Two French Bulldogs Who Accidentally Cover Themselves In Green Become Viral

funny French bull dogThese two French Bulldogs raided the kitchen cupboard – and ended up looking like the Incredible Hulk. The curious pet pooches managed to open a bag of green food colouring which covered their fur. Owner Yada Ornsomjit was stunned when she walked in and saw them in her kitchen in Lamphun, northern Thailand.

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Update: Fishing guide charged for letting dog kill fawn

dog and deerMichael Garcia who works as a fishing guide in Colorado’s Conejos River, had allowed his dog to chase down and kill a fawn, later posting photos of the dog and its kill to his social media account.”This is a disturbing case,” says wildlife official. He was issued a fine of $1,372.50. He may also receive 20 license-suspension points, at which point he must appear before a hearing officer to determine whether he loses his hunting and fishing privileges for anywhere from 1 to 5 years.


‘A Real Michael Phelps’: Dog rescued from Lake Michigan two days after fleeting at beach

dog rescue in Lake ChicagoA dog, named Leyla rescued from Lake Michigan on Chicago’s North Side Monday was reunited with its owner days after the pet went missing from a city dog beach. The dog had been missing since Saturday.  She was pulled from Lake Michigan, about a half-mile offshore after rescue crews arrived.


Punish Officer Who Allegedly Left Police Dog in Hot Car to Die

petition for police dog in hot carA police dog in South Carolina was found dead after reportedly being left in a police car for more than six hours. According to Columbia Police Chief, the dog’s handler was suspended for five days without pay. The Labrador retriever mix was only 22 months old and was left inside the car on a day that was 94 degrees. Online petition: Justice for police dog left in a hot car.


Chaser, Credited With Being The World’s Smartest Dog, Dies at 15

the smartest dogChaser, a border collie that can recognize more than 1,000 nouns died of natural causes last week at the age of 15.  She referred to as the “world’s smartest dog,” was taught by her owner John Pilley, a professor emeritus of psychology at Wofford College in South Carolina, to do far more than the typical sit, fetch and stay commands.


Generous donor gives $16,000 to save pup thrown from a sixth-floor balcony

dog medical billLogan was reportedly thrown from a sixth-floor balcony in Toronto this month. Logan’s injuries were extensive and critical and required intensive care and surgery. Eric Margolis heard Logan’s story. He was so profoundly affected that he immediately offered up $16,000 to help with the poorly puppy’s care -a donation he made in memory of his late dog Robbie.

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Dog’s owner cut off front legs as ‘punishment,’ Now he Is finally free and helping others

dog adoption CanadaToronto-based couple spotted a heartbreaking story on Facebook about a dog who was abused by his owner in Ukraine. The dog, who is named True, dug a hole in the garden, angering his under-the-influence owner who then cut off his two front legs as punishment. The couple adopted him and give True training as a therapy dog for amputees.

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Video of Detroit police shooting a dog has been making the rounds on social media

pit bull dogDetroit police shoot and kill suspect’s dog in witness video has been making the rounds on social media. That man was arrested after the dog was shot and killed. Now an investigation is underway, as witnesses say the shooting was unnecessary and put lives at risk.

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Memorial service marking the 75th anniversary of hero Bamse’s death

hero dog wartime UKMontrose paid tribute to a wartime hero canine to mark the 75th anniversary of the death of Bamse, a Saint Bernard dog who became a legend as a naval mascot. Bamse was enlisted as an official crew member of his master’s ship, the Thorodd when it was drafted into the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1940.

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