Dog News -Jan 2019

dog-rescue-ChicagoPolice save man’s life after jumping in icy lake to rescue his puppy

The man sent a letter to extend his gratitude to the Chicago police officers to save his life. He cautioned all dog owners to keep away dogs from icy lake.

Source: accuweather. com             2019-01-31

emergency-dog-toy-stuck Firefighters attempt to remove toy stuck in pup’s mouth with multiple tools

It was an “unexpected” emergency on Sunday — a dog owner  walked into the Wrentham fire department with her dog who had a toy stuck to her jaw.

Source: boston. com                  2019-01-30

bear grease-sled-dog-marathon-2019John Beargrease sled dog marathon 2019 was very Minnesotan

The cold didn’t deter families from bringing children to watch the race start to end. It was cold, yet people enjoyed the excitement in air with the dog adventure.

Source: wide. com                          2019-01-29

dog-toy-rescuedDad goes viral after he ‘rescued’ his dog’s ‘dying’ pal 

Terry, the dad, knew that dog Lucky  and the bear were inseparable. In order to keep their friendship and the toy alive, he made efforts to fix the cuddly toy that is out of “health”.

Source:                          2019-01-28

poopetrator-PATracking down a dog poo-petrator, a DNA test required by a Pennsylvania complex

The management at the complex is requiring all residents to get their canines a DNA test so any dog poop can be traced back and the poo-preprator is held accountable.

Source: the guardian. com             2019-01-27

Service-dog-complaints41 heartbroken families across US file complaints about service dog training firm

Service dogs they spent thousands of dollars for turned out to be very expensive and  aggressive pets.Families would like to see lawmakers put some kind of regulations to hold dog trainers, especially service dog trainers.

Source: cbs17. com                            2019-01-26

sniff-dog-CanadaMan beats drug charge because sniffer dog’s ‘partial’ signal

Man found with 27,500 pills of fentanyl freed as judge deemed that RCMP dog Doods’ signal that she found drugs was ‘highly ambiguous.

Source: leducrep. com                     2019-01-25

pet-sutom-slippersPet owner: You can buy customized slipper versions of your pets

The company makes custom slippers that look just like your favorite pet. They made for you based on what your pet looks like, and from pictures on social media. That is only to show our love to our fur babies.

Source: businessinsider. com       2019-01-24

hero-dog-reward-2019Calling All Dogs! Nominations open now for 2019 Hero Dog Awards

is your dog a hero to you? Submit nomination to to join 2019 American Humane Hero Dog Awards® campaign.

Source: prnewswire. com              2019-01-23

police-adopt-dogOfficer adopts dog she helped rescue after she was thrown from a vehicle

Officer Amie Barclay of the Lansford Police Department in Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania helped rescue the pup after she was thrown from a vehicle in Lansford, PA.

Source: fox6now. com                 2019-01-22

Singapore-Dog-enforcementSpotlight in Singapore: A dog owner fined for causing pet”unnecessary pain”

The dog owner was fined S$3,500 for animal cruelty after he was found to have caused “unnecessary suffering”. The authorities intervened as dog owner should be fully responsible for the wellbeing of their pets.

Source:         2019-01-21

dog-food-recall-FDAThe FDA is recalling several dry dog food

Several Dog food recall due to excessive and potentially toxic levels of vitamin D.The FDA recommends pet owners throw away any A+ Answers Straight Beef Formula for Dogs food they have purchased.

Source: usatoday. com                 2019-01-20

Ace-combat-dogThe most lovable character in Ace Combat 7 is a dog

Ace Combat Dog is a lovable pupper, and we hope to see it in more games in the future.

Source: otaku. com                      2019-01-19

dog-rescue-casino-nightCasino Night Feb.16: Place your bets for homeless pets

The event will return Feb. 16. Ongoing from 7 p.m. to midnight to continuing to bolster awareness and funds for the Etowah Valley Humane Society. EVHS is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 corporation in Georgia.

Source: dailytribune. com             2019-01-18

David-Beckham-dogBuzz on David Beckham’s dog swaddled in a £4,600 blanket

David Beckham takes a nap with his dog Olive under £4,600 Louis Vuitton blanket. Olive is something of an online celebrity and even has her own Instagram account which boasts 70,000 followers.

