Dog News – May & June 2018

dog-news-DogReunionStolen pooch reunited with Brooklyn owner thanks to Bronx dog lover

Thanks to a big-hearted Bronx pooch lover. The dog owners cried tears of joy when they saw their 12-year-old terrier mix after six days of fruitless searching.

Source: nydailynews. com                                 2018-06-03

dog-news-SummerThis Summer Dogs get Ok on patios from 14 Salt Lake County restaurants

To receive approval, dog-friendly food-service businesses need to submit a special processes safety plan, pay an application fee and  agree to a few simple rules.

Source: deseretnews. com                                     2018-06-02

dog-news-DogHomeHow The Internet Is Changing The Way Dogs Find Homes

It’s a challenge many rescues and shelters seem to gamely embrace, if it means reaching more potential adopters and saving more lives.

Source: buzzfeed. com                                                  2018-06-01

dog-news-DogLoverReward in Oakland puppy abuse case doubled to $10,000

The reward money is for information leading to the arrest of any suspects. Anyone with information may call police at 510-238-3728 or the Oakland Animal Shelter at 510-535-5602.

Source: eastbaytimes. com                                           2018-05-31

dog -news- DogsOutfitsDogs Wearing Outfits Inspired By Met Gala Heavenly Bodies Exhibit

Each year as soon as the announcements are made pertaining to the selected theme of the much anticipated ” Met Gala” to take place at New York’s iconic Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

Source: bored panda. com                                             2018-05-30

Dog-news-dogs-raceLoads of dogs raced at the first ever Corgi Nationals in California

The owners are allowed to use treats to lure their dogs to the end, with some Corgi owners using hot dogs. Despite it being a race, it’s all fun and games.

Source: metro. co. uk                                                          2018-05-29

dog-news-IrelandA Very Good Dog Has Become The Beautiful Face Of Ireland’s Historic Referendum

A big crowd of autonomy loving voters going mad for a good boy is honestly the best mob content we’ve seen.

Source: junkee. com                                                         2018-05-28

dog-news-HeroDogHero dog saves life of five-year-old boy trapped inside TUMBLE DRYER

This week Teddy was honoured by veterinary charity PDSA with one of its most prestigious decorations – the PDSA Gold Medal, which is awarded to civilian animals for life-saving bravery and exceptional devotion to duty.

Source: express. co. uk                                                   2018-05-27

dog-news-Florida-airportDog gives birth to eight puppies in Florida airport

Dogs are normally pregnant for around 65 days. Flying with a dog past 45 days is not recommended as it could induce an early labour.

Source: newshub. co. nz                                                   2018-05-26

dog-news-BullDogA Bulldog Became the United States Marine Corps Mascot

Bulldogs are internationally recognized as symbols of courage. If all goes well, Chesty XV will take part in his first parade in early July, where he is sure to capture the hearts of everyone he meets.

Source: aka. org                                                                 2018-05-25

dog-news-puppyPuppy cuteness peaks when they need humans most

The study does not prove dogs evolved to be roly-poly people magnets right when they need food.

Source: scmp. com                                                               2018-05-24


Senior Dog Becomes Single Dad to Brood of Nine Orphaned Baby Ducks

This posh senior pup — Fred is 10 years old, a little long in the fang for fatherhood but here we are — adopted the miniature waddlers after their mom went missing last Thursday. ( Photo by Geoff Robinson)

Source: people. com                                                            2018-05-23

dog-news-DogLifeDog Reunites with Long Lost Brother After Picking Him Out from the Crowd at Dog Park

A dog was able to sniff out his own brother and has the pic to prove it.

Source: people. com                                                               2018-05-22

dog-news-NYChain of NY pet stores accused of illegally selling puppies

The acting AG is suing to shut down the chain – which has locations in Watertown, Albany, Poughkeepsie and Queensbury.

Source: nypost. com                                                                 2018-05-21

dog-news-DogRescueSunday marks National Rescue Dog Day 

According to the ASPCA, 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year. If you’ve been thinking about getting a furry friend, this weekend might be the time to do it.

Source: wfla. com                                                                       2018-05-20

dog-news-Traveling World-Traveling Dog Named Pastrami Lands At Hartford Library

“If you find a photo you really like, you can take it off the wall and keep it,” he says. Librarian Jenna Bivona periodically checks the room to fill empty spaces with new prints.

Source: courant. com                                                                    2018-05-19

dog-news-DogLover-storyDog Overjoyed to Be Reunited With Military Mom Who Rescued Her From Iraq

Erby the dog bounded over to U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Tracy McKithern at Tampa International Airport after seven months apart.

Source: insideedition. com                                                              2018-05-18

dog-news-Graduate-photoPuppy School Graduates; Pets Proudly Wear Graduation Caps!

