Dogs can tune out noise, just like people at cocktail parties

dog-experimentIn recent experiments at the University of Maryland, scientists found that canines can perceive their name spoken at the same intensity as or louder than background noise. This is valuable insight for people handling working and service dogs.

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10 Interesting Laws On Animal Protection From Different Countries

law-protection- animalsCountries all over the world are passing laws to protect animals, their rights, and also to raise public awareness. Here are 10 laws on animal protection from different countries that might help you believe in humanity again.


  1.  New Zealand Has Officially Recognized That Animals Are Sentient
  2. In Virginia, Stealing A Dog Can Be Punishable By Up To 10 Years In Jail
  3. In Poland, Anyone Who Finds An Abandoned Dog Or Cat Is Required To Notify An Animal Shelter, Fire Authority, Or Police
  4. In Alaska, When One Wants To Divorce Their Spouse, The Judge Decides Who Gets The Animal
  5. Russia Bans Animal Cruelty
  6. In The Netherlands, People Have To Pay An Annual Dog Tax
  7. In Germany, The Fine For Killing A Protected Animal Can Vary Up To 25,000 Euros
  8. In The UK, The Maximum Sentence For Animal Cruelty Will Be Five Years In Prison
  9. In Turin, A Dog Owner Is Fined If He Walks The Dog Less Than Three Times A Day
  10. In Oklahoma, The Dog Owner Is Fully Responsible For Any Injuries His Dog Might Cause


Florida rescue dog, deer play friendly game of tag in hilarious video

Florida man records his pet dog, Ike, playing tag with local deer who wandered by his house. The German Shepherd was adopted a year and a half ago.


Indiana Becomes 4th U.S. State To Introduce New Law To Combat “Pet Leasing” Scams

dog-lease-law-IndianaIndiana lawmakers and Governor Eric Holcomb implemented H.B. 1447, a new law prohibiting deceptive financing schemes. Pets should ever be “owned” by a leasing company and should also not be “sold” as property.


Hero stray dog that saved little girl from mauling is adopted by her grateful family

hero-stray-dogOreo the stray dog stood guard next to the 2-year-old toddler after another pooch broke into her family’s yard.The other dog began attacking him instead of the toddler. The heroic behavior made Oreo worthy of a ‘furever’ home.