Dog breeds listed as the highest and lowest percentage of biters

dog-bitersA new study from  OSU reveals which dog breeds most likely to bite, how severe injuries could be. An “unknown” breed was responsible for the highest percentage of reported bites followed by Pit Bulls, mixed breed dogs and German Shepherds. The Spitz, Pekingese, Great Dane, Pointer are listed as the lowest percentage of biter.

Woman credits pit bull with saving her life from bear attack

hero-dogAshley Gribble calls her pit bull a “hero”. The pit bull saved her from a bear attack when she and her dogs were walking on a trail in the Isobel Lake area of BC, Canada. Remember to carry your bear spray somewhere accessible and to always carry a brand new unopened can. This is the advice for those who come into contact with bears in the wild.


Delta passenger severely mauled by emotional support dog files lawsuit

dog-on-airline-planeA man mauled by another passenger’s emotional support dog on a Delta Air Lines flight has sued the airline and the other passenger for negligence. Since March 1st, 2018, Delta has changed rules for emotional support animals.


Dog play dead to escape lion in award-worthy viral video

african-painted -dogIn Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest nature preserve, an African painted dog escaped becoming a lioness’ latest meal by playing dead as the lion carried it around in its mouth. According to the Union for Conservation of Nature, in 2012 the painted dog population was around 6,700 individuals—with just 1,400 mature adults capable of reproducing.


A service dog took the cutest trip to Walt Disney World

service-dog - disney-tripHenry, the 2-year-old Golden Retriever took the trip with his handler, Jessica Paulsen, to help with his training. as a service dog, Henry helps warn his owner when her blood pressure is getting too low and also alerts those around her if she’s going to faint.


Dog owners win the fight to keep an off-leash dog park at Fiesta Island

off-leash-dog-parkThe plan of  Fiesta Island amendment has been in development for roughly two years. After received roughly 30 calls and more than 300 emails, City Council committee voted OK’s plan for keeping an off-leash dog park on Fiesta Island.



Healthy Dog Reportedly Euthanized to Fulfill Late Owner’s Will in Virginia, US

puppy-euthanizedA Virginia woman has healthy dog euthanized as a part of her will. Emma, a Shih Tzu mix, was brought to an animal shelter after her owner’s death. After several days, the dog was put down so it could be buried with its owner, despite efforts of the animal shelter to stop it happening.