Dog News – JUNE 2018

dog-news-LongestTougueWho holds the Guinness World Record for world’s longest dog tongue

Mochi  will be featured in the book Guinness World Records Amazing Animals® 2018, she stars in a series of children’s books and she’s been touring North America to spread the message that all creatures are special!

Source: dark. com                                       2018-06-19

dog-news-PuppyLoverPuppy love makes the world go round

A local resident is feeding animals in the community and helping people go green at the same time. She started getting the word out via her Facebook page, Life with Sheldon & Mackey, who are her two rescue dogs.

Source: northcliffmelvilletimes. co. za    2018-06-18

dog-news-DogStudyExpert gives the answer whether dogs can recognize their own breeds

Scientists reckon dogs actually have better social skills than humans even if man’s best friend can’t actively recognise its own breed.

Source: mirror. co. uk                       2018-06-17

dog-news-DogHealthWatch out for infections in dogs

There are simple tips for your dogs that are not susceptible to germs and bacteria when enjoying the rainy season.

Source: telanganatoday. com           2018-06-16

dog-news-FacebookPageIt takes 28,000 Facebook users to find a missing dog

Founder Lisa Reynolds started the page in 2012 after her own dog went missing and did not survive the outside world. Her Facebook page has reunited lots of lost dogs with owners.

Source: mytwintiers. com                     2018-06-15

dog-news-BloodDonation Meet heroes of the canine world – blood donors

Animals rely on donated blood for their survival in times of need, just as humans need blood donors to access lifesaving transfusions.

Source: abc. net. au                              2018-06-14

dog-news-FriendsDogs Help Toddler Escape Room So She’d Give Them Snacks

Toddler Chloe is just 15 months old and she and the dogs are the very best of pals. Parents can’t believe their eyes after seeing security tape.

Source: boredpanda. com                         2018-06-13

dog-news-puppy-rescueHumane Society gives 23 puppies shelter as Phoenix house fire

The home contained 30 Chihuahuas, a mix of 6-week-old puppies and adult dogs. Family members were able to take a few of the dogs.

Source: azfamily. com                                   2018-06-12

dog-news-puppy-fundraiserPuppies steal hearts at rescue fundraiser

“We really try and work one-on-one to find the perfect home for the dog, and the perfect fit for the person adopting.”

Source: tbnewswatch. com                     2018-06-11

dog-news-DogLifeDog’s Unique Birthmark is Encouraging People to Share ‘Remarkable’ Things About Themselves

People who say that they’re unique because they are positive, or compassionate, or because they always choose to see the good in people.

Source:goodnewsnetwork. org                   2018-06-10

dog-news-BabyFire! Puppy tries dragging baby by diaper to safety

At Stockton family is crediting their eight-month-old pitbull Sasha with saving them by waking them up and grabbing the baby by the diaper when their house caught on fire.

Source: who. com                                           2018-06-09

dog-news-Dog-RescueFire department rescues a dog who was exhausted on a hike 

Kato, a 120-pound Great Pyrenees, was hiking in Colorado this weekend when he got tired.  Fire Rescue helped carry  him  a mile back to the trailhead.

Source: usatoday. com                                  2018-06-08

dog-news-DogRescueA psychologist has three dogs, all mixes and all rescues

If one rescue dog nice, three are three times as nice . The dogs are grateful! And they seem to have such an appreciation for every part of their new life.

Source: cleveland. com                                  2018-06-07

dog-news-rescuePAPD officers rescue a pup from Hudson River

Port Authority Police  searched for the dog for more than an hour to no avail until a Holland Tunnel operations staffer alerted authorities to a trail of blood leading from under a pier support.

Source: nypost. com                                        2018-06-06

dog-news-Montreal-festivalMontreal Is Hosting A Huge “Dog Festival”

Montreal’s Dog Fest returns this summer to celebrate the special relationships between humans and their “most loyal” companions.

Source: mtlblog. com                                        2018-06-05

Dog-news-SummerSummer safety tips for your dogs

The intense heat and humidity is not only hard for people but for dogs as well. We have practical tips providing from an expert to help keeping your dogs happy and health during the blistering summer months.

Source: news. ugh. edu                                      2018-06-04

dog-news-DogReunionStolen pooch reunited with Brooklyn owner thanks to Bronx dog lover

Thanks to a big-hearted Bronx pooch lover. The dog owners cried tears of joy when they saw their 12-year-old terrier mix after six days of fruitless searching.

Source: nydailynews. com                                 2018-06-03

dog-news-SummerThis Summer Dogs get Ok on patios from 14 Salt Lake County restaurants

To receive approval, dog-friendly food-service businesses need to submit a special processes safety plan, pay an application fee and  agree to a few simple rules.

Source: deseretnews. com                                     2018-06-02

dog-news-DogHomeHow The Internet Is Changing The Way Dogs Find Homes

It’s a challenge many rescues and shelters seem to gamely embrace, if it means reaching more potential adopters and saving more lives.

Source: buzzfeed. com                                                  2018-06-01