Elk Antler Top Grade-A Dog Chew – Made in USA

Buck Bone Organics Elk Antlers for Dogs – Made in USA Single Ingredient

Buck bone Elk

Order the Top Grade -A Elk Antler Dog Chew offering by Buck Bone Organics

Elk Antler dog chews by Buck Bone Organics (Amazon): https://amzn.to/2ThR0a2 

Welcome to Dog Treat Smart! Today we ‘re reviewing premium Grade-A Elk Antler from Buck Bone Organics.

Let’s start some key points for the product.

  • Elk Antler  NATURE’S GIFT FOR YOUR DOG – Every year wild bull elk across the U.S. naturally shed their antler leaving behind an incredible natural resource.
  • Organic  FEEL GOOD ABOUT GIVING YOUR DOG A HEALTHY ALL NATURAL TREAT – The top Grade A Elk Antler are full of calcium, phosphorus, manganese and zinc. 
  • Quality  The ELK BONES ARE DESIGNED by sizes that are a combination of both length and weight, this helps maintain a consistent, high-quality product, from chew to chew. 

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Let’s jump to a deeper look for the premium dog chew.

1. All From Wild Elk -Hand Pick & Hand Sort Sourced from Shed Antler in Montana 

Buck Bones Organics collect and carefully craft the antler by hands into a perfecteco–friendlypremium dog treat. Antler Chews are a natural product, we can see that they vary in size, shape, weight, density and hue of colour.

2.Healthy, Nutritious, Organic-The Best Quality Elk Antler Dog Bones In The USA

Selecting the right bone for your dog is important. Buck bone Organics provides detailed purchasing guideline to help you choose the product based on the size, weight and personality of your dogs.

Elk antler dog chews*No Mess              * No Odor

*Gluten Free         *Made in the USA

* Great for indoors or outdoors

3. Long Lasting -Support Healthy Teeth and Gum~No Mess and No Door -Great for Indoor
  • The large chew measures 6″- 8″ in length and weighs a nice 6-10 oz.
  • The Elk Antlers make the perfect indoor bully sticks for dogs to enjoy.
  • The  Elk Antler Dog Chews will give your dog hours of content chewing.
Elk Antler dog chews by Buck Bone Organics ~Healthy Chew, Always, Satisfaction Guaranteed


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