Dog Toothbrush Dual End Design & Bonus – For Dogs of All Sizes

Dog Toothbrush Pack with 2 Dual-headed Brushes – BONUS Finger Brush Included

dog toothbrush

Order the Boshel® Dog Toothbrush  recommended by professional pet groomers

BOSHEL Dog Toothbrush Pack – 2 Long Handled Dual Headed Toothbrush + 1 Dog Finger Toothbrush Kit for Dog Dental Care (Amazon):

Welcome to Dog Treat Smart! We’re happy to review the Boshel® Dog Toothbrush set with you today.

The professionals are introducing THE BEST DENTAL CARE SOLUTION FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES.

  • IDEAL FOR ALL BREEDS. The dual end design lets this toothbrush work equally well for oral care for large, medium and small dogs.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE. The high-quality bristles remove more plaque for better dental care results.
  • EASIER TO USE. The ergonomic design of our dog toothbrush lets you easily reach every one of your dog’s teeth and clean them to the fullest.
  •  A BETTER VALUE. You get two dog toothbrushes plus a finger toothbrush for a great low price with Boshel®.

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Let’s jump to a deeper look at the BOSHEL Dog Toothbrush Pack.

1. Dog Toothbrush Set Veterinarian Recommended -The Best Dental Care Solution For Dogs of All Sizes

dog toothbrush

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN The product is perfectly angled to help you clean both the front and back teeth.
  •  PERFECT FOR PUPS OF ALL SIZES  The dog toothbrush has a large end for cleaning a big dog’s teeth and a small end for little dog’s teeth
  •  PREMIUM MATERIALS The extra soft bristles help to remove plaque without harm

2.The Boshel® Dog Toothbrush is a better way to meet your dog’s dental care needs.

  • dog toothbrush set - 2 Dual-headed Brushes - BONUS MONEY-SAVING SET The product comes in a set of two. Plus, you’ll receive a bonus finger toothbrush that is perfect for removing trapped food and plaque along the gum line.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED The product is frequently recommended by vets because of its high-quality design, and we’re so confident that you’ll love this oral care aid for dogs that we back it up with a complete 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.
3. The Best for your Best~The Boshel® is For Better Dog Dental Care And Dog Breath Freshener
  • dog toothbrush set - 2 Dual-headed Brushes - BONUS Removes plaque can harden and cause tartar
  • Reduces the risk of cavities and gum loss
  • Minimizes the risk of tooth loss in dogs
  • Freshens a dog’s breath with every use

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