Real Beef Bone – Natural Dog Chew

Real Beef Bone Treat – Quality and Safety- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Real beef bone from Pet ‘n Shape  The perfect beef bone treat for large-sized dogs, this two-count pack of meaty beef bones are irresistible to even the most aggressive chewer. 

  • Chewy treat for large-sized dogs; great for even the most aggressive chewer
  • Healthy, delicious snack that your dog will love
  • Completely digestible, carefully roasted to ensure optimal quality and flavor
  • All natural with no preservatives, additives, or artificial colors; free of wheat, corn, and soy

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dog chew beef bonePet ‘n Shape Beef Bone Dog Treat – Made in USA

Pet ‘n Shape, a family-owned business founded on the concepts that our pets deserve natural healthy treats,  they love to see that pet owners deserve a quality treat they trust.

All Natural Dog Chewz – Meaty & Real Beef Bones

  • Made and sourced in the USA from free range, grass fed beef
  • Each treat is completely digestible and is carefully roasted to ensure optimal quality and flavor to provide your dog with a natural and healthy snack.
  • Pet ‘n Shape offers a full line of healthy treats and chews made from natural chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, and beef, delivering highly nutritious snacks that pets crave and that pet owners can trust.
    dog chew beef bone
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    • dog beef bonePretty decent sized – Pet ‘n Shape All Natural Dog Chewz Beef Bone Treats are about 3 x 6 x 9 inches and 2.4 pounds
    • Each highly nutritious treat provides your dog with a high-protein, low-fat, natural and healthy snack.
    • Give to a pet as a treat and dogs love them

    dog loveDirection: 

    Provide fresh water for your pet. Observe pet when giving treats and chews.For dog’s safety,discard chunks or fragments. Chew should larger than dog’s mouth. Not intended for human consumption.

Top 8 Dog Breeds for Cold Weather

Top 8 Dog Breeds –If you are looking for cold-weather pups 

The list of  top 8 dog breeds is for those who live in a low temperature region.

Because choosing a right dog breed for cold weather is important.    Especially if we want the fur-baby as a companion who can enjoy outdoor activities with us.

Dogs seem to wear a fur coat all the time, but it doesn’t mean that all the breeds can tolerate cold weather.

The data experts at PetBreeds, have made a long list of most popular breeds that can handle cold weather.

Here we list the top 8 dog breeds.🐾🐾🐾

1. Labrador Retriever
top8dogbreeds- Siberian Husky
2. Siberian Husky
top8dobreeds-Bernese Mountain Dog
3. Bernese Mountain Dog
top8dogbreeds- Cane Corse
4. Cane Corso
5. Collie
6. Newfoundland
7. Chesapeake Bay Retriever
8.Shiba Inu















Maybe you already have a puppy is one of the top 8 dog breeds. That’s great !

American Veterinary Medical Foundation recommend keeping pets inside in blow-freezing weather.

Don’t forget to prepare high quality dog dental treats, breath spray and chew toys for them.




Top 10 Dog News of 2018 In Our Life

Top 10 Dog News of 2018 In Our Life

1.Pack of dogs at Ohio doggie day care pose for world’s greatest selfie

dog-news-DogPhotoThe viral photo was posted on Facebook by a Cincinnati doggie day care with the caption, “A bunch of goofballs!” However, the goofiest part of the photo may be just how much it resembles a human selfie


2. World record! Olathe chihuahua gives birth to 11 puppies


A little dog may have won a spot in the record books by having a very big litter. Unleashed Animal Rescue says it will be about 10 weeks before they’re ready for adoption.


3. Adorable moment a dog rescues a little girl from ocean waves

dog-news-GoodDogDeciding it was too dangerous for the little one to continue her leisurely swim, the pooch gently grabbed hold of her shirt with his teeth and dragged her towards the beach.


4. Dogs dressed up in their best for the holidays

dog-in-holidaysExperts say a large proportion of those “pet parents” will pony up when it comes to gifts for their furry friends.  They enjoy  the holiday with their owners together.


5. Dog gives birth to eight puppies in Florida airport


Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Rigby, a two-year-old yellow Labrador who serves as a guide dog, delivered the pups with the help of Tampa Fire Rescue’s medical team. Dogs are normally pregnant for around 65 days. Flying with a dog past 45 days is not recommended as it could induce an early labour.

