Dog News

dog news dog tick scareAfter tick scare, Niwot woman warns of rare dog paralysis condition

Voni Faus, of Niwot, says her dog Bitz suffered a very rare canine tick paralysis after being bitten by ticks during a trip to the Nederland area.

Source:             2017-06-28

dog news life stylePeople are now getting hair inspiration from their dogs

“My dog’s ear is like the perfect picture to show your hairdresser if you want beachy waves and caramel highlights,”

Source:                 2017-06-27

dog news dog rescueRescue dog swings in on a zipline to save people trapped in a Chinese landslide

An extremely composd rescue dog is transported on the zip line across a river at the accident site after a landslide in Xinmo village of Maoxian County

source:                 2017-06-26

dog news dog mayorPit bull named Brynneth Pawltro elected mayor of Kentucky town

According to WDRB-TV , a small Kentucky town has, for the fourth time, elected a dog to be its mayor.

Source:         2017-06-25

dog news ugly dog contestThis gentle-giant was named the world’s ugliest dog

The gassy Neapolitan Mastiff was a favorite of the Northern California crowd from the start at the Friday night contest, often plopping down on her side on stage.                    2017-06-24

dog news bring dog to work dayHappy Bring Your Dog To Work Day!

Businesses could be going to the dogs Friday. That’s because it’s National Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Source:    2017-06-23

dog news dog picturePuppy pictures could be the key to a happy marriage

Study finds cute animals can help to create positive associations.The new study focused on a type of conditioning called evaluative conditioning. Participants were asked to view a stream of images once every 3 days for 6 wks.

Source:           2017-06-22

dog news dog lifeVeteran travels cross country to get service dog medical procedure

There’s a special bond between a man and his dog. A veteran dropped everything to save his service dog’s life.

Source:                 2017-06-21

dog news hot dayNapa police free dog locked alone in 136-degree car

A good Samaritan who discovered the female dog at the South Napa Market Place reportedly called the police.

Source:               2017-06-20

dog news oldest dogScotland’s oldest dog in care has a new home

His former carers were no longer fit enough to look after him.105-year-old German Shepherd Zac, has found a retirement home.

Source:        2017-06-19

dog news dog in carThis is what you should do if you see a dog in a hot car today

A car can become as hot as an oven very quickly, even when it doesn’t feel that warm. When it’s 22 degrees, in a car it can reach an unbearable 47 degrees within the hour.

Source:       2017-06-18

dog new Why dogs are being used after the Grenfell Tower fire

Fire investigation dogs are used in a variety of scenarios are trained to identify a variety of ignitable substances.

Source:                     2017-06-17

dog news dog birthdayAirport honors service dog with fabulous retirement party after 5 years on the job

Gema, a service dog who worked at Orlando International Airport for nearly five years, was feted with a party last week.

Source:            2017-06-16

dog news dog fluDog flu continues to spread across the Carolinas

To date, there have been two deaths in North Carolina related to the dog flu in Raleigh and Morehead City. There was also a case of the virus recently reported in nearby Davidson.

Source:             2017-06-15

dog news dog fountain boston

Boston- Historic Esplanade dog fountain to flow once more

The person who comes there with their dog and wants to walk and sit in a lovely place and listen to a fountain.

Source:       2017-06-14

dog news police dogMeet the cutest police dog ever

The adorable puppy, named Fushin, would be trained as a blood detection dog by officers in Taiwan

Source:                 2017-06-13

dog news dog adoption canadaFamily drives 16 hours from Canada to Sacramento to adopt dog

A family in British Columbia looks to adopt a rescue dog after learning from a border patrol official that the shelter was overcrowded.

Source:       2017-06-12

dog news world dog expoThousands of dogs at the World Dog Expo in New Jersey

All the way from the golden shores of California, puppies have come to Secaucus, New Jersey, to flaunt their skills on the surfboard.

Source:             2017-06-11

dog news dog portraitsArtist paints the portraits of 100 shelter dogs to encourage others to adopt a pet

Meet the Brisbane man who has spent 12 months painting the portraits of 100 shelter dogs.

Source:         2017-06-10

dog news dog policyChinese city institutes ‘one dog policy’

Owners with more than one canine in Qingdao must give others to an adoption agency under controversial new law.

Source:        2017-06-09

dog news police dogThis police dog was fired from his job for an adorable reason

This is Gavel, a German Shepherd who was recruited as a puppy to train as a police dog – but ended up getting the sack.                2017-06-08

dog news NYCPet Dogs Must Be in a Carrier to Ride the N.Y.C. Subway, So Big Dog Owners Are Getting Creative

The New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority is dog-friendly — to a point.

Source:                    2017-06-07

dog news dog banNevada bites back: Governor signs bill banning dog leasing

People thought they were buying their puppy outright, but they were horrified to find out they were actually leasing.

Source:               2017-06-06

dog news hero dogThis Marine fought the military so she could keep her hero dog

Their touching story is the subject of the film “Megan Leavey,”which opens in theaters — and premieres at Yankee Stadium — Friday.

Source:          2017-06-05

dog new new puppyThis Guy Introduced His New Puppy To The World In The Most Awesome Way

“I had the idea of a Lion King parody kicking around for a while now, I just needed to figure out how to do it.”

Source:                2017-06-04

dog news police dog pensionIn California, even some dogs might get state pensions

The Assembly’s proposed budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 includes $100,000 to provide retired California Highway Patrol police dogs with a $2,000 retirement plan.

Source:               2017-06-03

dog news eye contact for dogPractically Blind Pittie Gets Contacts; Now Loves Staring in Mirror!

Contact lenses for dogs? Yes, really ! The contacts can be left in for up to a month, but Gremlin seems to prefer having hers changed out about once a week.                 2017-06-02

dog news purina dog awardAlberta dog honoured as hero after rescuing owner from Arizona desert

Becky Jo has been named to the Purina Hall of Fame for her heroic efforts in saving her owner who was thrown from the saddle and knocked unconscious last year.

Source:                           2017-06-01

dog news dog fluDog flu found in Florida for first time

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the disease is an avian flu virus that adapted and spread to dogs.

Source:                 2017-5-31

dog news missing dogDog Saves Family From Burning Home, Then Goes Missing

She continued, “Luckily, our dog was out back. She was barking at his bedroom window to try to wake him because she knew something was wrong.

Source:           2017-05-30

dog news dog adoptionBelief in a big-hearted dog finally won it a home

It’s the happy ending volunteer Carole had waited and worked so hard for. “I was so happy for him,” she says. Sometimes she visits with treats and he gives her a huge welcome.

Source:           2017-05-29

dog news dog adventureLost dog back home after 7-day adventure in the wilds 

Stuart, a three-year-old, 100-pound Bernese mountain dog, went missing on Saturday, May 20.

Source:               2017-05-28

dog news pet techPet Tech Will Transform a Dog’s Life in Some Surprising Ways

Technology has already revolutionized your life. Now it could do the same for your pet.

Source:             2017-05-27

dog news service dogUNC baseball introduces team service dog and it’s a total home run

His name is Remington — Remi, for short — and he’s a trained psychiatric, medical alert, facility, rehabilitation service dog, to be exact.

Source:                   2017-05-26

dog news service dogSchool Includes Teen’s Dog In Yearbook, And That’s No Accident

Captured in the picture is Alpha, a service dog, who among being the cutest graduate of the year, is also a life saver.

Source:       2017-05-25

dog news dog rentalColorado man claims he was duped into ‘accidentally’ renting a dog

DENVER — A dog is man’s best friend, but Brian Stevens said his 1-year-old dachshund Lucy is being treated as an appliance.

Source:                   2017-05-24

dog news pet store The City Of Sacramento, CA, Bans The Retail Sale Of Dogs, Cats & Rabbits In Pet Stores; Help Ensure Statewide Ban Is Next!

It is time to make a consistent and permanent change in California by passing this bill into law.

Source:          2017-05-23

dog news dog chew EnglandLondon’s Inner Temple Dog Show celebrates the bond between gardeners and dogs of all shapes and sizes

Dogs were scored for their garden agility, floral outfits while the dog with the waggiest tail also won a prize.

