‘Werewolf’ who spent months waiting for help was rescued

sick dog rescueA ‘werewolf’ dog stood on the side of road for months waiting for help.  People didn’t know what kind of animal he was, and they were too afraid of getting close to finding out. Finally, the German shepherd was rescued and made an amazing transformation.




John Carlson, puppies team up to cheer patients at Children’s National Health System

children national health systemChildren’s National Health System and PetSmart Charities establish the popular pet therapy programming to give ailing kids a chance to bond with animals and reduce the stress that accompanies hospital stays.  Celebrating a brand-new puppy kissing booth, Capitals defenseman John Carlson and puppies team up to cheer patients at the event.

Stray Dog That Got Stabbed 5 Times While Rescuing Woman Is Adopted

hero-dogA heroic pit bull saved a woman from a knife attack in Georgia. Being attacked five times, he put his life on the line to help the woman in a fight with the man. Two officers brought the dog to a local vet to have treatment for his injuries. Later a couple in Tennessee adopted him.


Rescue paralyzed dog dumped on street with a bag of diapers

dog-rescueThe dog called Lunita was tied up outside a local grooming shop in Argentina with a broken wheelchair and a bag of diapers. Fortunately, she was found and sent to a shelter. Later on, she was adopted by an American family. The video shows the condition Lunita was found in, and how she continued to progress.

Missing for 15 hours, Dog Rescued By Dolphins In Florida Canal

dog -rescued -Florida Turbo, one lucky dog who can definitely attest to the helpful nature of Florida’s dolphin community, was reunited with his family. He fell into the canal but wasn’t able to save himself. Fortunately, he was rescued by a pod of dolphins in the most incredible way.


The Golden retriever has been the Mayor of the town since 2014

mayor-maxMaximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II, or Max for short, has been the mayor of the Southern California town of Idyllwild since 2014. The town, which is non-incorporated, has has been electing canines for its highest office since 2012. Max Mueller II is well aware of his position, according to his chief of staff.


Dog breeds listed as the highest and lowest percentage of biters

dog-bitersA new study from  OSU reveals which dog breeds most likely to bite, how severe injuries could be. An “unknown” breed was responsible for the highest percentage of reported bites followed by Pit Bulls, mixed breed dogs and German Shepherds. The Spitz, Pekingese, Great Dane, Pointer are listed as the lowest percentage of biter.

Woman credits pit bull with saving her life from bear attack

hero-dogAshley Gribble calls her pit bull a “hero”. The pit bull saved her from a bear attack when she and her dogs were walking on a trail in the Isobel Lake area of BC, Canada. Remember to carry your bear spray somewhere accessible and to always carry a brand new unopened can. This is the advice for those who come into contact with bears in the wild.