Malamute Dog Helps Husky Best Friend Adjust to Vision Loss By Keeping the Pup Active and Happy

Seattle, WA – Siberian husky Sterling and Alaskan Malamute Walker have been best friends since the day they met, and their relationship has only strengthened since Walker became Sterling’s unofficial guide dog.

Siberian husky Sterling, who lost his vision due to glaucoma, continues to enjoy all his favorite outdoor activities in Seattle with help from his best friend Walker the Alaskan Malamute. 

According to Caters News, Sterling, 11, was diagnosed with glaucoma over three years ago. The eye condition caused the husky to go blind. At first, Sterling’s owners, Lillian and Mark McKee, were worried the canine wouldn’t adjust well to losing his vision.

“After his first procedure, he was pretty down, but we took him to the beach with Walker, and he perked up instantly,” Lillian told Caters News.

Since then, Walker, 10, has made sure that Sterling keeps up with all of his favorite activities like playing in the snow, enjoying nature near their Seattle home, and visiting the beach.

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