Source:                     2017-05-22

dog news dog daddyThis Awesome Man Has Devoted His Life to Rescuing Old Animals No One Wanted

Steve is now a super busy Dad to his pack of senior dogs.

Source:                2017-05-21

dog news sick dogPuppy sold on Craigslist costs new owners $5,600 in vet bills

Craigslist does not allow the sale of live animals, but does permit transfer of live animals with a “rehoming fee.”

Source:                 2017-05-20

dog news pit bullDog facing death in shelter becomes Ohio’s first pit bull K9

The Union County Humane Society says the pup named Leonard was brought to them about seven months ago, but couldn’t be adopted out.

Source:      2017-05-19

dog news dog pormDressed Up Doggies: San Diego Puppy Prom

Orphan pups are to attend a prom Sunday “dressed to the nines.” The free event in San Diego held by the Helen Woodward Animal Center and is open to potential adoptees.

Source:         2017-05-18

dog news pet resortPet resort apologizes for dog mix-up

When Nesbit went to pick up Prince on Sunday after a trip out of town, somehow there was a mix-up at the kennel and she was given the wrong dog.

Source:           2017-05-17

dog news puppy mill listHumane Society of the United States releases “Horrible Hundred” puppy mill list

The Humane Society of the United States warns that puppies born and raised in many kennels endure terrible conditions.                       2017-05-16

dog news dog ticksPuppy with 700 ticks needs blood transfusion after being rescued

The puppy was found to have more than 300 large, fully engorged, ticks, and about 400 small ticks. It was also covered in fecal matter from the bugs.

Source:                          2017-05-15

dog news k9 kasperHero Dog Takes Bullet Meant For Police Officer In US

K9 Kasper, who has protected President Donald Trump in the past, is recovering after being shot in the side when deputies with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO).

Source:                      2017-05-14

dog news blind dog adoption‘Looking’ for a new home: Blind dog and her ‘seeing eye’ best friend are up for adoption together

German Shepherds Babs and Bart are up for adoption in Denton, Texas.

Source:               2017-05-13

dog news smart dogHow Smart Is a Dog Really? The Secrets of a Canine Mind

Our love affair with dogs has been going on for 15,000 years, and there’s no sign that it’s flagging.                        2017-05-12

dog news roof dogFamily Posts A Very Chill Note To Neighbors Explaining Why Their Dog Is On The Roof

It’s their pet Golden, Huckleberry, and he just sorta likes it up there.

Source:                      2017-05-11

dog news dog songDo you sing to your dog? Don’t laugh

Report tells ” The Truth About Dog People” : More than half of dog owners in Texas said they’ve celebrated their pet’s birthday.

Source:   2017-05-10

dog news clone dogToronto man spends US$80,000 to clone his dead dog

“If you have the money do it,” he said. “If you love your dog and your dog meant that much to you it’s definitely worth it.”

Source:               2017-05-09

dog news sick dogDog owners warned over outbreak of deadly Alabama Rot Disease

Unfortunately the cause of the disease is unknown

Source:       2017-05-08

the great bundle dog race 2017The Great Nundle Dog Race 2017 races into history

The Great Nundle Dog Race saw hundreds of four-legged canines and their owners converge on the 300-person town for its biggest event on the racing calendar on Sunday.

Source:   2017-05-07

dog news family dogDog saves family from fire

Hero dog faced down flames to save Des Moines family with 9 children from a fire.

Source:   2017-05-06

dog news tick and flea prevention 10 things you need to know about Lyme disease in dogs

The arrival of springtime means Lyme disease is again resurfacing as a concern on the radar screens of people across the country.

Source:        2017-05-05

dog news pitbullsPit bull thriving after being rescued from euthanasia

“It was such a little dog, it’s just a little puppy, 5 months old. It could have such a great future. It’s still learning, it can grow out of any tendencies.”

Source:         2017-05-04

dog news service dogHow $25,000 dog could save this boy’s life

The dogs are able to sense when their owner’s blood sugar is high or low and alert them by pawing them.

Source:                  2017-05-03

dog news 93 When Brody met Sally: Giant puppy and 93-year-old are the best of friends

When it comes to this pair it’s hard to determine who’s cuter: 93-year-old Sally or 1-year-old Brody. Regardless, together they are a joyful sight to behold.

Source:                    2017-05-02


dog news friendshipOdd Couple! California dog and duck are inseparable 

Four-year-old Pekin Andy and golden retriever Barclay are inseparable despite their love/hate relationship.Owner Pam Ishiguro, from Orange County, California, says they call each other.

Source:               2017-05-01

dog news manhattanNew controversy surrounds fate of shelter dog in Manhattan

Under quarantine after biting a 2-year-old girl, does the dog deserve a second chance?

Source:            2017-04-30

dog news military dog Soldier Files Lawsuit To Get Military Dog Back

ARLINGTON (CBS11) – Hundreds of soldiers said the Army gave away their military dogs without telling them.

Source:     2017-04-29

dog news fundraiserMan and his rescue dog from Texas are cycling for a world record

Mike Minnick and Bixby spent the past four years riding nearly 25,000 miles around the continental U.S. to raise money for animal shelters and rescue groups.

Source:  2017-04-28

dog news return homeDog returned to original family after $1K donation

A three-year-old girl is holding her dog Maverick tight after he was returned to her family by the people who adopted him, thanks to $1,000 from a Winnipeg veterinarian.

Source:             2017-04-27

dog news hair cutThis Dog Got A Ridiculous Haircut Because Its Owner Doesn’t Speak Chinese

Seren, a German shepherd cross, got a pretty intensive haircut due to the language barrier between his British owner and a Chinese dog groomer.           2017-04-26

dog news missing dog

Woman pleads with missing dog’s new owners to give him back

What would you do if your pet ran away and was later adopted? Tell us what you think in a video comment.

Source:                     2017-04-25

dog news biggest dog UKBritain’s biggest dog is 7ft and weighs the same as a baby elephant

His huge size sees the 15 stone dog eat 30kg of food a month, setting his owners back more than £100.

Source:       2017-04-24

dog news health babyMore good news for dog lovers: Pregnant Woman Who Own Dogs May Have Healthier Babies

The University of Alberta, Canada claims from their recent studies.

Source:       2017-04-23

dog news adventurous dogAdventurous dog accidentally looks like scary monster when collecting pinecones

Dogs are just so good and so pure. Take Buddy, an adorable pup who also happens to have a hobby of collecting pinecones.

Source:    2017-04-22

dog news rescue Better Winnipeg: Cancer inspires woman to start dog rescue in Manitoba

“It’s quite an adventure and for me I can honestly say it’s a privilege to be able to contribute something to this cause.”

Source:      2017-04-21

dog news groomingCouple horrified after beloved dog’s trip to the grooming salon

Pet owners are left horrified and their dog is ‘in shock’ after this crazily extreme cut at local grooming salon (and they only asked for a trim)                2017-04-20

dog news dog adoptionNew look, new direction for pet rescue

Peta is always looking for foster carers and adoptees, and the new and improved op shop, which supports the medical bills, officially opens tomorrow at 11am.   2017-04-19

Dog news senior dog18-Year-Old Dog Stays Alive Just Long Enough to Meet His New Baby Sister

“I hope our story helps other people decide to adopt senior dogs,” Beth concluded.             2017-04-18

dog news bride puppiesNorth Carolina bride replaces bouquets with puppies

A Charlotte bride nixed traditional flower bouquets and replaced them with something much fluffier: puppies.

Source:           2017-04-17

Dog news Easter eggDog rushed to vets after gorging on eleven Easter eggs

She looked so unwell and was drooling chocolate from the sides of her mouth.

Source:            2017-04-16

dog news easter bunnyEaster bunny ears on AFP dogs draw smiles from kids at Canberra Hospital

The highly trained dogs usually sniff out guns and explosives, but this weekend they had a different mission.                   2017-04-15

dog news adventureStray dog follows adventure race team for 430 miles

The harrowing story of how the dog finished the race with his adopted companions will melt your heart.                    2017-04-14

dog news school dog Dog Shows Up At School Every Day So People Will Pet Him

He walks there by himself. “I noticed that the dog was waiting at the wall outside, and some kids were coming over to pet him.”

