Organic Dental Defense – A Natural Solution For Dogs

Wolfe & Sparky’s Organic Dental Defense -Made in USA

Order A Natural Solution for Your Dog’s Dental Health –Wolfe & Sparky’s Organic Dental Defense

WOLFE & SPARKY Organic Dental Defense -16oz (Amazon):

Welcome to Dog Treat Smart! We have seen an increase in organic products in our lives. The trend of lifestyle not only in human life as well as in a dog world. Today we’re reviewing an organic dental product from Wolfe & Sparky.

Let’s briefly take a look  at  Wolfe & Sparky. 

  • WOLFE & SPARKY is a woman and family-owned business, operated out of New York and Florida in the USA.
  • Each product was created to address their own dog’s needs.
  • WOLFE & SPARKY’s organic dental products run an earth- friendly work environment and use only earth-friendly packaging

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Now we jump to take a deeper look at Wolfe &Sparky Organic Denfense.

1. Using Organic ingredients – A Natural Solution To Your Dog’s Dental Health

wolfe & sparky organic dental products for dogs

    • Safely fights gum disease, tartar build up & halitosis
    • Alcohol-Free, Sulfate Free and Paragon Free
    • Ingredients: Purified spring water, organic vegetable glycerin, organic grapefruit seed extract, ester C; organic essential oils of peppermint, spearmint, and tea tree, and organic stevia

2.Made in the USA with locally sourced organic ingredients

  • Safely cleans your dog’s teeth and easy to use
  • Naturally freshens up your dog’s breath, prevents tooth decay and fights gingivitis
  • Improves smelly breath
3.  Easy to use & Works Great
  • Combine one tablespoon to 8 ounces of water and pour into your dog’s water bowl once a day
  • WOLFE & SPARKY provides canine remedies free of harsh chemicals, dyes, alcohol, sulfates, and parabens
  • The price is affordable with free shipping

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