Dog Ticks

How To Remove Ticks From Your Dog: Dos and Don’ts

Removing Ticks From Your Dog

The first rule is to get ticks off your dog quickly. 


DO … remove ticks within 24 to 36 hours of a bite.

DO … check him thoroughly all over.

DO … use tweezers or use a tick removal gadget


DON’T … remove ticks with your fingers

DON’T … squish or crush a tick

DON’T … worry if the mouthpart of the tick stays in your dog’s skin

DON’T … put things like nail polish, vaseline or repellents on the tick

DON’T  … burn the tick with a lighted cigarette or hot match

DON’T … throw the tick in your trashcan or sink

TIP: Pay special attention to these areas

  • behind his ears
  • around his head
  • the base of his tail
  • his armpits

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