Source:          2017-04-13

dog news DNA testI got my dog’s DNA tested and what I learned shocked me

Dog DNA tests claim they can tell you about your pet’s behavior, estimate how big a puppy will get, and indicate whether it will play nice with children or other pets.

Source:    2017-04-12

dog news Sweden memorialOne Man’s Tribute Sparks a Huge Memorial for Dog Killed in Stockholm Attack

As Swedes gathered to mourn the loss of fellow citizens killed in the terror attack, one man noticed that one life had not been commemorated – a rescue dog from Ireland.   2017-04-11

Dog news ugly dog contestUgly dog contest draws pooches and pet lovers to Del Mar Fairgrounds

The 22nd annual Ugly Dog Contest held Sunday at the Del Mar Fairgrounds brought about a hundred pooches together to compete in a variety of competitions.    2017-04-10

dog news dog parkDog parks booming: What comes with Jupiter’s $2.5 million new spot?

Jupiter’s annual budget is about $80 million. The Seven Seas Explorer, the world’s most luxurious ocean liner, cost about $450 million to build.

Source:      2017-04-09

dog news postal serviceEven good dogs have bad days

Bad dogs: Cincinnati ranks in United States Postal Service’s top cities for mail carrier attacks

Source:             2017-04-08

dog news californiaDog rescued three days after horrific boating crash in California

A dog that was assumed drowned during a fatal boating accident on April 3rd was found by two California firefighters on a rocky beach Thursday.

Source:               2017-04-07

dog news hero dog nigeriaHero dog saves wedding party from suicide bomber after fighting with teenager until she blew herself up 

The young terrorist was attempting to infiltrate the wedding crowd when the dog arrived to save the day.

Source:                    2017-04-06

dog news Dumped dogDog Tied To Dumpster With Sad Note Is So Happy To See His Family Again

Someone had used pink marker to write a note on an old white tile, which they laid in front of the 6-year-old terrier mix: “Free Pup. My name is Scooter. Owner Went To Jail Today.”                2017-04-05

dog news guide-dog trainingGuide-dog training: Dozens of dogs fill Newark airport terminal

Nearly 100 dogs – 89, to be exact – were brought to the airport’s Terminal C as part of their training to become guide dogs for the visually impaired.              2017-04-04

dog news stolen dogsPuppies stolen from Lethbridge woman who was injured chasing thieves’ car

Police say couple responded to woman’s online ad, then grabbed the French bulldog pups and fled – Police seek information.

Source:                            2017-04-03

dog news horse trail

Mia Tindall brings pet dog to support her mother Zara at horse trials 

Three-year-old Mia Tindall brought an extra supporter along as she attended the Gatcombe Horse Trials to cheer on her mother Zara.

Source:         2017-04-02

dog news petscoNecropsy results released on pug who died during grooming session

The updated statement about the results of Ollie’s necropsy:Ollie had what is called brachycephalic syndrome.

Source:     2017-04-01

dog news skipping recordBritish woman and dog set new world record for skipping 

Animal trainer Rachael Grylls and her pet dog Jessica, a Jack Russell terrier, have set a new world record for skipping.    2017-03-31

dog news dog amputate  Shot in the leg, this dog had little hope until rescue groups stepped in

A plea for help is headed for a happy ending for a three-legged dog who suffered a gunshot wound.

Source:   2017-03-30

dog news dog dies at grooming storeDog dies during grooming appointment at Petco

Now the Rhode Island SPCA and Middletown’s Animal Control officer are investigating.

Source:            2017-03-29

dog news new guinea pupsThe World’s Rarest and Most Ancient Dog Has Just Been Re-Discovered in the Wild

The first sighting in more than half a century.

Source:        2017-03-28

dog news Guinness recordGuinness World Record deflated by Calgary whippet, Toby

One of the world’s speediest dogs is now — officially — the world’s fastest canine balloon popper.

Source:  2017-03-27

dog news dog killedPet owner explains why he shot his own dog, buried her at the beach

Michael Whalen is facing animal cruelty charges for fatally shooting his dog, Allie, in Virginia Beach.    2017-03-26

dog news tourist rescueDog Saved in Desert by Tourists Shows Why Sharing Rescue Stories is So Important

Bailey was found by two German tourists who were crossing the desert.

Source:  2017-03-25

dog news firemanFirefighters revive ‘lifeless’ dog after administering CPR for 20 minutes

Klein is giving mouth-to-snout resuscitation to the dog, who was pulled from a burning apartment in Santa Monica.

Source:   2017-03-24

dog news adopt old dogAn 18-year-old dog just got adopted in Washington DC

Julep, an 18-year-old dog, was left homeless after her owner died in February. She ended up at the Human Rescue Alliance in Washington DC.            2017-03-23

dog news best friendsBoy with skin disorder finds best friend in dog with same condition

“Really, it was life changing .It changed his childhood for the better, it was a gift I couldn’t give him.”

Source:      2017-03-22

dog news hero dog michigan

Michigan-Abused shelter dog a hero for finding naked girl shivering in cold

“Thanks to Peanut, a little girl’s life was saved today,” a woman wrote to Delta Animal Shelter.                       2017-03-21

dog news AlbertDog makes four-year journey home to Alberta owner

After her dog went missing four years ago, Kathryn Morrow was losing hope Grif was ever coming home.

Source:                       2017-03-20

dog news vermontVermont-Dog’s ‘Devastating’ Struggle Ends in Rescue

Hartford firefighters rescue a dog that was recently trapped in the ice in a Quechee pond. (Provided Photo) 2017-03-19

dog news New ZealandNew Zealand – Uproar as bomb-detection dog Grizz shot dead at Auckland airport 

Grizz shot dead by police after escaping to airfield at 4am, delaying flights as pilots refused to take off while he was loose.

Source:     2017-03-18

dog news St-patrick dayThe dogs celebrating St Patrick’s Day in style

St Patrick’s Day isn’t just for humans to enjoy. Many dogs will also want to get in on the action – and who are we to stop them?

Source:              2017-03-17

dog news Cruft dogThe rescue story of the dog who went crazy at Crufts will make you love him even more 

Five-year-old Jack Russell terrier Olly became an instant star when his hours of practice went up in smoke after he got a little too excite.

Source:        2017-03-16

dog news ripple newsUpdate on Aurora Animal Control holding family dog claiming to be ‘wolf-hybrid’ 

In the city of Aurora, it is illegal to own any wild animal hybrid, although Colorado law states as long as a dog is at least 1% domesticated, it’s legal. Aurora’s local law, however overrides the state law.

Source:       2017-03-15

dog news puppy overdosedA Police Officer Found A Puppy Overdosed On Heroin And Left Alone In A Car

Police officers in Texas found a little puppy named Lucky who had overdosed on heroin.Then it was time to find Lucky a loving forever home, so they organized a lottery.

Source:           2017-03-14

dog news guide dogThis man’s tribute to his guide dog will melt your heart

They say dogs are a man’s best friend – but a blind Mansfield man’s furry companion is so much more to him than that.

Source:    2017-03-13

dog news hometown heroHometown Hero: police dog and partner continue to serve after cancer scare

Police officers come in a lot of different shapes and sizes — all sworn to protect and serve. But not many of them have four legs, and even fewer have three. K-9 Jux and his partner Corporal C.J. Howell are overcoming incredible odds together.

Source:                  2017-03-12

dog news obese poochPearl the morbidly obese pooch has lost nearly three stone thanks to a strict diet and an underwater treadmill

Abandoned on the streets, it was found that there was no medical condition that had made Pearl such a large size.

Source:                2017-03-11

dog news best friendAir Force Sergeant cradles dead military dog draped in US flag after heartbreaking decision to put him down

Kyle Smith served four military tours with Bodza and adopted him in 2014 when the German Shepherd was retired from duty

Source:                2017-03-10

dog news dog food recallRecall of dog food tainted by death drug widened

A pet food maker is widening its recall of canned dog food due to fears it may be contaminated by a euthanasia drug.

Source:         2017-03-09

dog news blind dog rescueBlind 12-year-old dog saved after a week lost in the mountains

The family mistakenly thought she had been brought into the house, only to realize after about an hour that Sage was gone.

