FDA issues another warning to throw out Performance Dog pet food

The FDA recalls dog food over salmonella and listeria concerns. It is cautioning about all Performance Dog frozen raw pet food produced on or after July 22 because there are not lot codes printed on retail packaging. If you have any Performance Dog product that you purchased after July 22, throw it away. 

Source: abc.com

Guide Dogs of America celebrates its latest dog and student team graduation

The organization Guide Dogs of America held a ceremony for their graduating class of pups on Saturday Sept. 28 where they celebrated the group of hard working pups who had reached their goals. The group provides professionally trained guide dogs free of charge to the blind and visually impaired who live in the United States and Canada.

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Sweet Pup Abandoned In Parking Lot Howls For Days, Finally Gets Rescued

rescue dogA dog was abandoned in a Sam’s Club parking in Memphis, Tennessee. Howling and peeping into cars,  she desperately waited for her human to return. The confused pooch stood there for 9 long days, they never did. However, she was finally rescued by Mary Murphy from Arrow Dog Rescue. 

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Canadian dog owner is slammed for decorating her poodle to look like a SKELETON

dog dressed as  skeletonSamantha Hum, from Quebec, dressed her miniature poodle for Dia de Muertos from Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival. But despite the dog’s sparkling appearance it could be seen trembling in video. Hum said her dog is used to it and was shaking in anticipation of her treat.


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Now it’s illegal to not walk your dog in this Australian territory

Fines for ACT Canberra pet owners who don’t take their dog for a walk every day. Owners will be fined $4000 if their dog is kept inside all day and not exercised.The new laws recognise that animals feel emotions like pain and suffering. People who don’t give them food and shelter will also cop a $4,000.

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Service dog whose story raised awareness of PTSD has died

service dogA golden retriever, was 13 when he died Tuesday in Burlington, according to Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities, a service dog training organization that places dogs with veterans. The service dog was the subject of several books by an Iraq war veteran who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Source: militarytimes.com

Australian who invented the labradoodle says he created a monster

Wally Conron came up with the idea for a labrador-poodle cross while working as the breeding manager at the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia in the late 1980s. The Australian man who bred the first labradoodle puppy has revealed he regrets sparking the craze for the designer dogs.

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Service dog cuddles with donald duck at disney world in heartwarming video

The minute Nala, an autism service dog, laid eyes on Donald Duck while at Epcot in Disney World, she knew they’d become the best of friends. In a heartwarming video the good girl is seen cuddling with Donald as he ever so gently pets her head.


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Puppy wakes up after being euthanized in overcrowded shelter, rescuers call it a miracle

Rudolph, an 8-month-old pit bull mix, found himself in a similar situation when an animal shelter in Oklahoma decided to put him down. After injecting him with a deadly chemical, the vet returned to find him still alive. Watch the video below for the updated happy ending.

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Families foster future military working dogs

The latest group to foster military working dogs through Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland’s longstanding program. Community members help raise the dogs in order to prepare them for training. Puppy development specialists at the base work with the dogs from birth to eight weeks. The dogs are returned to Lackland after 6 months.

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