Vet-recommended dog dental treats by GREENIES

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  • Best deal ! The #1 top vet-recommended dog dental treats and made in USA 
  • Greenies dog treats for bad breath clean teeth while controlling plaque and tartar buildup
  • Natural and low fat dog treats with added vitamins and minerals that are providing complete, balanced nutrition.
  • Our natural dog chews come in different sizes. A Regular size for pets 25 to 50 pounds and contains one (1) 36-oz., 36-count Value.

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vet-recommend dog dental treatsVet-recommended dog dental treats


Vet-recommended dog dental treats GREENIES Brand is the top#1 vet-recommended oral product in pet-specialty stores, among U.S. veterinarians who recommend dental chews for at-home oral care.

Greenies dog treats for bad breath clean teeth while controlling plaque and tartar buildup

Pet parents know that a healthy dog is a happy dog. GREENIES Treats provide a deep, yet gentle, clean to help promote oral health and they are made with soluble ingredients for easy digestion.

         Clean Mouth = A Happy Dog

Greenies tartar control
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GREENIES  top #1 vet-recommended dog dental treats made in USA

Greenies proudly made in the US in Kansas City, Missouri.

vet-recommended dog dental treats
Greenies for teeth clean

Dental Chews for Dogs of All Sizes  Each dog-treat size form Greenies is designed to offer the most appropriate texture and hardness for dogs with a variety of bite-force capabilities.



Greenies dental dog treats come in different sizes

GREENIES Size – Length of Treats -Recommended for dog weight


Dental treat sizeTeenie – 2 3/4″ – 5-15 lbs
Petite – 3 1/2″ – 15-25 lbs
Regular – 4 1/4″ – 25-50 lbs
Large – 5 1/4″ – 50-100 lbs
Jumbo – 6″ – over 100 lb

Greenies dental treatsGive Dogs Joy Every Day

Dogs can’t resist these chewy and flavorful treats! Make their tail wag and help care for their teeth by making GREENIES Treats part of their daily treating regimen.

Greenies Value Size Vet – Recommended Dog Dental Treats


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