Source:                2017-03-08

dog news BoliviaThis Monastery Adopted A Stray Dog, Now He Enjoys His Life As A Monk

Meet Friar Bigotón (Friar Moustache), the stray doggie who just became a member of a St Francis Monastery.

Source:        2017-03-07

dog news English terrierHounded out! They’re classic British dog breeds facing extinction

Spare a thought for man’s spurned best friends. Proud British pedigrees such as the Skye terrier, bloodhound and Dandie Dinmont are facing extinction.

Source:             2017-03-06

Dog News RussianThe Russian Toy breed, popular in pre-Soviet Russia, is now being officially recognised by Crufts 

Dog who fell foul of the Russian Revolution wins Crufts seal of approval after coming back into favour.

Source:                 2017-03-05

Dog News Alaska IditarodWhen will the 2017 Iditarod start In Alaska ? (And answers to 14 other race questions)

The start of the 45th Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is just days away.                          2017-03-04

Dog news Cesar MillanWatch The Premiere Of “Dog Nation” With Cesar Millan On Nat Geo WILD This Friday March 3rd

While Cesar continues to share his expertise in helping dogs, he has expanded his efforts to help dogs and highlighting canine heroes from around the country.

Source:     2017-03-03

dog news New YorkRESCUE ME – Dog adoption portraits and stories from New York city

Fashion photographer Richard Phibbs finds with his portraits for the humane society of NewYork a new home for stray dogs.

Source:                       2017-03-02

dog news chinaChinese dog owners spend thousands to protect their pets from smog

Many owners have tried methods like taking their pets to the gym and feeding pricey TCM ingredients to pets to enhance their resistance to air pollution .

Source:             2017-03-02

Dog news CanadaYellowknife musher wins 1st place at Canadian Challenge competition

Yellowknife man Marcel Marin won first place in this year’s Canadian Challenge sled dog competition — dubbed as Canada’s longest sled dog race that starts and finishes in Canada — after his third time competing.

Source:                        2017-03-01

dog news refugeeSyrian Refugee Child Stays By Injured Street Dog’s Side Until Help Arrives

Hüseyin el-Hasan, an eight-year-old boy from Syria, saw a street dog who had been hit by a car outside his new home in Turkey. He covered her with a blanket and crouched down next to her until paramedics arrived.

Source:              2017-02-28

dog news thinnest dog storyWorld’s thinnest dog walks his new owner down the aisle

World’s thinnest dog who weighed just 6.5lbs when he was rescued walks his new owner down the aisle after a full recovery. Touching video shows the recovery of world’s thinnest dog.

Source:               2017-02-27

dog news the little puppy book‘The Poky Little Puppy’ And His Fellow Little Golden Books Are Turning 75

In the 1950s and ’60s, if there were any children’s books in a house, at least one of them was likely to be a Little Golden Book. Those beloved books celebrate their 75th birthday this year.

Source:                       2017-02-26

dog news best & worst cityA recent survey: Best & Worst U.S Cities for Dogs Based on 16 Factors

The consumer-oriented data aggregating site ValuePenguin rated America’s 155 most populous cities based on 16 factors including pet-care costs, walkability, parks, the pet-friendliness of businesses and the availability of pet services.

Source:             2017-02-25

dog news new york earPuppy born in shelter has ‘selfie’ on ear in New York

A puppy named Lucy born at an animal shelter in October to a homeless mutt was born with something special besides her sweet personality – a mirror image of herself on her left ear.
Source:                2017-02-24

dog news siblingsFrito the rescue dog reunited with his siblings after a viral Facebook post

It was Frito the dog’s lucky day on Saturday when he was reunited with five of his six siblings for a paw-dorable puppy party.

Source:                2017-02-23

dog news vetVets issue warning about bacteria outbreak that could kill your dog

The bacteria is called “Lepto-spirosis” or “Lepto” for short. It infects dogs by burrowing into their skin. Then, it spreads throughout the dog’s body.

Source:         2017-02-22

dog news homeBorderland dog makes 2,000 mile journey home

EL PASO, TEXAS – A Borderland dog has made her way back home from Virginia with the help of dozens of volunteers.

Source:               2017-02-21

dog news heroHero Retriever Calamity Jane Rides Again But On Three Legs

Meet sweet Calamity Jane, a rescue Golden Retriever who thinks she’s a cop.Calamity kept barking and scared the intruders away

Source: pets               2017-02-20

dog news family dogFamily Leaves Dog At Utah Shelter With A Heartbreaking Letter

When Rhino Lightning’s family gave him to the Humane Society of Utah, they left him with a note in a spiral notebook written by a heartbroken kid.

Source:      2017-02-19

dog news San FranciscoSan Francisco passes law forcing all pet shops to only sell rescue dogs and cats

San Francisco officials have voted to ban the sale of non-rescue dogs and cats at pet shops as part of a concerted effort to eradicate “inhumane” puppy breeding operations in the city.

Source:        2017-02-18

dog news pawtenityleavingBrewery offers paid ‘paw-ternity’ leave for employees

BrewDog, a Scottish brewery, is now offering “paw-ternity” leave. DogBrew said the week of leave will ensure dog owners can accompany puppies as they get adapted to their new surroundings.

Source:              2017-02-17

dog news winnerTop dog Rumor runs victory lap at Empire State Building after winning Westminster

The top dog got a gourmet steak and a trip to the top of the Empire State Building as part of her whirlwind victory lap Wednesday.

Source:          2017-02-16

dog news AKC winnerRumor the German Shepherd Dog Wins 2017 Westminster Best in Show

“The German Shepherd Dog standard talks about quality and nobility. Sometimes unrecognizable, but when you recognize it, it hits you home, and that’s what it really is. She is just magnificent,”Bradley said of Best in Show winner, Rumor.

Source:                           2017-02-15

dog news Valentine's DayService dogs trained by inmates deliver Valentine’s Day treats

The dogs come bearing a $50 Valentine’s Day gift box that includes treats such as cookies, artwork designed by dogs, a heart-shaped candle holder, handmade scarf and greeting cards featuring the ICAN service dogs.

Source:          2017-02-14

dog news hairless dogThese Dogs Feel Like ‘Warm Bologna.’ Their Fans Say Bald Is Beautiful.

Anyone knows how important it is for a dog to have a proper hairstyle. Some breeds in the competition of Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, are groomed to look like escapees from the Over-the-Top Coiffure Convention.              2017-02-13

dog news RussianRussian dog keeps abandoned toddler alive in freezing weather 

Hero dog saves Russian toddler’s life by keeping him warm after he was left outside in -21C temperatures for 48 hours.

Source:            2017-02-12

dog news scooter riderHilarious: Talented dog rides a scooter on a busy Chinese road

Meet the dog that rides a scooter! Samoyed weaves its way through traffic on a busy Chinese road. A man took his two dogs out for a ride, with one on his bike and another riding.

Source:               2017-02-11

Dog news LABreaking! A Coalition Of Animal Welfare Organizations Take On The Big Dogs At LA County Board Of Supervisors Feb. 14

“Where is the love for these voiceless souls?”

Source:     2017-02-10

dog news police rescue dogCop Responds To Call At Animal Shelter, But He Can’t Put Down Tiny Rescue Pup

As he was on his way out, Marcus couldn’t hep but notice that a shelter supervisor had a small rescue puppy in her hands.He instantly felt a connection with the little guy and wanted to bring the puppy home.

Source:              2017-02-09

dog news rescue dog ItalyItaly’s music festival honours firefighters and rescue dog

The Sanremo Music Festival is a highlight of Italy’s cultural calendar, usually drawing attention for the celebrities, established singers and newcomers who take to the stage in glitzy attire.

Source:                          2017-02-08

dog news police dogMore than 20,000 people sign petition for hero cop to keep his loyal police dog

Sgt David Evans is “heartbroken” at the prospect of not being able to keep 4-year-old Ivy when he retires after 34 years’ service, his daughter said.

Source:                       2017-02-07

dog news YukonDog blankets making a comeback at 2017 Yukon Quest

Within four months, Moses and several other women completed the intricate, stunning dog blankets for the annual Yukon Quest. 1,600 km Yukon Quest sled dog race kicks off in Whitehorse today.