Dogs everywhere are also graduating from puppy schools to become a proud certified obedient pup after their hard work.

Source: latestly. com                                                                   2018-05-17

dog-news-puppy-millMissouri again tops Humane Society’s list for problem puppy mills

For the sixth year in a row, Missouri leads the 2018 “Horrible Hundred” list from the Humane Society of the United States. The report compiles a list of 100 problem puppy mills and dog sellers nationwide.

Source: komu. com                                                                       2018-05-16

dog-news-ServiceDogThe unseen dangers of fake service dogs in Central Florida

“It’s disappointing to see that someone would take advantage of a law that was intended to help and support someone with a disability,” said Jennifer Hanes, of Canine Companions For Independence.

Source: wesh. com                                                                       2018-05-15

dog-news-DogCareThis 3-year-old Afghan Hound AJ Nirvana Battle is probably the most stylish dog in the world

His owner has spent more than 15K dollars pampering  the dog, and it’s not the end.

Source: boredpanada. com                                                             2018-05-14

dog-news- DogRescueThe cutest rescue dogs in Minneapolis pose for pictures in hopes of getting adopted

A Minneapolis photographer takes glamour shots of rescue dogs to help them get adopted.

Source: startribune. com                                                              2018-05-13

dog-news-DogPhotoPack of dogs at Ohio doggie day care pose for world’s greatest selfie

The viral photo was posted on Facebook by a Cincinnati doggie day care with the caption, “A bunch of goofballs!” However, the goofiest part of the photo may be just how much it resembles a human selfie.

Source: cbcnews. com                                                                  2018-05-12

dog-news-DogRescueTexas eighth-grader creates website to match people with adoptable dogs

After doing research for an elective course called “Passion Project” at Austin Jewish Academy in Austin, Texas, Horwitz found that more than half the dogs in shelters are there because people don’t get the right kind of dog for their family.

Source: deseretnews. com                                                              2018-05-11

dog-news-DogHealth$25K “diabetic alert dogs” were untrained, un-housebroken puppies, lawsuit says

The Commonwealth alleges that SDWR and Warren violated the Virginia Consumer Protection Act by deceiving consumers, as well as illegally encouraging them to solicit charitable donations.

Source: arstechnica. com                                                               2018-05-10

dog -news-AdsIrish vets call for ban on advertising involving ‘flat-faced’ dogs

Brachycephalic animals – those with a reduced skull shape and flat nose – are among the top animal welfare concerns for the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA).

Source: thejournal. ie.                                                               2018-05-09

dog-news-PoliceDogPolice dogs have their day as statue is unveiled outside St. Louis County Police headquarters

Canine officers with the St. Louis County Police department stand with their dogs before the unveiling of a bronze statue honoring police dogs.

Source:stltoday. com                                                                  2018-05-08

dog-news-DogBreedsEasiest Dog Breeds to Travel With on Your Next Vacation

Love traveling but hate leaving your pup behind? Well, we’ve got good news for you. Interested in learning more about which breeds make the best travel companions ?These are 15 of the easiest dog breeds to travel with.

Source:cheatsheet. com                                                                2018-05-07

dog-news-ChihuahuaChihuahua race raises money to save dogs from high kill shelters

During Saturday’s seventh annual Running of the Chihuahuas in Southwest D.C., 126 chihuahuas raced for the title of top dog all while raising money for less fortunate pups.

Source: wtop. com                                                                     2018-05-06

dog-news-HeroDogsA badge of honour for these crime-fighting Halifax police dogs

The Halifax Regional Police K-9 unit has grown by three as the force’s newest four-legged officers were unveiled Friday at an official badge ceremony.

Source: the star. com                                                                  2018-05-05

dog-news-disableddogDisabled rescue dog finds new freedom with wheelchair

A disabled dog born without its front legs has been fitted with a set of shiny new wheels after being rescued from a horror hoarding situation.

Source: foxnews. com                                                                  2018-05-04

dog-news-DogCarePuppy Wilma stolen by ‘Amazon driver’ delivering dog food

Amazon described the incident as ‘inexcusable’ and said the driver no longer worked for them.

Source: metro news. com                                                               2018-05-03

dog-news-DogTravelUnited Airlines Bans Long List of Dog Breeds After a Number of Pet Deaths and Mix-Ups

RELATED: The Pet Travel Policies for North America’s Top Airlines: Which Pets Are Allowed to Fly and How

Source: people. com                                                                   2018-05-02

dog-news-friendsBlind Dog and His Guide Dog BFF Separated After Adoption Are Reunited and Need a Home Again

Right now, the shelter is focusing on letting the pair rest and catch up on the snuggles they missed while they were apart.

Source: people. com                                                                   2018-05-01