Daily Dog News – Feb 2019

Mardi_Gras_dog_paradeGet in Mardi Gras dog parade in News Orleans this weekend

Dozens upon dozens of four-legged good boys and girls will march in the 21st annual “Mardi Gras on Main Street DeLand Dog Parade,” a New Orleans-Flavoured even.

Source: journalonline. com        2019-02-28

dog_world_recordEury the dog breaks world record with 83 yard frisbee catch

Dog sets world record of Frisbee catch at Apollos game. It sets social media ablaze with an 83-yard frisbee catch as halftime entertainment at the game.

Source: waft. com                           2019-02-27

Service_dog_runnerGuide dog lead visually impaired runner taking on winter half marathon

On Feb.17, the Labrador retriever guide dog led her owner Daryl Lang through the Edmonton’s Hypothermic Half Marathon in –19 C temperatures.

Source: abc. ca                                   2019-02-26

disable_dog_trainingA disabled puppy is training for a special task thanks to a veteran paying it forward

The amazing story between Christy, 36, lost both her legs after an attack overseas and her service dog Moxie, a  puppy like her owner, with a disability.

Source: cbsnews. com                    2019-02-25

Scottie_dogExperts warned the Scottie dog could be wiped out in favour of designer breeds

The Kennel Club has placed Scotties on its ‘at-risk’ register, after an all-time low of just 438 puppies were registered last year.

Source: dailymail. co. uk               2019-02-24

dog_marriageShelter ‘marries’ bonded pair of senior dogs to help get them adopted together

The shelter in Augusta, Maine held a wedding ceremony, completing with a veil for the two dogs. They are bonded, which means they must find a loving home willing to take both of them.

Source: fox35orlando. com            2019-02-23

Hero_dog_South_AfricaHero dog stabbed in skull saves its owner from street robber

A heroic dog has made a miracle recovery after being stabbed in the skull when defending his owner against an armed robber in South Africa.

Source: dailymail.co. uk                2019-02-22

dog_rescue_Detroit Nonprofit organization in Detroit helps free chained dogs 

The organization has also rescued more than 800 adult dogs, puppies, and seniors, while working with partner organizations.

Source: worldanimalnews. com     2019-02-21

dogShow_ShanghaiCountdown to ‘World’s Most Important Dog Show’ 2019  in Shanghai, China

The World Dog Show 2019 is scheduled to be held in Shanghai from 30 April to 3 May. Hosted by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the largest worldwide dog organization, the competition sees 10,000 dogs enter every year.

Source: was2019.cn                         2019-02-20

dog_in_nes_MexicoDog was spotted in driving his young charge during the GDLUZ festival in Mexico

A dog was spotted in Guadalajara, Mexico, confidently pushing a young man in a wheelchair through a plaza crowded with people.

Source: dailymail. co. uk               2019-02-19

off_leash_dogHaving a dog off leash will now have to appear in court

Steamboat Springs, CO looks to increase leash law enforcement.The city of Steamboat Springs is looking to add another off-leash area as off-leash dogs are no longer allowed on Blackmer Drive.

Source: steamboatpilot. com        2019-02-18

Sled_dog_raceMeet the top finishers in Junior World Championship sled dog races

On the first day of  the Alaskan Sled Dog and Racing Association’s Junior World Championships, there are several winers you would love to meet.

Source: and. com                              2019-02-17

dog_genomic_studyResearch findings on canine fearfulness and human mental disorders

Researchers focused on two forms of canine fearfulness: noise sensitivity and general fearfulness. The latter encompasses the fear of unfamiliar humans and new situations.

Source: medicalxpress. com         2019-02-16

Heart_shaped_nose_dogWiley The Dalmatian Has A Heart On His Nose

The spotty dog named Wiley from Denver, Colorado has stolen the hearts of thousands due to one of his spots creating a heart shape around his nose.

Source: storypick. com                  2018-02-15

Dogs_ValentineDogs went on a date for their perfect Valentine’s match 

Many of  dog parents want their babies to find a perfect match. The event also raise money for Best Friends Animal Society, an animal outreach and rescue nonprofit organization.

Source: winnows. com                     2019-02-14

King_dog_showWire Fox Terrier Wins Westminster Dog Show 2019

A 7-year-old wire fox terrier named King has taken the crown at the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. He’s the 15th wire fox terrier to win “Best in Show.”

Source: npr. org                                  2019-02-13

Chihuahua_Valentine_dayHelping welcome 100 Chihuahua need dog lovers’ help on Valentine’s Day

The dogs are coming from an overcrowded shelter in Fresno, California, where they face a high risk of euthanasia. The Michigan Humane Society  is looking for dog lovers to  helping  welcome 100 Chihuahuas to Michigan.

Source: freep. com                         2019-02-12

AKC_dog_showThe Indy Winter Classic AKC Dog Show attracted all dog lovers

Dog lovers saw the coolest and a cutest stuff  during the Indy Winter Classic. All Breed Dog Show held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019

Source: indystar. com                    2019-02-11

Westminster_dog_show_2019Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2019

The main dog show will air on FS1 (Fox Sports 1) from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Monday, February 11 and Tuesday, February 12. But some other activities precede the main event — for more on those, see below.

Source: nj. com                               2019-02-10

Valentine_dog_walkingThis Sunday ninth annual Valentine’s Dog Walk: all dogs matter

This Sunday February 10, animal rescue centre All Dogs Matter is inviting hundreds of pooch lovers to take part in their ninth annual Valentine’s Dog Walk.

Source: standard. co. uk                 2019-02-09

new-york-Hero-DogHero dog breaks out of the New York house to save family from gas leak 

The pit bull, named Sadie found roaming a Tuckahoe yard Wednesday afternoon, barking incessantly. She saved the house from a potential gas explosion and gas leak.

Source: abc7chicago. com            2019-02-08

dog-Training_complaints State Attorney General investigates  Apex dog trainer in North Carolina

State Attorney General of North Carolina is investigating more than 50 complaints against a now-closed Apex dog trainer, who specialized in training animals for autistic children.

Source: abc11. com                        2019-02-07

dog_food_recallDog food recall:Hill’s Pet Nutrition recalled 25 canned pet food products

Hill’s Pet Nutrition recalled 25 food products that  may contain dangerous levels of vitamin D. But those grieving  dog owners said it’s too late.

Source: usatoday. com                  2019-02-06

dog-adoptionDog picked the Patriots to the win, now hopes someone will pick her

Penelope, a Mountain Cur mix housed with the Humane Society of Midland County, picked the Patriots for the win. Now she is waiting for adoption.

Source:9and10news. com             2019-02-05

puppy-bowl-MVPMeet the dog named first special-needs MVP in Puppy Bowl history

Bumble, a former shelter dog now living in Spokane Valley. The 6-month-old female is blind and deaf and has a harrowing story.

Source: spokesman. com               2019-02-04

dog-reunited-coloradoColorado dog reunited with his owner after surviving in the mountains for 96 days

This is an incredible story of survival that a dog named Price was reportedly in the wilderness on his own for 96 days.

Source: kdvr. com                           2019-02-03

dog-walking-winterWarning dogs paws burned off after walking on icy glass

The vets suggests the dog will be out of action for the next two weeks, and he has to wear waterproof bags on his feet while the dressings are helping.

source: metro. co. uk                       2019-02-02

dog-grooming-Trend  Dog owners are now reportedly putting glitter on their dogs balls

Disturbing new trend sees dog owners putting glitter on their pooches’ testicles. This trend was noticed by Royal Paws Pet Salon in High Point, North Carolina.

Source: dailymail. co. uk              2019-02-01