Source:                         2017-02-06

dog news super bowlPuns Proliferate Puppy Bowl XIII

Each year in advance of the Super Bowl, there’s another ‘Bowl’ that catches the imagination of thousands of fans. Now, into its 8th year on Animal Planet, the Puppy Bowl has become momentous event.

Source:               2017-02-05

dog news dogshowWestminster Dog Show 2017: Everything you need to know

Grab you biscuits and leashes, because the Westminster Dog Show is quickly approaching.Here is a guide to everything you need to know about the 130-year-old event.

Source: sporting        2017-02-04

Dog news NASAHere’s the Amazing Story Behind The Viral Photo of Astronaut Leland Melvin And His Dogs

This official 2009 NASA picture of astronaut Leland Melvin, sent out by the rogue NASA account, went viral because people love dogs.

Source:            2017-02-03

dog news CanadaCanadian Mounties Training Dogs To Sniff Out Fentanyl

The RCMP in British Columbia, Canada has begun training dogs to alert them to the presence of fentanyl, an illegal opioid drug one hundred times as powerful as morphine.

Source:               2017-02-02

dog news BostonDog Abandoned on Massachusetts Road in Crate with His Blanket, Coat and Toys

” It had no microchip,” reads a post written on Monday by the Hingham Police department in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Source:                      2017-02-01

dog news race3 new breeds set to compete at Westminster dog show

NEW YORK  – A winsome but hardworking Hungarian herding dog, an ancient African hound and a playful, fur-free terrier are about to get their first shot at the most famous U.S. canine championship.

Source:                 2017-01-31

dog news New York7 dogs found shot to death along rural road in NC, deputies say

According to deputies, the bodies of the dogs were found along Morgan Academy Road last Friday, but appear to have been there for some time.

Source:                   2017-01-30

dog news sportNFL Stars and Their Dogs: Jeremy Zuttah and Ace

When center Jeremy Zuttah isn’t anchoring the Baltimore Ravens’ offensive line, he and his wife Heran are devoting their time to their pit bull mix Ace.

Source:                              2017-01-29

dog news smartest breadHere are the ‘smartest’ dog breeds, according to a psychologist

While labs at Yale and Duke, and around the world, are studying this question, for now we have data on at least one metric: working intelligence.

Source:     2017-01-28

dog news Chinese New YearAcrobatic Dog Celebrates Chinese New Year 2017

Year of Rooster,Happy Chinese New year 2017.


Source:              2017-01-27

dog news blood donationThe real blood hound gang: Dogs that save others’ lives by being donors

To us, this is the real fourth emergency service: A team of blood donor dogs who have saved hundreds of fellow dogs’ lives

Source:                       2017-01-26

dog news ukTaxi driver who refused to take guide dog is fined

A taxi driver who refused to carry a guide dog because he claimed it was against his religion has been fined for breaching equality laws.

Source:                             2017-01-25

dog news ItalyPuppies Found Alive Five Days After Deadly Italy Hotel Avalanche

Emergency workers on Monday rescued three puppies from a destroyed Italian hotel that was buried under tons of snow by an avalanche, bringing joy to searchers who’ve had little reason to hold on to hope.

Source:                 2017-01-24

dog news deaf pupHeartwarming Story of a Deaf Shelter Pup and His Soulmate

Walter, a mixed breed puppy born with hearing loss, was at a California shelter when a girl came in with with her mother to look for a furry addition to the family. The girl, Julia, was also born deaf, just like Walter.

Source:the                 2017-01-23

dog news vetDog With Broken Leg Leads Vets Two Miles To Her Puppies

“Limping and at times dragging her cast, she led us along the backstreets and main roads over the fields and along muddy tracks… There in the back were 10 beautiful, fat little healthy puppies,” Powell said.

Source:           2017-01-22

dog news authorA Dog’s Purpose author: Additional footage of dog stunt ‘paints a different picture’

According to Cameron, the dog was not terrified and not thrown in the water.

Source:                          2017-01-21

dog news dog restaurantDog-Friendly Restaurants with Free Pet Treats

Of course, Spot still can’t join you in a sit-down restaurant due to health department regulations (unless he is a service dog), but that doesn’t mean he can’t be with you in outdoor settings.

Source:             2017-01-20

dog news fire rescueFirefighter adopts dog rescued from house fire that claimed 45 cats, 5 dogs, parrot

“There is a happy ending to this story.”  The newest member of Sweet Family is an Australian Shepherd, named “Smokie”             2017-01-19

dog news longest tailRECORD BREAKER: Meet the dog with the world’s LONGEST tail

Keon the gentle giant of an Irish wolfhound has been recognised as the dog with the longest tail in the world.

Source:                  2017-01-18

dog new movie for dog lovers“A Dog’s Purpose,” the movie for anyone who’s ever loved and lost a dog

dog news LondonWorld’s first bus tour for DOGS launches in London

Now that’s paw-some! The world’s first bus tour for DOGS launches taking pets to top canine attractions, parks and pooch-friendly pubs.

Source:             2017-01-16

dog news iqaluit dog Iqaluit dog team plunges through thin ice, community responds

Jovan Simic got to see the generosity of the Iqaluit dog sledding community in action this week, after he and his team plunged through thin ice on a -35 C day.

Source:                              2017-01-15

dog news police nameNew police dog honors fallen officer

One of the dogs is named after Officer Noah Leotta, who was killed by a drunk driver during a traffic stop.

Source:               2017-01-14

dog news first dog First Dog Sunny Bit Malia Obama’s Friend On The Face — She Even Had To Get Stitches! Look!

One of Malia Obama‘s friends left the White House with a bloody face after being bitten by the first family’s dog Sunny!

Source:               2017-01-13

dog news Facebook dogFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought his dog a unique gift for its birthday

Mark Zuckerberg reveals he commissioned a 3D printed VR portait of his pet Beast for its sixth birthday

Source:                   2017-01-12

dog news ChinaFake news: There’s no Chinese restaurant selling dog meat in Coral Springs, Fla.

Websites continue to share an unappetizing hoax about a Chinese restaurant serving dog meat, despite local police denying the claim.

Source:                 2017-01-11

dog news dog meat tradeRaised for meat in South Korea, dogs head for new homes in U.S

As soon as they’re ready for adoption, we find that there are line-ups of people – literally people would line up at shelters.

Source:                         2017-01-10

dog news dogs the untold storyDiscovery Channel features Colorado avalanche rescue dog

“Dogs: The Untold Story” is a new Discovery Channel series that explores the origins and camaraderie of man and dog via five segments shot around the world.

Source:                   2017-01-09

dog news marathon runnerMarathon runner finally brings home stray dog that ran with him for 126 km through Chinese desert

“I’ve gone from executive to over-qualified dog sitter,” Leonard said, laughing.

Source:       2017-01-08

dog news broadway showA Dog Story Announces Cast Recording

A Dog Story, a new musical for dog lovers.Broadway records has announced that the original Off-Broadway cast recording for A Dog Story will be released digitally and in stores on January 20.

Source:                 2017-01-07

dog news Justin BieberJustin Bieber abandons his sick chow chow puppy

The New York Post reports that this time, the short-attention-stricken singer appears to have palmed off his sick dog on a friend, who’s now trying to scrounge up $US8000 ($11,000) for a lifesaving operation for the puppy.

Source:                  2017-01-06

dog news Canada‘He bit my finger off’: Questions linger about foster dogs imported into Canada

After recent dog attacks, there have also been allegations about discrepancies in border paperwork and fears surrounding health problems.

Source:                               2017-01-05

dog news go digitalDogs Going Digital: The Best Gadgets For Your Pets

Pet lovers, it is time to take a look at the list of gadgets you can get your furry friend to ease his or her loneliness and your worries.

Source:               2017-01-04

dog news 15 babyRescued dog gives birth to fifteen puppies for New Year’s!

There are many celebrations and surprises that come with the ringing in of a New Year. One of the biggest surprises is the birth of a new life, or in this case fifteen new puppy lives!

Source:                      2017-01-03

dog news share chasingShocking moment: A fearless dog chased after a large tiger shark in the Torres Strait.

