Premium Pig Ear Dog Treat – 100% Pure & Jumbo

premium Pig ear dog treats Premium Pig Ear Dog Treat   ~ PIG EARS ARE LOVED BY ALL DOGS and are one of the most popular chews for dogs.

Brutus & Barnaby ia family-owned company committed to offering only the finest natural dog treats.

As the manufacturer and sole distributor, our whole pig ears are to be larger than most and price wise, more affordable.

Premium Pig Ear by Brutus & Barnaby – Jumbo Size – Healthy Dog Chew

  • ALL NATURAL  Our Jumbo pig ears have no artificial additives, hormones or chemicals that are harmful to your dog.
  • SATISFACTION IS 100% GUARANTEED Each pig ear is hand inspected to make sure your dog is getting only the healthiest, tastiest treat.
  • CONTAINS NO BONE so no crumbling or splintering making these one of the safest dog treats


healthy pork ear dog treat bag with premium pig earPure Pork  Ear Dog Treat – 100% Natural  – Fresh Dog Dental Snack

  • Premium, all natural, only quality ingredients, USDA/FDA approved
  • SOFT CARTILAGE WRAPPED IN THIN SKIN, so these are easy to digest while still being challenging dog chews that will freshen breath and help your dog release pent up energy
  • Giving your “piggy-piggy”, He’s happy and You’re happy (being left alone).

    Pure Piggy Ears for Pup – Health Dog Chew – Digestive Health

  • We use South American pig from countries such as Brazil and Argentina, Jumbo pig ear 100% nature dog treatwhich are known for their free-range, grass fed cattle.
  • Our premium pig ears not only are our 100% natural dog treats a delicious snack for your pup, but they also provide a wide range of health benefits.
  • With our Brutus & Barnaby treats, your dog can experience digestive health, as well as cleaner teeth and gums.
  • Our pig ear is big, not overly greasy or smelly, not hairy and they are all  fresh.
  • Our jumbo pig ears aren’t sourced from countries with limited quality control over their livestock.
  • Brutus & Barnaby’s Pure Pig Ear is Great Treat
Giving Your Pup  the  Premium Pig Ear Dog Treat, They will love it.



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