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dog news IndonesiaDog vs wild boar fights in Indonesia prompt calls to end ‘traditional’ sport

‘Not only is it extreme animal cruelty, but it debases us as humans to promote such barbarity as fun’

Source: independent. co. uk                                                                   2017-10-18

dog news CaliforniaHero Dog Refuses to Leave His Family’s Eight Goats; Protects Herd and Baby Deer from California Wildfires

“We lost a million dollars worth of property; I don’t really care, we can replace all that. I just want my animals safe,” Hendel told ABC News.

Source: people. com                                                                                  2017-10-17

dog news service dogThese 19 states are cracking down on fake service dogs

Supporters of the new laws compare those misbehaving dog owners to people who acquire handicap signs so they can park in spaces intended for disabled people.

Source:                                                                                        2017-10-16

dog news dog trainingDogs graduate from SCI-Greene inmate service dog training program

Inmates are making meaningful contributions to society from behind bars by training puppies for work as service dogs through a program at the State Correctional Institution at Greene.

Source: herald standard. com                                                                 2017-10-15

dog news californiaCalifornia becomes first US state to ban sales of dogs from puppy mills

A new law signed on Friday means that pet stores are required to work with animal shelters or rescue operations if they want to sell dogs, cats or rabbits.

Source: independent. co. uk                                                                    2017-10-14

dog news dog hotelWalt Disney World will finally welcome dogs at (some) hotels

Travelers will be limited to two dogs per room, and dogs will be required to be leashed in public areas and have the proper vaccinations.

Source: marketwatch. com                                                                      2017-10-13

dog news dog loverDog owners walk the Lights

Dog lovers gathered in their thousands to head down Blackpool Promenade in a show of support for blind and partially sighted people in the resort.

Source: blackpoolgazette. co. uk                                                                 2017-10-12

dog news new recordWhippet good boy: Calgary dog breaks own balloon-popping record

The nine-year-old purebred first broke the record in March at the Shawnessy YMCA with a time of 36.25 seconds, beating the previous record holder — Twinkle the Jack Russell terrier — by 2.83 seconds.

Source: cbc. ca                                                                                              2017-10-11

dog news hero dogSt. Cloud military dog to be featured on Hallmark Channel’s Hero Dog Awards

K-9 Adak worked as an explosive detection dog for private contractors that supported the U.S. State Department and Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Source: sctimes. com                                                                                  2017-10-10

dog news MuseumMuseum goers have “Dog Gone Good Time”

A boy and two dogs dressed as witches have a doggone good time at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum. The event featured shelter animals, rock painting and a photo booth for your dog.

Source: newspressnow. com                                                                      2017-10-09

dog news police dogOhio cops enlist dog named Reptar to find child porn

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation says 22-month-old Reptar’s specialized training allows him to detect chemical traces in electronic devices like computers, cell phones and USB storage devices.

Source:bigcountrypage. com                                                                      2017-10-08

dog news dog rescueClever Puppy Claws Hole Into Couch to Survive House Fire

The little dog got caught in a house fire on Friday. But instead of freaking out, the pet clawed a hole into the upholstery of a sofa and hid inside.

Source: people. com                                                                                    2017-10-07

dog news Stop cuddling your puppies! CDC warns scores more Americans have been infected by puppy-linked infection

The CDC warns 16 more people have been diagnosed with Campylobacter.

Source: dailymail. co. uk                                                                            2017-10-06

dog news love storySalem man drives across country to adopt dog who lost two feet at puppy mill

“He basically has just a calloused-over stub that he fits in these,” Havlinek said as he eased Nubz’s back paw into a prosthetic.

Source: kgw. com                                                                                         2017-10-05

dog news longest tongueAmazing dog with ridiculously long tongue breaks world record  

Mochi “Mo” Rickert, an eight-year-old St. Bernard from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has set a new record.

Source: telegraph. co. uk                                                                            2017-10-04

dog news puerto ricoVolunteer pilots are flying planeloads of dogs and cats out of Puerto Rico

“We just want to do what’s best,” Browde told TODAY. “Make sure that we are doing the right thing.”

Source: today. com                                                                                      2017-10-03

dog news Chicago circusChicago Circus Skips Elephants, Brings Rescue Pit Bulls Into the Ring

“ I started to do animal welfare work, and it became glaringly obvious: pit bulls make the news for all the wrong reasons.”

Source: people. com                                                                                    2017-10-02

dog news dog parkPet peeves: Greenwich residents at odds over dog policies

Perennial tensions between dogs owners and those who want to use town parks without worrying about four-legged encounters have again come unleashed, with both sides looking to parks officials to settle conflicts in their favor.

Source: greenwichtime. com                                                                       2017-10-01

dog news police dogPolice dog finds gun and accidentally fires it

A Canadian police dog jumped the gun when his handlers were called to a street fight this week… by inadvertently firing a pistol it found in a bush.

