Dog News Today – (Feb.~Apr. 2018)

dog-news-MarylandMaryland Becomes 2nd State To Ban The Sale Of Dogs & Cats In Pet Stores

Similar to California, the first state to enact such legislation, Maryland will only allow pet shops to adopt out dogs and cats that come from local shelters. In California, the law also applies to rabbits.

Source: worldanimanews. com       2018-04-30

dog-news-BritishThis dog owner paid £5,000 for her pooch’s very own Windsor Castle

The 53-year-old dog lover from West Yorkshire wanted to build her pup the ideal place to watch the royal wedding from and after winning £1.2 million in the lottery, made it happen.

Source: heart. co. uk                          2018-04-29

dog-news-DogagescienceNo, a ‘Dog Year’ Isn’t Equivalent to 7 Human Years

Dogs age at different rates compared to humans, but the simple rule of seven dog years to one human year is far from accurate.

Source: sciencealert. com                 2018-04-28

dog-news-GuideDogCheeky guide dog keeps taking owner to pet store for treats

These highly-trained, intelligent, loyal canines devote their lives to giving visually-impaired individuals newfound freedom and incomparable companionship.

Source: people. com                          2018-04-27

dog-news-healthHow dogs could help us explore our own gut health

Researchers have made a surprising finding: dogs’ gut microbiomes are actually very similar to our own.

Source:  medicalnewstoday. com       2018-4-26

dog-news- health-alertHealth alert for dog: Spring brings more cases of dog poisonings

Veterinary hospitals and clinics are seeing an increase in the number of poisoned dogs. Intentional poisonings are rare but do happen.

Source: localmemphis. com             2018-4-25

dog-news-dog-bridgeThe Mystery of the ‘Dog Suicide’ Bridge

Overtoun Bridge in Scotland is kind of like the Bermuda Triangle of bridges, specifically for dogs with a death wish.

Source:vice. com                                 2018-04-24

dog-news-DogRescueDog set to be euthanized as a puppy wins contest

DES MOINES, Iowa – A 2-year-old pup once destined to be euthanized was crowned the winner of Sunday’s Beautiful Bulldog Contest at Drake University.

Source: journalgazette. com             2018-04-23

dog-news-dog-showStunt Dog Experience at Tack Center

From Dollywood and Branson, to NFL halftime fields and television talk show sets, the stars of Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience will have you cheering, and leave you charmed, with their “doggone” antics and athletic feats.

Source: hubcitytimes. com             2018-04-22

dog-news-loyal-dog-AustraliaLoyal dog leads rescuers to girl, 3, missing in woodland for entire night

Max, a 17-year-old pooch who’s hard of sight and hearing, stayed at the little girl’s side for 15 hours. The youngster had wandered off on her own in the Australian bush, deep in the rugged wilderness.

Source:mirror. co. uk                            2018-04-21

dog-news-police-dog-SpainTherapy, Mozart, play zones: it’s a Spanish police dog’s life

Madrid’s police dogs to be given heated beds and music therapy to lower stress levels

Source:theguardian. com                       2018-04-20

dog-News-dog-auctionUSDA says individuals and groups may need license if buying dogs for rescue at auction

“Our job is to ensure the humane treatment of the animals we regulate,” Deputy Administrator Bernadette Juarez.

Source: washingtonpost. com           2018-04-19

dog-news-dog-houseArchitects Around The World Design Unique Dog Houses And It’s For A Good Cause

These unique dog houses and shelters as a part of a new exhibition that will be open to the visitors until April 26th in several London venues.

Source: boredpanda. com                    2018-04-18

dog-news-CanadaCanadian dog ‘arrested’ after running off to chase deer

Reid Thompson and his girlfriend were on a hiking trail in Kenora, Ontario, over the weekend when they let Finn off his leash.Someone called the police because Finn ran away and attacked a deer.

Source: fox25boston. com                2018-04-17

og-news-FloridaFlorida court says former neighbors must share custody of dog

A Florida court ruled that two former neighbors must split custody of a dog after a dispute about who’s the dog’s rightful owner.

Source: upi. com                                     2018-04-16

dog-news-UKBritain’s ‘ugliest dog’ lands top modelling contract

Chase, who is 15 years old, has a cataract in one eye, a crab-like walk and is mostly bald apart from a few grey spikes.

