behave around food, flower arrangements and to not jump on guests.

5. Assign a person your pet knows and is comfortable with to take care of them during the ceremony and reception so that you can focus on your big day. If possible find a quiet area where that person can bring your dog if they need to get away from the event for a bit. Remember to bring a favourite toy or blanket and a few treats to help calm doggy anxiety.

6. If, for whatever reason, you decide it’s best to leave your dog home, you can always let  them be a part of your big day in other ways like including them in wedding photographs which are usually taken between the ceremony and reception.

7. Most importantly, plan early and have realistic expectations for your dog. Not all dogs will be comfortable in the rush of activity surrounding a wedding but with proper planning you can include your cherished pet in your big day.

Would you include your dog in your wedding? If you’re inviting that second cousin of yours who you only meet a few times in your life, then there’s no reason your fur baby shouldn’t be part of your big day. Enjoy your big day, doggie parents! 

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