Couple find chihuahua in their suitcase after it stowed away for trip to Las Vegas

Lubbock, Tex. – Couple flying to Las Vegas are stunned to find their CHIHUAHUA burrowed inside a boot in their suitcase when they get to check-in and find bag is 5lbs overweight. 

  • Jared and Kristi Owens were flying from Lubbock, Texas to Las Vegas last month
  • Their bag was overweight at check-in, and they were stunned by what was inside
  • Their chihuahua Icky was poking out of one of Jared’s cowboy boots
  • A Southwest Airlines agent offered to care for the dog while the couple traveled
  • The Owens’ flew two weekends before Southwest canceled 1,800 flights citing severe weather and lack of staff at an air traffic control tower in Florida 


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