6. Loyal service dog gets an honorary college degree

dog_news_ServiceDogGriffin accompanied Hawley to classes at Clarkson University in Potsdam — as well as to her internship in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where she helped soldiers with disabilities.


7. Canadian dog ‘arrested’ after running off to chase deer

dog-news-CanadaReid Thompson and his girlfriend were on a hiking trail in Kenora, Ontario. Over the weekend when they let Finn off his leash.Someone called the police because Finn ran away and attacked a deer.


8. Photos of service dogs at Disneyland are truly the most heartwarming thing

dog-news-service-dogA group of service dogs got together to hang out at Disneyland for the day, and the pictures prove the group of floofy friends were an even bigger attraction than the rides.


9.Perth Doberman gives birth to 18 puppies

dog news puppy birthStaff at West Coast Veterinary Clinic in Forrestdale saw 18 healthy Doberman puppies born from four-year-old Sassy on Monday. Veterinarian Aaron Raney led a team of 10 to perform a caesarian on Sassy, which took about 90 minutes.


10. Returned to shelter 4 times, ‘unmanageable’ dog becomes real-life hero

dog-news-HeroDogRuby is one of several dogs featured in “Searchdog,” an award-winning documentary about search and rescue specialists and their K9s.


Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dog by SENTRY Petrodex

dog toothpasteSENTRY Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs 6.2 – ounce

#1 Best seller in dog toothpaste

  • Toothpaste For Dogs
  • Formulated Specifically For Pets
  • Helps control plaque
  • Fights Bad Breath
  • Poultry Flavor

SENTRY Petrodex Advanced Dental Care Enzymatic Toothpaste for dogs

enzymatic dog toothpasteEnzymatic Toothpaste For All Dogs – Poultry Flavor 6.2-ounce. Your dogs will think this tasty paste is a treat. You’ll know you’re helping keep their teeth and gums healthy!

#1 Best seller in dog toothpaste on Best seller dog Enzymatic ToothpasteAmazon

  • SENTRY Petrodex Advanced Dental Care Enzymatic Toothpaste is formulated specifically for pets.
  • With patented enzymes, this non-foaming formula works hard but does not require rinsing.
  • With regular use, it helps control plaque and fights bad breath. Best of all, it comes in a delicious poultry flavor that dogs love

    Patented enzyme formula helps to control plaque and prevent tartar formation

    Enzymatic Toothpaste for dog smileSENTRY Petrodex Enzymatic dog toothpaste does work well and all of our dogs will have super white sparkling teeth from this product, oh and much better breath!



Enzymatic Toothpaste for all dogsThis product has a shelf life of 3 years. When properly stored and under ideal conditions it will be good for 3 years. If there has been a variance in temperature it may reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Make dogs smile with white teeth – Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic toothpaste for all dogs


Christmas Doormat for Dog Lovers

Christmas Doormat for Dog Lovers  

Christmas is almost here. It seems that the possibilities for decorating are nearly endless. Maybe you still think about a Christmas doormat.

An indoor or outdoor mat with your favourite dog breed for this Christmas.

White English Bulldog
White English Bulldog
Yorkshire Terrier
german shepherd
German Shepherd





  • Gift-wrap available
  • 100% polyester
  • Made and printed in the USA
  • Durable and fade resistant

Find your favourite dog breed here :

German shepherd, Beagle, Golden retriever, White French bulldog, Maltese, Tri-color corgi, English bulldog, French bulldog, Gray poodle,border collie, long-haired dachshundBoston terrier, Italian greyhound, Boxer

Many of us are decorating our house for the special holiday; choosing an indoor or outdoor Christmas doormats with your favourite dog breeds could be an ending for Christmas preparation. Click the picture below.

Christmas Dog Mats – Cavalier Spaniel
  • Indoor or outdoor Christmas doormat 18 inch by 27 inch action back felt floor mat/carpet/rug
Christmas dog mats
Christmas Dog Mats – Italian Greyhound
  • Black binding tape is Sewn around the mat for durability and to nicely frame the Artwork
Christmas dog mat
Christmas Dog Mats – Shiba Inu
  • Wash with high pressure from your garden hose or with a power washer.

Bring a Christmas doormat with your favourite dog home this Christmas !Happy Holidays !

Dog Finger Toothbrush Set -100 % Satisfaction

Best Dog Finger Toothbrush Set of dog finger toothbrush6 by Pet Republique

best seller toothbrushes

  • Dog Finger Toothbrush Set of 6 from Pet République helps to solve dog’s dental problems.
    • By regularly brushing your dog’s  teeth, you will help to boost the healthhappiness, and longevity of your canine and feline friends.
    • Brushing your dog’s teeth is an important procedure of overall care.