Paws vs Jaws:Video footage shows the dog leaping into the water at the sight of the shark

Source:                 2017-01-02

dog news hero dogPerth hero dog Zeus saves neighbour from tragedy in Australia

A PERTH staffie has been hailed a hero after alerting his owner to the presence of a stricken elderly neighbour, who had laid seriously injured for two days.

Source:                   2017-01-01

dog news use ice rescueA heartwarming video Dog rescued from frozen lake in Michigan US

Three firefighters, linked together by rope, rescued the Labrador which had fallen into the freezing water

Source:                            2016-12-31

Dog news IndiaA dog who walked 600km to keep a Sabarimala pilgrim company

Malu had a mind of her own. For the first few days, she would maintain a distance of about 20 metres from Naveen and walk ahead of him.

Source:            2016-12-30

dog news hero dogHero Dog  Risked His Life And Got Bit By A Snake To Save A Toddler

One Australian mom had the scare of a lifetime when she went outside to check on her two-year-old daughter and found her dog, Mack, foaming at the mouth with a dead tiger snake a few feet away.

Source:               2016-12-30

dog news holiday airportPhony comfort pets, owners perplex airlines

With the holiday travel season now here, many air passengers are boarding the plane with service dogs and emotional support animals — a practice that critics say is open to fraud.

Source:                   2016-12-29

dog news WalmartAre Walmart Holiday Rawhide Bones Toxic to Dogs ?

Walmart has recalled holiday rawhide bones for dogs because they are laced with formaldehyde and have already killed at least one dog.

Source:                      2016-12-29

dog news homeless rescueMan who helped save severely  hurt dog is homeless

SAN DIEGO – A man who helped get a severely injured missing dog home in time for the holidays vanished before he could get any credit, but 10News was able to track him down.

Source:                         2016-12-29

dog news Canadian heroCanadian man punches cougar at Tim Hortons to save dog

Gibb said he charged into the woods after the cougar but turned around to tend to his injured dog, which was whimpering and bleeding on the pavement.

Source:                                    2016-12-28

dog news Federal LawsCourt rules police can shoot a dog if it moves, barks when officers enter a home

The standard we set out today is that a police officer’s use of deadly force against a dog while executing a search warrant to search a home for illegal drug activity is reasonable under the Fourth Amendment.

Source:              2016-12-28

dog news Carrie FisherCarrie Fisher’s Famous Dog Tweets His Heartbreaking Goodbyes

Carrie Fisher and her French bulldog, Gary, whose tongue lolled adorably past his lips, were inseparable.

Source:             2016-12-28

dog news save lifeHero dog saves his injured ‘girlfriend’ on deadly railway track !

A female dog, too injured to move, lay down on some railroad tracks in Ukraine, despite the risk of being hit by (yet another?) train. However, her male companion  protect her as speeding trains passed over them.

Source:                    2016-12-27

dog news cannabis treatsLacing dog treats with cannabis is a growing business

It’s the newest trend in America’s booming half-billion dollar animal supplements market, which is expected to grow by more than $150 million US in the next four years.

Source: the                         2016-12-27

dog news food warningChristmas food can pose risks to some pets, animal hospital warns

Emergency Nursing Supervisor Erica Honey said it was important for pets, especially dogs, to stick to a simple diet.

Source:                        2016-12-26

dog news vetVet with PTSD ‘saw life’ in puppy present

A Marine Corps veteran is gifted a beagle puppy no bigger than his hand and begins to cry at the sight of his new companion.

Source:                          2016-12-25

dog news Scotland island2016 Scotland Island dog race Australia on Christmas Eve 

The race is a doggie-paddle race of about 600m, and with entry to the race an icy cold long neck and a tin of dog food it’s one of the most unique races in the world.

Source:               2016-12-24

dog news MontrealSaved from dog meat festival, 37 dogs en route to Montreal

Dogs rescued from Yulin Dog Meat Festival. The dogs in these images are now in Canada, with 37 of them headed to Montreal.

Source:                                       2016-12-23

dog news airportTHAI apologises after dog killed at Incheon airport 

The incident involved one of three small dogs belonging to two passengers who were boarding Flight TG657 from Seoul to Bangkok on Monday.

Source:                   2016-12-23

dog news US soldierSoldier Deployed in Afghanistan Meets Stray, Falls in Love and Smuggles the Dog Out of a War Zone to the US

This soldier risked EVERYTHING to bring a stray dog back home proving that you can find love just about anywhere. Even in the middle of a war.

Source:                           2016-12-22

dog news policeFrom shelter dog to law enforcement: Axel has become a star with Durham Regional Police

He’s gone from shelter dog to star police officer in just four years — although it might seem closer to 32 years to Axel himself.

Source:                                       2016-12-22

dog news christmasA dog-loving woman has admitted spending £20,000 a year caring for her 30 pet pugs

She has had to give up her job and sell her designer handbags and jewellery in order to care for her 30 pugs.

Source:                             2016-12-22

dog news sick dogOhio animal rescue defends practice; two families claim they received sick dogs

Pittsburgh area families have reached out about sick dogs they adopted from My Young and Old Fur Babies Rescue.

Source:                                   2016-12-22

dog news puppy newsMSP Emma Harper calls for end to puppy trafficking ‘horrors’

A south of Scotland MSP has urged Holyrood to help to bring an end to puppy trafficking in Scotland.

Source:                           2016-12-21

dog news sexTwisted newlyweds had sex with dog in Pennsylvania : Police

A pair of Pennsylvania newlyweds allegedly took their honeymoon hijinks to a twisted new level when they videotaped the blushing bride having sex with a dog.

Source:                       2016-12-21

dog news Cinderella ChristmasSaved From Meat Trade, Cinderella Needs Her Fairytale Ending for Christmas

Rescued two female adults dogs from Thailand, Cinderella and Leanne found fosters of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, and now Cinderella is ready for a forever family of her very own.

Source:                           2016-12-21

dog news CaliforniaThe not-so-secret Santa sponsoring animal adoptions in California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Hundreds of families are getting new puppies and kittens for the holiday’s thanks to a very generous woman.You’ll find a surplus of smiles at the Front Street Animal Shelter thanks to a not-so-secret Santa.

Source:                                     2016-12-21

dog news New YorkMinneapolis pet rescue worker who has fixation on another woman broke into her home, killed her dog

Elizabeth Osterbauer is accused of torturing, drugging and drowning Shelly Byzewski’s little pet named Ducky Momo, according to court documents.

Source: 2016-12-20

dog news Christmas songs

Study Reveal The Canine Christmas Song Number One – Is it yours? 

Watch as adorable dogs pick their very favourite Christmas song

Source:                                 2016-12-20

dognewsJapan6 dog services you didn’t know existed in Japan

Sometimes we want our dogs to experience the dynamic Tokyo life outside of the usual parks and dog runs. Here’s a list of some amazing services catered to dogs, purr-fect to try out with your furry best friend.

Source:                             2016-12-20

dog news police dogRadio dispatcher makes last call to honor police dog who served 10 years in Chicago police department.

A dispatcher on the Chicago Police Department radio channel used to request K-9 units held the air Sunday morning and asked everyone to stand by.

Source:                       2016-12-19

dog news puppy scamPuppy scam prompts consumer alert; companies claim to be in Oklahoma

Local Better Business Bureau officials say they have received numerous calls, complaints and scam reports regarding online pet scams being run by several companies that claim to be operating out of Oklahoma.

Source:                                     2016-12-19

dog news big dog ownerThe man who looks after 735 dogs

Rakesh Shukla is a software engineer who’s found his life’s calling in looking after dogs that no-one wants, writes the BBC’s Geeta Pandey in Bangalore.

Source:                                        2016-12-19

dog news biggest dogMeet Freddy, the biggest dog in the world is Guinness World Record holder

Take one look at Freddy the Great Dane and your reaction would have to be bow wow… wow! That’s because he’s the World’s Biggest Dog – who stands at 7ft 6in on his hind legs.

Source:                               2016-12-19

dog news reunion Dog Dad Has the Sweetest Reunion With His Missing Baby at a Pet Adoption Event

As of last night (Saturday 12-17-2016), a total of 575 animals have been adopted out at the event.

