“Sick as a dog” – A new meaning for dog owners

Sick as a dog

Dogs make the best life companions, and they are good for our health. Giving a different perspective, I am interested in reading an article on Washington Post – A new meaning for ‘sick as a dog’? Your pet’s health may tell you something about your own.

A pet’s health reflects its human’s health status

“As veterinarians, we often see pets who have the same health issues as their human companions or who are sentinels for a human health problem.” – Joseph Bartges, professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Georgia.

Dogs are family. Under the same roof, dog owners share factors influencing health with our dogs, such as daily routine, emotion interactions, environment and living standards.

Not surprisingly, dogs can provide insights into our health issues. “How dogs could help us explore our own gut health” supports the same idea ( see Dog News ).

Humans and dogs surprising similarities

 We tend to impose our own snacking patterns and attitudes about portion size and processed foods on our pets, which can influence how many calories they get in a day.- A study from Germany 

One obvious phenomenon is obesity. Researchers found that overweight dogs were more likely to have overweight owners. Moreover, it has been rapidly increasing in both humans and dogs.

We all know that obesity is associated with nutrition, habits and lifestyle. Just as a veterinarian mentioned, the trend of processed foods and everything that occurs with industrialization is making us both sick.

Sick as a dog- a new perspective on our own health

A pet’s health can often reflect our own: anxiety, obesity, allergies, gastrointestinal infections and even insomnia are all disorders that can exist in pet-owner dyads. 

The human-canine connections give us a new perspective on our personal health. Study finds that dogs affected by stress, the anxiety felt by owners. Therefore, dogs could provide the insight we need for both physical and mental health.

Some doctors even advocate that giving a multispecialty practice for both the dog owner and a dog in the same room. Do you think it could be the next health-care trend?

Life is better with a dog. Owning a dog prompts people to stay active and live a healthier lifestyle. It also can help us gain a better understanding of our own health. After reading the interesting article, I believe that lots of us would have our own story to share! Sick as my dog!

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