Dog News – Aug 2018

dog-news-DogHealthHigh-tech heart surgery helps dogs live a longer life

Misty, a 3-year-old Great Pyrenees mix with a congenital heart defect, was saved by minimally invasive surgery — the same kind humans get — at Colorado State University.

Source: nbcnews. com                    2018-08-14

Tuco the Rescue Dog Becomes a Model

Tuco is a Japanese Mastiff mix who is at the center of a photo shoot for Hari Mari, a Texas-based brand that makes flip flops, clothing and various gear.

Source: nbcdfw. com                      2018-08-13

dog-news-DogLifeCouple questions why their dog was mistakenly euthanized

Tazewell County Animal Control said they regret the error and plan to review all of their policies so that this won’t happen again.

Source: abc13. com                           2018-08-12

dog-news-DogWalkingAre You Walking Your Dog Enough?

Dog-walking is a great way to get the whole family moving, as a dog can be walked by children and parents.Increased walking has health, social and mental benefits.

Source: sciencealert. com               2018-08-11

dog-news- DogRescueAnimal rescue expert shares emergency preparedness tips for pet owners

An emergency kit is important to have during wildfire season, but most pet owners don’t have a plan for their cats and dogs, according to an animal rescue expert.

Source: cbc. ca                                    2018-08-10

dog-news-servicedogSweet service dog receives her very own cap for owner’s graduation

The 2-year-old Dalmatian was gifted the matching hat from her owner, Casey Bruno, who recently received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida.

Source: abcnews. go. com             2018-08-09

dog-news-DogRescueDog lover drives a cross-country rescue mission

Every year, about 3.3 million dogs and a similar number of cats enter U.S. animal shelters; about half get adopted, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Source: theoaklandpress. com       2018-08-08

dog-news-French-bulldogThe world’s first French bulldog cafe is coming to the UK

A French Bulldog café is launching in London and is looks PERFECT for dog lovers. The pop-up Frenchie café is taking place on Sunday September 9 and tickets are predicted to sell faster than a dog chasing a ball.

Source: thesun. co. uk                      2018-08-07

dog-news-DogCareElementary school  hires four-legged staff member

Milano, a two-year-old golden retriever/Labrador mix, is a certified facility dog through Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities (ECAD). Milano will start his days by greeting students as they arrive at school.

Source: kiro7. com                             2018-08-06

dog news-birthdayTexas woman throws quinceanera for her dog

Lupita the chihuahua was the honoree of her very own quinceanera, a tradition rooted in Latin American culture that usually celebrates a human girl’s 15th birthday.

Source: foxiness. com                     2018-08-05

dog-news-DNATestQuestions Rise About Shortcomings Of DNA Tests For Dogs

DNA testing of dogs is a booming business. But some experts warn in Nature that the pet genetics industry is running too wild, and they’re calling for it to be reined in.

Source: npr. org                                    2018-08-04

Dog-News-DogCareSwiss police say dogs should wear shoes in heatwave

” Hot Dog campaign ”  is  educating dog owners on how they can protect their four-legged friends in the hot weather, given that the overheated pavements can be painful on their feet.

Source: bbc. co. uk                            2018-08-03

dog -news- DogWorldPit Bull Lovingly Carries Blind Senior Chihuahua On His Back During Walks

A rescued senior chihuahua is unable to go on long walks, so his foster brother carries him on his back.

Source: little things. com              2018-08-02

dog-news- RescueDogTraveled from West Virginia to New York, an escaped foxhound  finds new life 

After traveling 400 miles alone, rescue dog Sadie is given a new prosthetic paw and a new loving family.

Source: press connects. com           2018-08-01