Source: itv. com                                        2018-04-15

dog-news-shelter-dogFoundation turns shelter dogs into first responders

The SDF is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization that trains dogs rescued from shelters to become  rescuers themselves. Shelter dogs are transformed into life-saving heroes.

Source:wtsp. com                                 2018-04-14

dog-news-deaf-dogAfter Being Abandoned 5 Times, This Deaf Pup Finds His Home And Learns Sign Language

It’s so nice to know that after such a rough start, Ivor now has his loving forever family.

Source: boredpanda. com                 2018-04-13

dog-news-Canada-MontrealMontreal’s “Yappy Hour” Will Let You Grab A Drink With Your Dog This Summer

You’ll be able to enjoy happy hour alongside your furry friend. You’ll both get some fresh air and you’ll get tipsy. Sounds good to me.

Source:mtlblog. com                            2018-04-12

dog-news-Museum-of-DogThis Dog Museum in Massachusetts Is a Must-See for Animal Lovers 

It features a private collection of dog-inspired paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and accessories. It sits blocks away from MASS MoCA, at the entrance to downtown North Adams.

Source: parade. com                            2018-04-11

dog-news-TherapyDogFlorida children cuddle up and read with therapy dogs

Pet Partners is an international organization that strives to improve the health and well-being of people by allowing them to bond with animals.

Source:keys news. com                     2018-04-10

dog-news-PoliceDogMeet Morse – the new police dog who made eight arrests on his first shift

He caught a man hiding from officers on a conservatory roof and tackled men armed with a knife and sword.

Source: nottinghampost. com         2018-04-09

dog-news-RescueDogLeft for dead, rescued pit bull becomes therapy dog

For those at the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe there are few stories better than seeing a rescued dog go to a good home, and then have that animal come back to help serve the community.

Source: tahoedailytrbune. com           2018-04-08

dog-news-airlineAirline group offers program to standardize animal transportation in wake of dog death

An airline trade group has created a program that certifies airlines meet standards for transporting animals.

Source: lastimes. com                              2018-04-07

dog-news-LondonLondon bar launches cocktail menu for dogs

In celebration of National Pet Month, the Mayfair bar has created a new permanent menu just for dogs, so now there’s no excuse for leaving your furry friend at home when you go out for drinks.

Source: standard. co. uk                         2018-04-06

Dog-News-USUS Airport hires dog to chase birds off runway

Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Virginia paid £5326 ($7,500) for an 18 month-old border collie called Hercules.

Source: standard. co. uk                       2018-04-05

dog-news-service-dogPhotos Of Service Dogs At Disneyland Are Truly The Most Heartwarming Thing

A group of service dogs got together to hang out at Disneyland for the day, and the pictures prove the group of floofy friends were an even bigger attraction than the rides.

Source: bustle. com                           2018-04-04

dog-news-dog-rescue150,000 Italians call for release of dog confiscated for barking too much

The #FreeMiro petition was set up by dog-owner Eva Munter, who claims her Maremma shepherd Miro was confiscated based on “unfounded accusations” of noise.

Source: thelocal. it                              2018-04-03

dog-news-hero-dogWorld record! Olathe chihuahua gives birth to 11 puppies

OLATHE, KS (KCTV) –A little dog may have won a spot in the record books by having a very big litter. Unleashed Animal Rescue says it will be about 10 weeks before they’re ready for adoption.

Source: kctv5. com                                 2018-04-02

Dog-news-EasterPaws in the park Easter egg hunt attracts dozens of dogs and their companions 

KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) – Sunday was Rotaract of Lenoir County’s first annual Paws in the Park. Organizers said the event raised over $2,500 dollars for Rotaract and SPCA.

Source: wnct. com                         2018-04-01

dog-news-taxHere Are 5 Ways Pets May Qualify You for a Tax Break

April 17 is just around the bend, and while doing your taxes is never exactly what we’d consider fun, the potential for animal lovers to receive a tax break or two might make you smile.

Source: people. com                          2018-03-31

Dog -News-JapanCoast Guardsman Faces $31K Price Tag for Shipping Dog Home from Japan

The suspension has also stranded military-owned pets on Guam, as United was the only airline operating in the U.S. territory that permitted pet transport to and from the mainland.