Source: theguardian. com              2019-01-17

canine-greeter-VancouverWinston – A star at Fairmont Empress Hotel

Winston, a a two-and-a-half-year-old yellow lab/golden retriever cross is a new canine greener at Victoria’s Empress Hotel. He has become a star after his first week on the job.

Source: cheknews. com                  2019-01-16

dog-food-UKDog food made from insects goes on sale in UK for first time

The trend could help reduce the environmental damage caused by the massive volumes of meat routinely fed to dogs and cats.

Source: thuguardian. com           2019-01-15

dog-tether-law-USSignatures Needed! 48 states have no laws to be fully anti-tethering  for dogs

A Shocking fact- Only 2 states(Texas and Pennsylvania) have weather-specific language to protect pets chained outside in extreme weather condition in U.S.A.

Source: worldanimalnews. com       2019-01-14

Rare-dog-ManilaA viral snap: Is that a DOG or a STATUE

It that a dog or a statue ? Thousands more were largely asking the same question after Sandra Pineda from Philippines, shared a picture of her pooch Pipe on line.

Source: lad bible. com                       2019-01-13

dog-return-home-NYFirefighter rescued dog after days on the Mohawk River

The dog owners are the only others who might be happier than the dog. They are so glad to see their puppy returning to land from the freezing river.

Source: news10. com                         2019-01-12

Dog-movieWeekend  movie review “A Dog’s Way Home”

Who doesn’t love a good dog movie? With A Dog’s Way Home(starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Ashley Judd) currently in theatres.

Source: bostonherald. com             2019-01-11

dog-tick-winterPet hospital warns that dog ticks are not on vacation in Winter

A local veterinarian’s office in NH is warning pet owners to check their animals for ticks, even in winter, after finding an engorged tick on a dog in January.

Source: wnur. com                              2019-01-10

Harry-Potter-DogWatch ! The cute dog only responds to Harry Potter spells

This dog owner takes dog training task to a whole new level. Her doggo responds to Harry Potter spells, and the video will brighten your life.

Source: boredpanda. com               2019-01-09

Museum of the Dog open in New York City on Feb 8

The first exhibition appropriately will be called “For the Love of All Things Dog.” Famous artists such as Edwin Landseer, Maud Earl and Arthur Wardle will have their works on display.

Source: usatoday. com                    2019-01-08

dog-trainingLet’s try ‘doga’

‘Doga’ – short for dog yoga – involves dog training, human yoga, meditation as well as stretching.

Source: rekordcenturion. co. za       2019-01-07

dog-news-PuppyBowl2019Meet the Puppy Bowl 2019 starting lineup

Puppy Bowl XV will feature 93 puppies from more than 50 shelters in over 20 states and U.S. territories, plus Costa Rica.

Source: today. com                           2019-01-06

dog-news-DogRescue-StoryDog who went missing nine days has rescued after border crossing misadventure 

Thanks for the Coast Guard  Crews. It is an usual rescue story though the drama is still unfolding.

Source: live. com                               2019-01-05

dog-news-DogHealthVets urged pre-mating health tests not just for pedigree dog

The statistics reveal 70% of small animal vets very often or always see puppies without the relevant pre-mating screening tests.

Source: vet times. co . uk                2019-01-04

dog-news-WisconsinSleeping with dog on New Year’s Eve, Wisconsin man enters wrong house 

The owner said the dog, named Benton, didn’t bark but did lie down on top of the stranger.

Source: wept. com                             2019-01-03

dog-news-SeerviceDogAmerican Airlines employees donate their perks to puppies for Flight program

The employees donate their time and use their flight benefits to escort puppies in training on transports and test flights.

Source:           2019-01-02

Dog -news-NewYear  Mario Lopez  broadcasts New year’s Day AKC National Championship dog Show 

New this year is a celebrity component to the show. That is, a roster of dog-loving celebrities have assembled to captain their respective TeamDog groups.

Source: parade. com                        2019-01-01