Life-changing hearing service dog inspires North Texas owner to help others

IRVING, TX – Mackenzie McGuire, a young woman from Alabama, faced unique challenges as a deaf individual transitioning to college life. Despite wearing hearing implants, she felt the need for greater independence.

In 2017, she discovered Canine Companions and was matched with Hanalei, a hearing dog who transformed her life. Hanalei alerts her to important sounds, such as fire alarms, ensuring her safety even without her implants. Inspired by her experience, McGuire now works at Canine Companions’ training facility, using her background in animal training to help others achieve independence through service dogs. The facility in Irving, Texas, supported by community donations, represents a pioneering partnership between healthcare and service dog programs. McGuire emphasizes the importance of matching dogs to clients based on specific needs and lifestyles, driven by her belief in the life-changing impact of these partnerships.


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