Source: military. com                         2018-03-30

dog-News-EasterDog owners urgently warned over DEADLY hot cross buns this Easter

Most dog lovers know not to give their pooches chocolate, but there’s a whole list of foods that can harm our pets.

Source:         2018-03-29

dog-news- DaschundsHundreds of sausage dogs met up on a beach to break a world record

A world record was broken this weekend when 601 Daschunds gathered on Peeranporth Beach in Cornwall.                            2018-03-28

dog -news- dog-filmWoof! Watching Isle of Dogs with a cinema full of canines

They were howling in delight at a pooch-friendly screening of Wes Anderson’s new film in Edinburgh.

Source: theguardian. com                   2018-03-27

dog-news- hero- dogDog called a hero for saving drowning man’s life

In Okatie this week, three men don’t just have a boater to thank, but another, four legged good samaritan who just may have saved a life.

Source: wsav. com                              2018-03-26

dog -news-dog-cakeDog organization breaks Guinness World Record for largest dog cake

The Mighty Texas Dog Walk tackled a Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Cake for Dogs with a titanic treat. The cake weighed in at 304.73 pounds!

Source: kvue. com                                2018-03-25

dog-news-dog-loveWoman spray paints, dresses up and throws parties for her five dogs

Alongside treating her pets like kids, Stephanie also goes over the top on their grooming – and even dyes their fur.

Source: metro. co. uk                          2018-03-24

dog -news -cool-dog5 unusual dog breeds you should check out

March 23rd is a doggone good day! That’s because it’s National Puppy Day. we’re taking a look at some unique dog breeds with extra-special abilites and features.

Source: abc. ca                                       2018-03-23

dog news dog trainingGirl Shares Video Of Dog Replying To Her “I Love You”, And Everyone’s Doing The Same Now!

Dogs are the best thing to happen to mankind and they should be reminded of this every single moment of their dog-yeared lives.

Source: storypick. com                      2018-03-22

dog news dog breedOver 40% of the world’s dog breeds come from these 3 countries

There’s something off about this map. And it’s not just the more than 200 pairs of dog’s eyes staring back at you.

Source: bigthink. com                        2018-03-21

dog news OhioOhio might soon have an official state dog. 12 other states already do

A proposed bill, House Bill 539, recognizes the Labrador retriever as the official state dog. If it passes, Ohio will join 12 other states that also have a state dog.

Source: cnn. com                                 2018-03-20

dog news RussianRussia holds world’s longest sled race

The ‘Beringia’ trek covers more than 2,000 kilometers of grueling terrain and supports a vital tradition in Russia’s Far East.

Source: atimes. com                              2018-03-19

dog news hero dogHero Police Dog Saves Partner’s Life and Receives Highest Bravery Award for Animals

A heroic police dog that was stabbed with a 10-inch knife while chasing a robbery suspect has been honored with a prestigious award.

Source: theepochetimes. com          2018-03-18

dog news dog rescue20-year-old dog Snowy finds love with new owner

The average age of dogs currently in the care of Dogs Trust is just four-years-old but more than 150 of the homeless hounds waiting to find their special someone are over eight.

Source: wirralgloble. co. uk             2018-03-17

dog news biggest dogWorld’s biggest puppy bred to recreate giant prehistoric monster dog

The dog is 6ft tall and weighs 12st at just nine months old. She eats eight cups of a dog food a day and prefers to play with a four by four piece of fence post than a squeaky toy.

Source: thesun. co. uk                         2018-03-16

dog news therapy dogDog Tales Helps Young Readers

Holy Spirit Academy had some special guests in the classroom this week as a couple of dog volunteers and their handlers came to the school and students got to read to them.

Source: okotoksonline. com           2018-03-15

dog news dog careFrom Parkland to Workplaces: Therapy Pets Could Be the Future of Women’s Mental Health Care

For a lot of workers and students, a pet or even just a short therapy session with therapy animals can be super helpful – especially for women.

Source: brit. co                                     2018-03-14

dog news K9 Veterans DayHere’s How to Celebrate National K-9 Veterans Day 

That holiday is National K-9 Veterans Day on March 13. It is celebrated on the same day the US Army K-9 Corps was founded.

Source: parade. com                           2018-03-13

dog news dog rescueDramatic video: Police and firefighters help save choking puppy