Hero dog keeps badly injured woman warm for three days after horrific car crash

hero-dog-New ZealandA pet dog has been hailed a hero, helping a badly injured New Zealand woman survive after her car crashed and plunged 45 metres. The woman was rescued after her’s barking led passing hikers to the wreck at the bottom of a gully, and alerted authorities after three freezing nights.

Source: au.news.yahoo.com


Viral Video: Cute Dog’s Epic Performance As A Living Statue

dog-live-performantThe Venezuelan street artist Yorge Luís Ruiz has performing as a living statue with his partner Jaspe to entertain the passersby and tourists in Fortaleza, Brazil for four years. The video of  the cute dog assists her owner in a a bronze living stature performance has gone viral.

Source: pawsplanet.me

Utah restaurant under fire for turning away veterans, child with service dogs

Service -dog -in restaurant -UtahA group of military veterans set out to eat lunch at Bombay Grill in Ogden, Utah, but claim they were quickly “kicked out” because the manager wouldn’t allow their dogs to accompany them inside. The restaurant owner faces fines and other possible penalties but says he has no plans to change his policy.

Source: today.com

188 Sickly Dogs Hoarded by a One-Time Top Breeder at Westminster

dog rescue new JerseyNearly 200 Dogs Rescued in ‘Hoarding Home’ in New Jersey, 20 Found Dead in Freezer.The authorities revealed the scope of the kennel’s troubling truth: Nearly 200 unkempt dogs — some of them pregnant and many that appeared visibly sick.

Source: nytimes.com

Dog who saved owner from bear among 3 rescues inducted into hall of fame

hero dog SheblyA 14-year-old rescue dog who laid her life on the line to save her owner from a charging black bear is among the new inductees into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame. Shelby and two other heroic hounds  are being recognized for life-saving acts of perseverance and intuition.

Source: ctvnews.ca