Holland becomes first country without homeless dogs and here’s how they did it

no stay dogs Over the last few years, Holland has been working hard to fix their stray dog problem and it finally paid off! And now the Netherlands has officially become the first country without stray dogs. Their first step was to implement a country-wide sterilization program. Then, the authorities passed a new set of laws in order to improve the animals rights and to protect their health. The Dutch government also raised taxes on store dogs to encourage people to rescue dogs from shelter.

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ESPN Dog Day on August 24 Is Nonstop Dog Sports and Entertainment

dog sportsThis Saturday ESPN is Playing Air Bud and Letting Dogs Do the News for ESPN Dog Day.As part of an early National Dog Day celebration — the true holiday is on August 26 — ESPN2 is literally going to the dogs on Saturday. On August 24, from noon until 6 p.m. ET, ESPN2 will be playing only canine sports content.

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Woman arrested after video shows her shoving dog into trunk after animal shelter refused to euthanize it

dog FloridaThe Brevard County’s Sheriff’s Office (Florida) arrested a woman after video showed her placing a dog in the trunk of car this week. The woman  had brought the family pet to a local animal shelter where she wanted the staff to either take the dog or euthanize it, as she no longer wanted to keep it.

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Deadly and highly contagious dog virus spreading in central Indiana

Indianapolis Animal Care Services posted a message Thursday evening urging all dog owners to make sure their pets are vaccinated against the parvovirus. In the past week alone, the shelter has seen dozens of dogs show up at our intake door with the potentially deadly virus.

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Man Builds A Tiny ‘Dog Cabin’ In His Backyard For His Pup

dog cabinDavid Connolly is the owner of Maya and he also happens to be the owner of Fencing Decking Specialists NI in the UK. Maya loves to hang out in the backyard whenever possible when she is at home alone. That is why Connolly decided he would build her a cozy spot to call her own.

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Dog stolen from family during road trip rescued by local CBS reporter

Texas dog reunionA family passing through the Houston area said their golden retriever Lucy was stolen from a restaurant parking lot in broad daylight over the weekend. After seeing surveillance of Lucy being stolen, a local CBS reporter made it his mission to find the thief and helped get Lucy back to her family.

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California dog rescued after collapsing from heatstroke on trail, prompting warning to pet owners

caution for dog hiking A dog who suffered heatstroke while accompanying his owner on a hike in California during the weekend triggered an urgent rescue mission and a warning to pet owners to think twice about exercising their animals in hot weather.

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Father Of 9-Year-Old Mauled To Death By Dogs Says Neighbor Was Warned

pitfall attackThe father of a 9-year-old girl who was fatally mauled by three dogs while she was playing on Detroit’s west side says his neighbor had been warned about the animals prior to the attack. He had an argument last week with the neighbour about the dogs weren’t properly restrained and the fence was too flimsy.

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‘I have your dog’: Ont. woman says thief left chilling note at cottage

missing dogAn Ontario family whose dog went missing in cottage country last week recently received a note that read: ‘I have your dog, so stop looking for him.’ And now police are investigating the theft that has shaken the dog owners.

The note  posted on Facebook, went on to criticize the dog’s skinny appearance and accused the family of neglect, with the thief claiming the dog was saved from a “miserable life.”

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Airlines Are No Longer Allowed to Ban Service Dogs Based on Breed

pit bull travelThe U.S. Department of Transportation released a statement that forbids airlines from banning dogs based on their breed. The new rule applies specifically to service animals, or animals. It instructed airlines that they must allow any breed of service dog on board.

Last year, Delta banned all pit bulls from flying, regardless of whether or not they were certified therapy animals. United Airlines also banned pit bulls last year, along with 20 other dog breeds, including pugs, bulldogs, mastiffs, and shih tzus.

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