Pet Dog Soft Toothbrush Set – DEFINITELY A MUST

Dog soft toothbrush setPet Dog Soft Toothbrush Set for Small to Large Dogs

Food grade material pet toothbrush *Dental Hygiene Brushes

  • Six brushes and Three different sets of bristles.Perfect for reaching into the back of the dog’s mouth and other hard to reach areas
  • Our dog toothbrush allows you to remove the plaque that can harden and cause tartar. Reduce plaque and tartar buildup
  • Dental hygiene is vital to a pet’s overall health. Great to use to brush any dog, puppy, cat or kitten’s teeth and massage their gums

    Excellent Dental Hygiene Brushes that is easier on the dog and the gums

  • Reduce plaque and tartar buildup & Promotes healthy gums for your dog
  • Our high quality bristles remove more plaque for better dental care results
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Contact us if your experience isn’t the absolute best. I hope we’ve made your day.                                       
pet dog soft toothbrush set
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4 x Pet Finger Tooth Brush
2 x double-sided long Tooth Brush

TipCheck your finger size before you select the pet dog soft toothbrush set

pet dog soft toothbrushThe pet dog soft toothbrushes are softer than a “sensitive” humans toothbrush

  • Food grade material pet toothbrush and easy to use
  • Much less threatening and hard on dog’s gums than the standard pet toothbrush
  • Perfect solution for dog’s need and perfect for it’s purpose


  • These finger brushes are soft, flexible and so comfortable
  • Your dogs will look forward to their ‘tooth-brush-brush’ time once you use them
  • The same pet dog soft toothbrush set can be held up for multiple uses

pet dog soft toothbrushDogs Love the Soft ToothBrush

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