Tips for Stopping Dog Chewing Stuff

dog-chewing -stuff

Dog  Chewing is a common behavioural issue for dog owners, even though all of us know that dogs have a natural instinct to gnaw on things.

Why dogs bite my coach, eat my shoes and tear up my carpet? How to stop my dog from destructive chewing? According to Doggy Dan, a professional dog trainer, we need to understand the root cause.

REASON ONE: Your Dog Is a Puppy Who Needs to Chew

The biggest reason for dog chewing is teething, especially for little puppies facing the uncomfortable phase of staring have teeth,  which is from 16 weeks to 8 months. Here are some recommendations:

A. Provide your pup with adequate chewing toys

Kong toy, large natural bone and chew treats are highly recommended.

B. Learn the skill of redirection

Help teach him what’s acceptable to chew by calmly removing him from the inappropriate item he is chewing and transferring him to a toy or a treat he can chew instead.”

C. Keep your stuff off the floor

REASON TWO: Your Dog Hasn’t Been Trained Properly

Learning some training techniques can help to correct my dog’s inappropriate behaviours. Never too late to teach a dog what is ok or not ok to chew stuff. I am encouraged  to do so:

A.Time outs  ~ Place puppy back in her crate when he’s doing something naughty

B. Reward good behaviour  ~ I simply give my puppy his favourite biscuit

C. Keep your dog in eyesight ~ Always stay with my puppy if possible

REASON THREE: Your Dog Suffers from Anxiety or Another Behavioural Issue

Dogs might do nail-bitting like humans when they are stressed or suffering from anxiety. Or they might bite your expensive stuff. One of the best ways to relieve your dog’s stress or anxiety is exercise.

Actually, I find that my dog starts to chew my bed skirt because he is bored. Here are some simple suggestions:

A. Get off the couch and play with your pup more often

B. Add an extra walk into your dog’s routine

C. Ensure your dog has enough toys to chew and play with

Reading dog training articles and talking with other dog owners are my methods to gain those ordinary techniques to keep my dog from destroying my stuff.

Teaching a dog stopping chew stuff could take a while. I love my fur baby. Therefore, I would tolerate my dog until he changes his bad chewing habit.

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