Texas family reunited with dog after it went missing in 2016

TEMPLE, TX – A dog and her original owners were reunited over the weekend after it had been missing for six years.

13-year-old Bailey Kilgore is having an all-time great birthday. 

“I started crying,” said Kilgore. “I was crying a lot and I don’t think its really clicked in my head that she’s back even though I’m holding her, it just doesn’t feel real, I feel like I’m dreaming.”

That’s what she said after being reunited with her 15-year-old dog Dalila. The Pomeranian poodle was a wedding gift to her parents and her best friend growing up. 

In 2016, she slipped out under the family’s fence and went missing. They put up flyers and looked, but never found Dalila. 

That was until Dalila and Bailey’s mother, Tia, saw a post on social media that grabbed her attention on Saturday. 

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