Source:                                2016-12-18

dog news CanadaJudge rules dogs should not be treated like kid

“Many dogs are treated as members of the family with whom they live. But after all is said and done, a dog is a dog. At law it is property, a domesticated animal that is owned. At law it enjoys no familial rights.”

Source:                                        2016-12-18

dog news ChristmasScoop: I WANT A DOG FOR CHRISTMAS, CHARLIE BROWN! on ABC Today

This holiday season, ABC will again air the PEANUTS Christmas special “I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown!,”  now classic cartoon specials based on Charles M. Schulz’s famed comic strip.

Source:                                2016-12-17

top10dognewsstoryTop 10 Dog News Stories Of The Week: Guilty Dogs Are Back, Dog Gymnastics, War Buddies Reunited & More…

We’ve got dog diversity for you with our weekly roundup of this week’s feel-good dog news stories.  Here’s all the news that worth fetching.

Source:dog                                   2016-12-17

dog news FinlandFinland’s ‘First Dog’ steals the show at holiday gift ceremony

In Finnish holiday ritual, President Sauli Niinistö and his wife have been presented with traditional Christmas gifts and greetings. Their dog was barely able to restrain himself as the fish and ham were brought in ceremoniously.

Source:                                              2016-12-16

dog news cold weather tipsCold weather warning signs to watch for when outside with your dog

Calgary Humane Society Outreach Manager Phil Fulton joins Global Calgary with details on how to know your dog is cold.

Source:                                 2016-12-16

dog news pilotFirst ever skydiving dog snaps up Guinness World Record after being trained for the jump since birth

A clever pooch who has been expertly trained to fight Africa’s poaching crisis has become the first dog in the world to go skydiving as well.

Source:                                  2016-12-15

dog news heroInjured Hero Military Dog Given Second Chance at Life

Layka is a five-year-old Belgian Malinois who was shot four times at point-blank range during an ambush in Afghanistan back in 2013.

Source:                                  2016-12-15

dog news childrenKids Bring Holiday Cheer While Reading to Shelter Pets

They may not have homes for the holidays, but a group of shelter dogs living at the Humane Society of Missouri in St. Louis know there are kids out there who care.

Source:                                    2016-12-14

dog news koreanUpdate on Korean Dog Meat Market Ban!

The oldest S.Korean meat market will continue to sell dog meat. It only bans the display of live dogs in the cages, as well as on site slaughter.

Source:                           2016-12-14

dognewskoreanBreaking! Largest South Korean Dog Meat Market Bans The Slaughter

Tourists and locals were shocked by the torture and brutality at the Moron Market and have since called for it to end, thankfully officials have listened!

Source:                           2016-12-13

dog news christmasDog named ‘Pig’ dances ballet in ‘Mutt-cracker’

The humane society fundraiser features a misshapen little mutt named “Pig” as the pirouetting pet of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Source:                                   2016-12-13

dognewsRomaniaRomanian firefighter saves dog with CPR

The firefighter performed chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth on the canine before putting an oxygen mask over its muzzle, saving the animal’s life.

Source:                                     2016-12-12

dognewswarningManchester man fights for life after lick from pet dog leaves him covered in tennis-ball sized blisters

The 51-year-old former soldier spent six weeks in a coma with rare bacterial infection capnocytophaga.

Source:                                 2016-12-12

dognewschristmasparadeDogs get decked out for annual Halifax Christmas Pet Parade

It’s not just people getting into the holiday spirit this time of year. Most of the parade participants were all decked out in their best Christmas attire.

Source:                                 2016-12-11

dognewsHongKongHong Kong Wheelchair Dog Wins Spot in International Pet Calendar

When Tessa, a 13-year-old shepherd mix, was diagnosed with an incurable neuron condition, her family hoped she could remain mobile.

Source:                               2016-12-11

Wheelchair Dog in China Proves That Anything is Possible

News about a cute disabled dog walking on the streets of Chongqing, China went viral this week.

Source:                                 2016-12-10

dognewsrescueFiremen rescue two dogs from icy lake as they were about to drown 

In Egan, Minnesota, two dogs were rescued by quick thinking firemen after the pooches fell through the thin ice and nearly drowned.

Source:                            2016-12-10

puppynewsusaFriends until the end: Heartbreaking moment a devoted dog visits hospital to say a final goodbye to her dying owner

The shared the video on Facebook where it has been viewed more than eight million times and has touched the heart of thousands.

Source:                                2016-12-09

dog news tragedyFour-month-old-baby was savaged to death by the family dog

Heroic mother hailed for bravery in fighting off dog attack

Source:                                  2016-12-09

dognewsfirstdogMeet Patton, the Goldendoodle who hopes to become the next ‘First Dog’

Patton, a 9-week-old Goldendoodle and offspring of American military hero service dogs, is poised to become the next “First Dog” to run the grounds of the White House, according to his owner.

Source: fox                                    2016-12-08

dognewsGermanMom Rejects Her Two Bengal Tiger Cubs, Then Zookeeper Brings Them Home To Meet Her Dog

A mother Bengal tiger did not accept her twin cubs after their birth at Safaripark Zoo in Germany. So the zookeeper introduce them to her dog.

Source:                              2016-12-08

dognewspuppyPugs and bulldogs fashion drives Christmas ‘explosion’ of illegal puppy imports

They are thought to be arriving by the tens of thousand each year, and, in the run-up to the giving season, the problem is getting worse.    2016-12-07

dognewsresscueDog found alive in rubble two days after collapse

Workers and bystanders cheered as firefighters lifted the dog from the debris and carried her to her family for an emotional reunion.

Source:                                 2016-12-07

dognewsveteranDecorated veteran, author of book about his service dog, found dead in hotel 

Luis Carlos Montalvan, 43, a decorated Iraq war veteran and author of the book,Until Tuesday, which features his beloved service dog, was found dead in his El Paso, Texas.

Source:                            2016-12-06

dognewsusaPuppy given alcohol leads to charges for 3 Ohio residents

Three Ohio residents accused of giving alcoholic drinks to a puppy have been charged with misdemeanor cruelty to a companion animal after one of the defendants posted a picture of the passed-out dog on Facebook.

Source:                                       2016-12-05

dognewsusaDog Sniffing Device More Effective in Detecting Explosives

A New York Police officer and a sniffer dog stand guard as people wait at Times Square New York City. The “active sniffing” of dogs has been proven to boost these electronic detectors by 10 times.

Source:                       2016-12-05

dognewsaustraliaMystery video of man fighting kangaroo to save pet dog goes viral

In yet another fine example of the Australian outback, footage of a man allegedly punching a kangaroo in the face after it had his dog in a head-lock has gone viral on Sunday.                                 2016-12-04

dogname2016The Most Popular Dog Names of 2016

53% of dog owners, including 75% of Millennials, have named their dog after a movie or TV character, book character, or celebrity.

Source:                                     2016-12-03

dog news russianCloned Dogs With Enhanced Abilities to Help Russian Police in Siberia

Genetically enhanced cloned police dogs are expected to take to the streets stronger, faster and better.                         2016-12-02

dog new montrealAppeal court lifts suspension of pit bull restrictions in Montreal’s animal control bylaw

City agrees not to apply bylaw provisions that could cause ‘irreparable harm’ for now, but muzzles required

Source:                                         2016-12-02

dog news usaAbandoned dog ecstatic to be reunited with owners – only for family to choose different pet at shelter

A dog found as a stray and taken to a pound began excitedly wagging its tail when its owners turned up, only for the family to say they wanted a different one.

Source:                             2016-12-01

dognewsbosniansBosnian Taxi Driver Heroically Saves Dog from Being Drown in a River

Bravo to Bravo! Caki Bravo, that is. This Sarajevo cab driver is known to locals as a big hearted man who saves more than 10 dogs every month.                                2016-11-30

dognewsUKFour people in hospital after being attacked by dog in Moston UK

The victims’ ages are unknown but it’s believed at least one was a child.             2016-11-30

dognewsmontrealFamily of Montreal woman mauled to death by dog ‘disappointed’ owner won’t be charged

Crown spokesperson says ‘after a rigourous analysis’ dog’s owner won’t face charges

Source:                                          2016-11-30

dognewsdogbabyHeartwarming Friendship Between Boy And His Dog

Foster child Buddy and his friend Reagan the adorable labradoodle have already taken over Instagram.

