Dog Siblings Living in Different States Reunite After Finding Each Other on Instagram

Austin, TX – It was a furry family reunion years in the making for Augie and Puffin. “They have the same temperament. They are both sweet little pups with a bit of sass,” one of the dog’s owners says of the canine siblings.

Until June 25, the last time the 5-year-old sibling dogs had seen each other was when they were tiny puppies. 

Augie’s pet parent, Karolina Chwistek, picked up Augie the Cavachon from a responsible licensed breeder in Massachusetts in January 2018 and brought the puppy home to New Jersey.

Puffin, a pup in the same litter, went home with Laura Green, who resides in Austin, Texas, around the same time.

It seemed like the littermates would never cross paths again until an Instagram post changed everything. 

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