Red Chew Toy KONG Keeps Dog Entertained

How to keep a dog entertained while at working ?

Red dog chew toy KONG Stuff-A-Ball could be a good solution.

KONG Stuff-a-Ball is perfect for stuffing with KONG Snacks. Stuffing healthy treats into a KONG keeps dogs happily working with and out of trouble for long periods of time.

red dog chew toy Kong for big dogs
Red dog chew toy
  • Made from our durable KONG Classic rubber
  • Perfect for stuffing with Snacks
  • Patented Denta-Ridges™ clean teeth and massage gums
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL

Red dog chew toy KONG helps dog to have fun, clean teeth and give dog owner more free time.


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Red dog chew toy KONG is on the list of best seller on Amazon Review

Ryan B. took the video and wrote for KONG Stuff-A-Ball Amazon Review:  Overall I’d say she likes it! She got to the milk bones inside by completely crushing the ball to break them up inside so they could drop out. It kept her busy for at least an hour, which is a great way to get her chewing urges satisfied. Tibetan Mastiffs are known to chew through some crazy and disturbing things, like metal for example. I saw the power as she just collapsed this ball on itself, and it’s a pretty stout toy! The ball survived and will be used often. Overall, I’m happy with it!

The KONG Classic has been the gold standard of dog toys for over 36 years. Their super-bouncy, red natural rubber compound is unequaled for dogs who like to chew. Dogs like their red dog chew toys KONG Stuff-A-Ball.




Who is the Winner of 2016 Dog’s Best Friend Award

Who is the Winner of 2016 Dog’s Best Friend Award ? Dr. Cindy Otto is the Winner of 2016 Dog’s Best Friend Award . dognewsbestfriend

I found the news Two days ago. But who is Dr. Cindy Otto ? As a dog lover like you, I really want to know.


Are you stunned by those titles on Dr. Otto ? Dr. Otto is alsothe founder of the Penn Vet  Working Dog Center (WDC).She is one of America’s foremost authorities on search & rescue and detection dogs through her work at Penn Vet.

According to the website of WDC,  she has been a member of the Pennsylvania Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1 from 1994 to 2010, began monitoring the health and behavior of Urban Search and Rescue canines in October of 2001 after the 9/11 attacks.  Dr.Otto worked at Ground Zero following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Besides, she also participated the Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

If you want to know more about Dr. Cindy Otto and the WDC, just visit

This year ‘s Dog’s Best Friend Award is presented by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. Wayne Ferguson ,KCP President said: ” as a past Trustee of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, I am very much aware of Dr. Otto’s dedication, devotion and leadership at the Working Dog Center.”

Dr. Otto is just the six person to win the award. More details for the news.

Congratulations to Dr. Cindy Otto from Dog Treat Smart.



Halloween Dog Safe and Tasty Treats

 halloween dog
Halloween Dog

While many of us are preparing candy for kids running door to door, have you been thinking of celebrating Halloween with your pups ?  Dog Treat Smart has tips for dog to have a safe and tasty Halloween night.


Dress your pups up if they like Pups will be very cute if you could dress them up in Halloween costumes.Image how the kids could be delighted if they see “Halloween dog”. However, not all the dogs feel comfortable in wearing outfits, and some dogs might be allergy to the material. If in this case, dog owner should take the costumes off for your pups right way.

Watching your pups when opening the door It is inevitable to open the house door constantly to trick-or-treaters at Halloween night. Facing those strangers showing up  in front of your house, pups might be barking or jumping over them (dog might be stressful or excited to see strangers ). With the door constantly opening every few minutes, the consequences would be that your pup run out into dark street dramatically.Therefore, making sure your pups have appropriate behaviour when  your front door is opening.

No candy for pups but DENTAL TREATSHalloween night your pups perhaps tempt you give them candy to enjoy when they see you treat those strangers. Please be aware that candy can not be shared with “Halloween dog”.  Not only  candy  contains sugar, but it often contains Xylitol, a sugar alcohol. Although it has no apparent harm to human, but is extremely toxic to dog. It definitely rots dog’ teeth;it also leads to damage overall health to dog, including kidney and insulin failure. Here comes the important tip for dog owner to provide distractions from those sweets for your “Halloween dog” – putting the candy away and offering dental treats or toy from

Happy Halloween from Dog Treat Smart !





Excel Medicated Dog Dental Wipes -Made in USA

Excel Medicated Dog Dental Wipes  

Excel Medicated Dog Dental Wipes has been rated one of the 5 best dog teeth cleaning wipes in the market.

Top Rated Dog Teeth Cleaning Care

 90-Count are easier to use in a small mouth of a dog than a toothbrush would.

-Freshens breath helps fight plaque build-up. Each pad is about the size of a facial cotton round , about 2 inches in diameter. It is thin but not flimsy. The surface has a waffled texture to grab gunk off the dog’s teeth.

Excel medicated dog dental wipes made in USA
Excel Medicated Dog Dental Wipes USA

Why Use Dog Teeth Wipes?

  • Using teeth cleaning wipes is a great way to train dogs to the dental care routine.
  • There are high percentages that dogs or their owners prefer the dental wipes to using as dog toothbrush
  • Because dog teeth wipes are softer and clean the teeth and gums gently.

As a result using Excel medicated dog dental wipes is a positive experience for our dog.

Tips: Wrapping the pad around a finger and let your dogs lick the pad constantly as you are cleaning their teeth. You will find the dogs let you do it as long as you let them lick the pad because they love the flavour.

Caution:Vet indicated the wipe might have caused blockage in a small dog.

Anytime your dog swallows something potentially harmful.

Call your vet immediately in case of sometimes like dog loves the flavour so much swallow a dental wipe whole.

Consult your Vet for the amount of plain 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting.It usually depends on the size of the dog.

Excel medicated dog dental wipes are specially formulated dental wipes that prevent teeth pain for dogs as well.

Natural dog biscuit dental snack-Old Mother Hubbard

natural dog biscuit dental snack
Old mother hubbard natural dog dental biscuit

Natural dog biscuit dental snack for tartar control from Old Mother Hubbard

Old Mother Hubbard was found incidentally when I walked into a local bank in a sunny afternoon. I was surprisingly to see the natural dog  biscuit dental snack in a jar on the bank counter. Like other customers, I picked one home for my puppy. My little baby loves the natural dog biscuit dental snack from Old Mother Hubbard because it is really great !

Old Mother Hubbard Baking Company began baking in Gloucester, MA, over 80 years ago. The company continues to build on this tradition today baking a wide variety of delicious snacks for dogs.

Natural dog biscuit dental snack from Old Mother Hubbard has all-natural ingredients.

Old Mother Hubbard Mother’s Solutions Tartar Control Natural Crunchy Dog Treats, 20-Ounce Bag

*QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Back-to-basics solution to everyday dog problems, featuring quality oatmeal, chicken, apples & carrots.

*TARTAR CONTROL: Reduce tartar build-up and promote healthy teeth and gums with this wholesome biscuit baked with cranberry fiber and baking soda.

*NEVER FROM CHINA: The 20-Ounce bag backed by the Old Mother Hubbard Guarantee and proudly made only in North America.

Natural dog biscuit dental snack from Old Mother Hubbard is one of the favourable dog dental treats in the marketing.

Old mother hubbard’s natural dog biscuit dental snack is premium treats for dogs. It is a special diet for dogs.