    Pet Republique Dog Finger Toothbrush – Dental Hygiene Brushes for Small to Large Dogs, Cats, & Most Pets

    • dog finger toothbrush set BEST DOG FINGER TOOTHBRUSH! – The finger dental hygiene brushes give you an easier process for cleaning your dog’s teeth. The design gives you full control to reach those hard to reach areas.
    • ★ GREAT VALUE & HIGH QUALITY! – This package come in set of 6 toothbrushes. These brushes are made from top materials; the hardness of the bristles is tested and controlled to lower the risk of harming your pet, yet optimize the effect brushing off the grime and tartar.

    ★ 100% SATISFACTION! – Just contact us if you have any question, or if you are not satisfied for any reason and we will replace it or issue you a full refund.

    dog-news-DenmarkDog Finger toothbrushes are made from top materials – 100% Satisfaction

    • The hardness of the bristles is tested and controlled to lower the risk of harming your pet,yet optimize the effect brushing off the grime and tartar.
    • Dog finger toothbrush gives you a less complicated process for cleaning up your dog’s teeth.
    • These deliver the results for both of those minimal And massive Breed dogs.


    • This package of dog finger toothbrush come in set of 6, which is good for one year when brushing in a daily routine for a dog.
    • Clear instruction is printed on the back of the package.
    • The habit of brushing your pet’s teeth will significantly reduce the risk of dental disease, which is commonly find in dogs.

Dog Breath Spray “Trudog Spray Me” – Veterinarian Approved

Dog Breath Spray – Veterinarian Approved – Trudog Spray Me

 Dog Breath Spray Veterinarian Approved -“Spray Me”:  Doggy Dental Spray (4oz) – All Natural Ingredients that Freshen Breath While Reducing Dental Plaque and Tartar Build-Up without brushing 


TruDog Spray Me Dental Spray Mades From All Natural Ingredients with Grain Alcohol

dog breath freshener spray

Natural Ingredients: Distilled Water, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Peppermint Oil, Grape Seed Extract, Grain Alcohol (12%), Rosemary Oil, Thyme Oil and Neem Oil.

Give dogs something to smile about with healthier teeth and gums 

  • Using Spray Me helps freshen breath, control plaque, tartar, control bacteria as well as promote tooth and gum health
  • Natural ingredients and a mist delivery spray get to the source of the issue and help kill smelly bacteria before it turns into expensive, painful dental decay.
  • Use this spray to keep gums pink, healthy and reduce harmful bacteria that can lead to tooth loss or discomfort.

TruDog dental spray is really making a difference for my dog’s breath and teeth !

Dog breath freshener veterinarian approved
Dog breath spray veterinarian approved

Every day just a spritz is all; it takes to help improve the hygiene of your dog’s mouth.

This proprietary blend of natural and powerful ingredients helps support and boost your dog’s immune system from the inside out.





12 things are danger to your dogs

The 12 dangerous substance are danger to dog’s health

The 12 things that dog owner should be well aware if you don’t want to poison your dogs.

The 12 things you should Never feed your dogs


chocolateChocolate contains a stimulant called theobromine (similar to caffeine) that is poisonous to dogs.

Theobromine mainly affects the heart, central nervous system and kidneys


Many of the pets are unnecessarily poisoned due to their owners have the little knowledge about the toxic food for their dogs.


OnionsAll forms of onion will make your pet ill including dried/dehydrated, raw and cooked onions.

Be particularly careful when disposing of leftovers such as pizzas, Chinese and Indian food and even baby food often contains puréed onion.


grapesGrapes and raisin can be extremely dangerous to dogs.

The signs and symptoms may not become apparent for up to 5 days after consumption.


There are many substances available that are just as dangerous as chocolate


avocadosAvocados contain a substance called persin which can give dogs diarrhoea or make them vomit.



Before you feed your beloved dog leftovers from your dinner, Emma Hammett, the founder of First Aid for Pets, reveals 12 things to avoid in a piece for The Hippocratic Post.


AlcoholAlcohol is significantly more toxic to dogs than to humans and could cause vomiting, diarrhoea, decreased coordination, depression of the central nervous system, shaking, difficulty breathing, abnormal blood acidity, coma and even death.



cafeinCaffeine can have a similar effect to chocolate. Dogs are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than people and large quantities can cause toxicity.




macadamia nutsMacadamia nuts cause dogs to experience weakness, depression, tremors, vomiting and reduces their ability to maintain their body temperature and they may overheat.