Source: metro. co. uk                                                                               2017-09-30

dog news dog exhibitionCan mistreated dogs ever be considered art?

The Guggenheim museum’s decision to withdraw three pieces from an upcoming exhibit is an unusual conflation of human and animal rights.

Source: theguardian. com                                                                          2017-09-29

dog news puppy abandonedPETA offers $5,000 reward for information in abandoned puppy case

Police are investigating the incident but have yet to make any arrests in connection to the case. PETA is offering the reward to anyone who has information that will lead to an arrest or conviction of those responsible.

Source: warp. com                                                                                     2017-09-28

dog news record576 Border Collies Get Together In One Place To Break A World Record

Border Collie Owners of South Australia got together with their pets to break the record of most Border Collies in one place.

Source: bored panda. com                                                                         2017-09-27

dog news online adsVast majority of online puppy ads are fraudulent, report shows

The scam has become so widespread – thousands of consumers have been ripped off, with losses estimated in the millions of dollars – that virtually anyone looking for a puppy online is likely to encounter it.

Source: abcnews. go. com                                                                          2017-09-26

dog news dog rescueHikers rescue dog that was stranded alone on top of a 14,000ft Colorado mountain for SIX WEEKS after running away from its owner

When they found her stranded on a ledge, Nichols retrieved the pup slid down with her in his lap

Source: dailymail. co. uk                                                                        2017-09-25

dog news family dogA crossbow hunter thought he shot a coyote. It was a family dog named Tonka.

Elizabeth Mongno was walking Tonka around her wooded property in rural New Jersey when the 1-year-old dog spotted a deer and decided to chase it.

Source: washingtonpost. com                                                                 2017-09-24

dog news service dogPUPPY LOVE: Service dog changed child’s life

The service dog was trained by Service Dogs Alabama, and was paired with Paisley when she was only 7.

Source: andalusiastarnews. com                                                                2017-09-23

dog news Korean dog meatFarmers, protesters clash at pro-dog meat rally in South Korean capital

When dog meat farmers marched in South Korea’s capital on Friday, demanding better legal recognitions for their industry, they were met by animal rights activist counter-protesters.

Source: cdvnews. ca                                                                                   2017-09-22

dog news hero dogMeet Frida, the Rescue Dog Who is Helping People in the Mexico City Earthquake 

Frida has detected 52 people, 12 of them alive, in the rumble of various natural disasters.

Source: onegreenplanet. org                                                                     2017-09-21

dog rescue MexicoHope as dog is pulled from rubble of deadly earthquake in Mexico

The golden retriever looked bewildered as he rescue services extricated him from the concrete debris that had crumbled around him.

Source: metro. co. uk                                                                               2017-09-20

dog news dog researchDogs’ social skills linked to oxytocin sensitivity

The tendency of dogs to seek contact with their owners is associated with genetic variations in sensitivity for the hormone oxytocin, according to a new study from Linköping University, Sweden.

Source: science daily. com                                                                     2017-09-19

dog news puppy millsCalifornia leads again – this time, in fighting puppy mills

California is set to enact a statewide law that would ban the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores and require that stores instead source dogs, cats, and rabbits from shelters and rescues.

Source: humansociety. org                                                                   2017-09-18

dog news dog clinicFree veterinary clinic offers hope for low-income dog and cat owners

Veterinarian Shawn Llewellyn, veterinarian and board president at Paws for Hope, has been running the volunteer clinics since they started six years ago. The clinics are a way to care for those who love their pets, but can’t provide for them.

Source: vancouversun. com                                                                      2017-09-17

dog news dog trainingAt Hero Dogs, pups learn to serve those who served

We’re talking about the newest class in the Hero Dogs training program. These special pups were handpicked before they were born to become service animals for wounded military veterans.

Source: washingtonpost. com                                                                 2017-09-16

dog news dog lover weddingAn Iowa dog lover found an adorable way to integrate puppies into her wedding

Dog lover replaces bouquets with PUPPIES at her Iowa wedding to raise awareness for rescue animals and local shelter that saved 110 pets after Hurricane Harvey.

Source: dailymail. co. uk                                                                           2017-09-15

dog news dog surgery‘Nothing’s too much’: Woman raises $60K to pay for dog’s heart surgery

When asked what her response is to critics who might say she spent too much money on saving her dog’s life, Osterloh replied that she would give up everything for Snoopy.

Source: ctvnews. ca                                                                                 2017-09-14

dog news hero dogMojo, the hero police dog, left mentally scarred and losing hair after Manchester Arena attack

The dog patrolled the arena for its reopening on Saturday, despite having not recovered from the trauma.