Source:                                  2016-11-29

dognewschristmasDog Loves Santa Toy So Much, Her Humans Took Her To See The Real Thing

When she first saw him she was really excited, and when we put her next to him she was calm and looking at him like she was amazed.

Source:                             2016-11-28

puppy news17 puppies need foster families starting Thursday

DENVER — Thinking about adding a furry friend to the family? A local rescue group is looking for foster families for more than a dozen puppies.                                     2016-11-28

dognewsTurkeyHero Biker Is Single-Handedly Saving the Street Animals of Istanbul

Every day, without fail, Sahin gets on an old motorbike and drives through the forest of Aydos in Istanbul, Turkey feeding every and any stray animal he comes across.                           2016-11-27

dognewsmontrealWhat happened to those almost-outlawed dogs Nova Scotia rescued from Montreal?

Foster groups ‘waiting on pins and needles’ as suspended pit bull ban goes back to court.

Source:                                          2016-11-26

dognewschinaChinese Activists Ram Truck With 320 Dogs, To Save Them From Slaughter!

This dangerous rescue mission was fueled by the lack of laws in China that protect animals. Activists are mostly targeting the barbaric trafficking of dogs, usually stolen pets.

Source:                             2016-11-25

ThanksgivingdogshowForget football. The National Dog Show is Thanksgiving’s best entertainment.

The competition is broadcast on Thanksgiving Day at noon; here are four reasons it’s well worth a watch, even if you’re not dog-crazy.

Source:                                          2016-11-24

dognewsthanksgivingU.S. airports ease Thanksgiving rush with friendly dogs

U.S. airports trotted out friendly companion dogs to calm jittery travelers and offered perks including free parking on Wednesday as throngs of people rushed toward their Thanksgiving holiday celebrations.

Source:                                       2016-11-24

policedogkiled20161123Police dog killed in Florida shootout during fugitive search

A police dog in Florida was fatally shot while chasing down a runaway fugitive who opened fire on cops, authorities said.

Source:                                   2016-11-23

dognews9 Beagles See Daylight For The First Time In Their Lives

Nine beagles who spent their entire lives in these dark confines have finally been rescued by members of the Beagle Freedom Project

Source: little                                   2016-11-23

dognewsusaJody Furrh with her seizure alert dog, Justice, at the Today’s International Woman            pageant.

The 14-year-old Kansas girl  with epilepsy talked about her dog “He’s there to help me ” “He’ll come up and put his paws on my leg or nudge me.”

Source:                                            2016-11-22

dognews“It has ruined my life”: Woman who had sex with pit bull spared jail for bestiality after judge hears plea

A young woman who repeatedly had sex with a pit bull has avoided a jail sentence after a court heard she told a psychologist it ‘ruined her life’.

Source:                                       2016-11-21

dognewsScared of the Dentist? Well Karma the Dental Therapy Dog May Be Your Answer!

She seemed to have an innate ability to calm patients that were very anxious to be in the dental chair in a way that no human had ever been able to before.

Source:                                 2016-11-20

doginnewsDog Murdered by Russian Secret because he looks too much like Putin.

The 5-year-old dog had achieved international stardom in 2013 after pictures of the dog became highly popular on the internet after attracting much attention for looking like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Source:                   2016-11-18

dognewscanadaChurchill dog killed by polar bear on ‘only night’ owner didn’t put out food-Manitoba

Apparent friendship between polar bears and dogs ‘unnatural,’ prof says.

Source:                                               2016-11-17

dognewshealthHow Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy Can Dramatically Improve Your Dog’s Life ?

Alternative therapies are increasingly being used to offer relief & even restore the mobility of dogs suffering chronic conditions.

Source:             2016-11-16

dognewsMan shot 2 puppies at point blank range over domestic dispute.

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office arrested 55-year-old Billy Wayne Prater of Lillian, Alabama for two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals after he shot two puppies with a shotgun.

Source:                                       2016-11-16

dogrescurnewsInjured puppy,thrown from car,saved by compassionate cop

A three-month-old puppy, who was seriously injured after being thrown from a moving car, was saved thanks to a compassionate cop in Albany, New York.

Source:                   2016-11-16

dognewstodayWeight-loss success: Woman loses 200 pounds thanks to dog

Karen Kelly struggled with being overweight her entire life and decided there was one thing she could do to finally make a change: buy a dog.

Source :                                 2016-11-15

nationaldogshow2016 National Dog Show: Get your tickets !

November 20th’s show offers a full slate of canine competitions, enhanced athletic dog exhibitions plus family-friendly activities and hands-on fun.

Source:                           2016-11-15

dognewsusaDog no longer sad after reuniting with her puppies

Cora had recently given birth to a litter of puppies. she had been stripped of her newborn babies.

Source:                                     2016-11-14

dognewsbestdoctorDr. Cindy Otto is the Winner of 2016 Dog’s Best Friend Award

Dr. Otto’s been instrumental in working at ground zero following the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and is also the founder of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center (WDC).

Source:                               2016-11-13

dog newsVeteran goes from wheelchair to running with agility dog training.

Jack Cotter is classified “100 percent permanently and totally disabled” by the Navy, but you’d never know it to see him win with his champion agility dog, Tucker.

Source:                                 2016-11-11

dognewscanadaCanada AM:Dog lost at sea swims to island.

Meet a German Shepherd who fell overboard in the ocean, swam to a remote island, survived 5 weeks alone and was reunited with her owners.

Source:                               2016-11-10

dognewsDog’s dinner: DNA clue to how to dogs became our friends.

Our canine companions developed the ability to digest starchy foods during the farming revolution thousands of years ago, according to DNA evidence.

Source:                                     2016-11-09

doginnewsdogtreatsmartDad Hears Strange Noises From Old Sewer. Then, He Snaps A Flash Photo And Sees A Puppy’s Eyes

It’s scary ! The dog still had his leash on when he was found inside of the hole.

Source:little                                 2016-11-08

doglifedogtreatsmart  United Airlines Accidentally sends dog to Ireland

The jet-setting pup was supposed to fly from Newark, New Jersey to Phoenix, Arizona, but instead traveled to Ireland.

Source:                                   2016-11-07

doginukA loyal puppy has alerted a pregnant woman she was suffering a miscarriage in UK.

Incredible puppy saves owner’s unborn child by waking mum-to-be in middle of night as she suffered miscarriage

Source:                                       2016-11-06

doginusavoteThese Photos Of Dogs Voting Are Getting Us Through Election Day

2016.11.08 USA – Voters around the country have showed up to polling places with their favorite four-legged friends in tow so they don’t miss out on the excitement.

Source:                             2016-11-05


The Australian kelpie: New book looks at mysterious origins of world-famous working dog

New book points to dingo DNA from Fraser Island and the mainland in the Australian kelpie.

Source:                                     2016-11-04

Dog news dog treat smartA dog has given birth to the first identical twin puppies.

Outside of humans and one species of armadillo, identical twins seem to be vanishingly rare. Now for the first time a dog has given birth to a pair.

Source:                                       2016-11-03

dog news dog treat smart

The best adventure dog breeds

There are lots of dog breeds that will gladly join you in every adventure. 16 breeds, 1 winner. You decide. Votes are tallied and displayed in real time.

Source:                             2016-03

dog rescue dog treat smartDogs face hard times during economic crisis in Venezuela

As Venezuela’s economic crunch shortages and rising poverty are forcing once middle-class Venezuelans to do the unthinkable thing.

Source:                                     2016-11-02

dognewsdogtreatsmart   Can therapy dogs assist in motivating children on the autism spectrum ?

A behavioural analyst who works with therapy dogs suggests using canines as reward for completed tasks could be useful when working with children on the autism spectrum.

Source:                               2016-11-01

dogtreatsmartdogchina    Firefighters save a Mom and her nine pups from a collapsed house in China

As a home was demolished in Jingdezhen, China, the dogs were buried below the debris for a total of four days. But they were incredibly  all pulled out alive.

Source:                                   2016-11-01