Warning: Three dogs died within hours in a pond due to toxic algae

caution for dog ownersA doggy play date in a North Carolina pond turned tragic after three pups died from toxic algae. The woman took her dogs to a pond to play.Within hours, the pups had died. Now, the devastated owners are warning fellow dog lovers all over the country.

Toxic algae blooms are poisonous to dogs and they are more common in fresh water during the hot summer months. Here is the information you need to keep your pets safe.

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Missouri Family Credits Rescue Dog for Saving Teen Daughter from Possible Attacker

Hero dog MossoriA  family is thankful for their four-legged hero for saving their daughter from a would-be attacker who they found in their backyard. When their 13-year-old daughter was walking their dog, a mumbling man came out from the wooded area in their backyard. Their dog’s growls are what alerted Peterson that something was seriously wrong.

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‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan on what pets teach us about living well

Dog training Cesar Millan, the New York Times bestselling author of eight dog books and host of “Cesar 911,” next month will bring his one-man show, “Cesar Millan – My Story: Unleashed,” to the Las Vegas stage.

The Dog Whisperer’s story centers on his journey from life in Sinaloa, Mexico, to crossing the border with $100 in his pocket to becoming a world-renowned dog (and people) specialist.

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Delaware is now the first and only no-kill state for shelter animals in the US

no-kill for animal shelterIn a watershed moment for animal lovers, America has its first no-kill state: Delaware. All brick-and-mortar shelters in the First State have at least a 90% save rate.

The nonprofit Best Friends Animal Society, which is working with shelters, animal welfare organizations and government agencies across the country to make America a no-kill country by 2025, announced the news at their annual conference in Dallas, Texas.

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Woman loses appeal to save dangerous dog from city’s death row

dog lifeA dog deemed dangerous by the City of Vancouver will likely be put down soon after its owner lost an appeal launched in the hopes of saving the Australian cattle dog. Santics and her dog Punky’s battle with the city began in September 2017 at the Spanish Banks off-leash dog area, where Punky attacked a woman.

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You’ll want to hug your dog after seeing ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’

There art of racing the rainKevin Costner is the voice of Enzo in “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” a dog everyone is sure to fall in love with. Fans of dog movies know where this going, and that’s mainly toward a beloved pooch dying. The film wastes no time in dealing with pet mortality.In fact, this film will make viewers want to give their dog a hug.


Extraordinary puppy born with six legs finds loving new home

puppy with six legs finds forever homeRoo is a an eight-week-old Labrador-cross born with six legs in an extraordinary twist of nature. The puppy was named after a kangaroo because her extra limbs, which don’t cause her any pain, lead her to hop around on her back legs when she walks. Her new owners say Roo’s unique circumstances make her ‘priceless’.

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Calling all performing pups: You can be a star in Boston Ballet’s ‘Giselle’

dogs in Boston balletBoston Ballet is searching for one or two pooches to perform as “stage dogs,” for its September production of “Giselle” at the Boston Opera House. No pirouettes required. The company is looking for four breeds in particular: Borzois, Pointers, Irish wolfhounds, and hounds.

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Rescue dog and owner share passion at Pacifica World Dog Surfing Contest

pacifica world dog surfing contestThe World Dog Surfing Championships captivated crowds in Pacifica over the weekend. And while the competition is over, one of the Bay Area’s top surfing dogs continues to inspire others. 

13-year-old Abbie Girl is a canine celebrity and champion on the dog surfing circuit. She is Guinness world record dog. Her owner, Michael Uy, says they have helped each other stay afloat in life.

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