Source: telegraph. co. uk                                                                         2017-09-13

dog news pet storePet-store puppies linked to bacterial outbreak among people in 7 states

Federal health officials said Monday that they are investigating a multistate outbreak of Campylobacter infections traced to puppies sold at Petland, a nationwide chain of about 80 pet stores.

Source: washingtonpost. com                                                                 2017-09-12

dog news hurricane IrmaDozens of dogs abandoned, left unable to escape as Irma bears down

Authorities in south Florida may pursue felony charges against people who abandoned their animals as Hurricane Irma approached the Florida peninsula.

Source: usatoday. com                                                                              2017-09-11

dog news BostonFamily thankful for firefighters and pet oxygen mask that saved dog’s life

A Duxbury family is thankful not only for the firefighters but also a special device the first-responders used.

Source: fox25boston. com                                                                        2017-09-10

dog news dog medicationScientists develop new therapeutic antibody for dog cancers

Japanese researchers have developed an antibody that induces immune responses, which significantly suppresses malignant cancers in dogs as well as increases their survival rate.

Source: indianexpress. com                                                                     2017-09-09

dog news floridaMan And Dog Denied Flight Out Of Irma Over Not Having A Pet Carrier

The difficulty of evacuating with pets is one of many reasons that people don’t always “just leave” when a hurricane hits.

Source: huffingtonpost. ca                                                                      2017-09-08

dog news Wild dogs in Africa engage in fascinating voting behavior

It turns out that these endangered, undomesticated dogs “vote” on whether to start hunting by making noises that sound just like sneezes.

Source:arstechnica. com                                                                         2017-09-07

dog news dog food A street food tour for dogs in Kennebunkport, Maine

So-called foodie revolutions have become nauseating, but one barking mad town in the US is offering a tour where the real treats go to the dogs.

Source:                                                                                       2017-09-06

dog news CaliforniaSniffer dog helping wipe out ants in California islands

The specially-trained dog keeps its snout to the ground, searching for nests of Argentine ants that threatened the ecosystem after being introduced decades ago.

Source: torontosun. com                                                                          2017-09-05

dog news dog rescueThese Emotional Rescue Dog Stories Will Leave You Sobbing

Rescue dogs and their owners gathered in London at the weekend to raise awareness of the cruelty of the puppy farm trade.

Source: buzzfeed. com                                                                             2017-09-04

dog news festivalAncient dog festival celebrates legend of heaven-sent canine in China

Members of the Miao people celebrate tradition that their ancestors were saved from death by a heaven-sent animal.

Source: simp. com                                                                                     2017-09-03

dog news dog ruleOregon court: Couple must ‘debark’ dogs — cut their vocal cords — after neighbors complain

The dog owners argued that they were not subject to the dog barking ordinance because they were running a farm.

Source: washingtonpost. com                                                                   2017-09-02

dog news funny dogDog locked in stranger’s garage, finds stockpile of dog treats to keep him company

His owner estimates he ate $150 worth of dog food during his nine hour “ordeal”

Source: news                                                                              2017-09-01

dog news chinaHero Chinese Cop Goes Viral After Building a Retirement Home for Police Dogs

Netizens have been praising 55-year-old Bai Yan from Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, after he reportedly used all his savings to create a home for his retired canine friends back in 2010.

Source: nextshark. com                                                                               2017-08-31

dog news dog rescueDogs from Texas shelters heading to NJ

“These pets are incredibly lucky to get a second chance through St. Hubert’s and their WayStation partners.”

Source: mycentraljersey. com                                                                    2017-08-30

dog news hero dogRocket was scheduled to die. Now the ex-Sacramento shelter dog is aiding first responders in Houston

Five years ago, Rocket was deemed too energetic to be adopted and scheduled for euthanasia.

Source: sacbee. com                                                                                   2017-08-29

dog news dog rescue taxesOwners rescue their dogs as Houston plunges into chaos

South Texas residents, fleeing Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters, have done their best to rescue their canine companions.

Source: yahoo. com                                                                                    2017-08-28

dog news dog rescueResourceful Dog Walks Away With Bag Of Dog Food After Hurricane Harvey

The Gulf Coast residents were already trying to prepare for life after the destructive storm ― including Otis, the dog.

Source: huffingtonpost. ca                                                                         2017-08-27

dog news national dog dayNational Dog Day Has Special Meaning For Two U.S. Paralympians

For many U.S. Paralympians, particularly those athletes who are visually impaired, guide dogs are some of their closest companions.

source: teamusa. com                                                                                 2017-08-26

dog news dog rescue205 dogs spared grim fate with airlift to U.S.

They were a mix of breeds and sizes. All faced a grim future in Puerto Rico animal shelters, where chronic overcrowding results in many dogs being euthanized.

