Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs by SENTRY Petrodex

SENTRY Petrodex Advanced Dental Care – Enzymatic Toothpaste for dogs

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Order the Enzymatic Toothpaste offering by Sentry Petrodex – The Best Dog Toothpaste

Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste Dog Poultry Flavor 6.2 -ounce (Amazon):https://amzn.to/2G5yUEw

Welcome to Dog Treat Smart! Today we’re here for SENTRY Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste –#1 Bestseller of dog toothpaste.

Let’s start simply talking about the Enzymatic toothpaste:

  • Formulated Specifically For Dogs
  • Helps Control Plaque
  • Fights Bad Breath
  • Poultry Flavor

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Next, let’s take a deeper look at Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic toothpaste.

1. Best Enzymatic toothpaste for dogs – Poultry flavour

  • This Enzymatic Toothpaste is formulated specifically for dogs.
  • It works well in reducing bacteria and tartar buildup in a dog’s mouth.
  • The ingredients of the enzymes keep microorganism growth at a minimum.
  • Best of all, it comes in a delicious poultry flavour that dogs love.

2.Patented enzyme formula helps to control plaque and prevent tartar formation

  • Enzymatic Toothpaste for dog smileSENTRY Enzymatic dog toothpaste does work well.
  • All of our dogs will have super white sparkling teeth  and much better breath from this product.
  • With patented enzymes, this non-foaming formula works hard. Yet does not require rinsing.

Enzymatic Toothpaste for all dogsThis product has a shelf life of 3 years. It will be good for 3 years when properly stored and under ideal conditions.

Make dogs smile with white teeth – Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic toothpaste for all dogs

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