Beloved 3-Lb. Therapy Dog Norbert Celebrates 13th Birthday: He’s ‘Changed Lives for the Better’

Los Angeles, CA – Norbert the rescue dog and certified therapy animal, who has millions of followers on social media, spent his birthday napping, playing, and spreading cheer.

Norbert is making 13 his lucky number.

The three-pound, certified therapy dog with millions of followers on social media celebrated his 13th birthday on Sunday.

Norbert — who adores giving high fives to the people he visits in nursing homes, hospitals, and school — marked the momentous occasion by taking three long naps and enjoying a walk around his neighborhood, where he spent most of the outing saying hello to his neighbors.

The rescue dog’s nearest and dearest also threw a party for the pup, including a strawberry shortcake for the human attendees and a new fluffy bed for Norbert. 

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