Symptoms typically last for 12 to 48 hours.


corn on the cobCorn on the cob and sweetcorn often results in gastrointestinal blockage and causes constipation, vomiting and can make them very ill.



XYLITOXylito is an artificial sweetener found in many foods such as sugar-free gum, diabetic cakes and diet foods.
Xylitol has also been linked to fatal acute liver disease and blood clotting disorders in dogs.



cooked boneCooked bones are particularly dangerous for dogs as the bones become brittle and can splinter causing choking or possibly puncturing further down the digestive tract.


11. MILK 

milkMilk and milk products can cause diarrhoea as dogs struggle to break down lactose.




IbuprofenIbuprofen coated in sugar is very appealing to dogs – if you suspect they have eaten them you need to get immediate veterinary help.

Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea, bleeding from the gut, stomach ulceration and kidney failure.

Many dogs are poisoned by their owners who don’t know any better



Organic Dental Defense – A Natural Solution For Dogs

Wolfe & Sparky’s Organic Dental Defense -Made in USA

A Natural Solution To Your Dog’s Dental Health (16oz)

  • WOLFE & SPARKY is a women and family owned business, operated out of New York and Florida in the USA.
  • Each product was created to address our own dog’s needs.
  • WOLFE & SPARKY’s organic dental products runs an earth friendly work environment and use only earth friendly packaging
wolfe & sparky organic dental products for dogs
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  • Safely cleans your dog’s teeth and easy to use
  • No harsh chemicals …all natural
  • Made in the USA with locally sourced organic ingredients
  • Improves smelly breath

organic dental products for dogLocally Sourced Organic ingredients – A Natural Solution To Your Dog’s Dental Health

  • Safely fights gum disease, tartar build up & halitosis
  • Alcohol Free, Sulfate Free and Paragon Free
  • Ingredients: Purified spring water, organic vegetable glycerin, organic grapefruit seed extract, ester C; organic essential oils of peppermint, spearmint, and tea tree, and organic stevia

Wolfe & Sparky’s Organic Dental Defense – Natural Canine Remedy

  • Dental Defense naturally freshens up your dog’s breath, prevents tooth decay and fights gingivitis
  • WOLFE & SPARKY provides canine remedies free of harsh chemicals, dyes, alcohol, sulfates, and parabens
  • Add 1 tablespoon to 8 oz of water once a day



  • Shake well before using.
  • Combine one tablespoon to 8 ounces of water and pour into you dog’s water bowl.
  • Discontinue using if there is any adverse reaction.

Pet Dog Soft Toothbrush Set – DEFINITELY A MUST

Dog soft toothbrush setPet Dog Soft Toothbrush Set for Small to Large Dogs

Food grade material pet toothbrush *Dental Hygiene Brushes

  • Six brushes and Three different sets of bristles.Perfect for reaching into the back of the dog’s mouth and other hard to reach areas
  • Our dog toothbrush allows you to remove the plaque that can harden and cause tartar. Reduce plaque and tartar buildup
  • Dental hygiene is vital to a pet’s overall health. Great to use to brush any dog, puppy, cat or kitten’s teeth and massage their gums

    Excellent Dental Hygiene Brushes that is easier on the dog and the gums

  • Reduce plaque and tartar buildup & Promotes healthy gums for your dog
  • Our high quality bristles remove more plaque for better dental care results
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Contact us if your experience isn’t the absolute best. I hope we’ve made your day.                                       
pet dog soft toothbrush set
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4 x Pet Finger Tooth Brush
2 x double-sided long Tooth Brush

TipCheck your finger size before you select the pet dog soft toothbrush set

pet dog soft toothbrushThe pet dog soft toothbrushes are softer than a “sensitive” humans toothbrush

  • Food grade material pet toothbrush and easy to use
  • Much less threatening and hard on dog’s gums than the standard pet toothbrush
  • Perfect solution for dog’s need and perfect for it’s purpose


  • These finger brushes are soft, flexible and so comfortable
  • Your dogs will look forward to their ‘tooth-brush-brush’ time once you use them
  • The same pet dog soft toothbrush set can be held up for multiple uses

pet dog soft toothbrushDogs Love the Soft ToothBrush