Source: cbcnews. com                                                                                2017-08-25

dog news pit bullCity tells hundreds of pit bull owners to get rid of their dogs

Dog owners have four weeks to find their dog a home in a municipality that allows pit bulls or surrender the dog to a shelter.

Source: montrealgazette. com                                                                  2017-08-24

dog news therapy dog Therapy dogs to comfort travellers at Vancouver International Airport

Travellers at the Vancouver International Airport will have a new way to de-stress with the help of some therapy dogs.

Source:                                                                                            2017-08-23

dog news Seven police storm 73-year-old woman’s house to seize her ‘dangerous’ Yorkshire terrier ‘Alfie’ after he ‘chased delivery man and made him fall over’

Alfie, who Miss Settimo-Bovio has had since he was a puppy, was taken away.

Source:                                                                               2017-08-22

Crates full of puppies found in hot van at New Jersey Walmart

The puppies had been flown in to Newark Liberty International Airport from Colombia and were reportedly headed to Florida.

Source: usatoday. com                                                                                2017-08-21

dog news dog loveMan invents super-cute backpack for his dog to carry its puppy in

A Vietnamese animal lover has come up with the perfect method for his dog to carry around his puppy.

Source:                                                                                   2017-08-20

dog news puppy rescue17 Shih Tzu puppies rescued from puppy mill in Ben Bolt, Texas

The same puppy mill was being investigated in 2015, but finally after many complaints, the puppies were seized.

Source: kiiitv. com                                                                                      2017-08-19

dog news good dogGood dog? Golden retriever digs up $85K of heroin

A golden retriever followed his nose — and ended up being honored for digging in his owners’ yard.

Source: mytwintiers. com                                                                         2017-08-18

dog news hero dogDogs Save Woman’s Grandchildren From Venomous Snake Attack

Both dogs were rushed to their local veterinarian, who later transferred the animals to Blue Pearl of Brandon which was equipped with the necessary antivenin to save the dogs.

Source: wtsp. com                                                                                      2017-08-17

dog news ChinaIn China, activists work with authorities to chip away at dog meat trade

So far, working with authorities, activists have rescued more than 4,000 dogs from trucks and markets.                                                                2017-08-16

dog news dog healthStray dogs with blue fur have been spotted on streets of  Mumbai, India

The emergence of the blue dogs has been linked to pollution of a local river.

Source:                                                                               2017-08-15

dog news radioRadio station creates special programme for lonely dogs

For the past three and a half months, “Hallo Hasso” has been pumping out music for lonely pooches both on the radio and online.

Source:                                                                                        2017-08-14

dog news art showThis NYC art show has gone to the dogs!

A three-day art exhibition curated expressly for dogs is attracting hundreds of canines to a marina in lower Manhattan.

source: impress. com                                                                                 2017-08-13

dog news dog research studyChina’s cloning of genetically modified dogs for research raises concerns

Chinese researchers have claimed a world first after successfully cloning a puppy from a genetically modified dog.

source: abs. com .au                                                                                   2017-08-12

dog news dog rescueA dog’s 2,000-mile journey to safety: Heartwarming rescue story 

Fledge’s journey began in Arizona, where he was destined to be put down and ended in a new, loving home in Pennsylvania.

Source: buckscountycouriertimes. com                                                      2017-08-11

dog news hero dogMistreated and Scarred as a Pup, Patriot the Husky Now Helps Children Who Have Also Been Victims of Abuse

Patriot shows that there is hope in moving on with life and getting past the emotional pain.

Source: people. com                                                                                   2017-08-10

dog news dog trainingOver-mothered puppies more likely to fail guide dog training

For most guide dogs, it’s tough to make the grade. Only 70 per cent of dogs that enter training successfully complete the programme.

Source:newsscientist. com                                                                        2017-08-09

dog news dog cafe shop useThe First Dog Cafe In The USA Is Finally About To Open Its Doors

The first dog cafe in the country will open in New York’s East village in December 2017.

Source: holidogtime. com                                                                        2017-08-08

dog news dog sportSoggy dogs ride the waves at the annual Dog Surfing Championships

Held at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, California, dogs came by the dozen to show off their impressive surfing skills.

source:                                                                             2017-08-07

dog news dog rescuePup, pup and away! Veteran buys plane to transport shelter dogs to safety

Steklenski, a hobby pilot, started a nonprofit to fly endangered shelter dogs to happy foster homes.

Source:today. com                                                                                      2017-08-06

dog news hero dogPet dog saves 10-year-old girl from being kidnapped by stranger on walk

A ten year old girl in America has reportedly been saved from kidnap after her dog attacked her assailant.

Source:                                                                         2017-08-05

dog news bomb-sniffing dogAmerica Is Running Out of Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

With terrorists increasingly attacking so-called soft targets, the demand for detection dogs that can sweep large areas for explosives has soared.

Source: ny .com                                                                                          2017-08-04