Missouri man rescues dog left nearly hanging from interstate overpass by electrical cord

rescue dog MissouriA passing commuter rescued a dog tied to an electrical cord on the side of an interstate overpass in Missouri. Max, the dog was found by David, who was heading to work, hanging from part of a power box near an overpass off of I-70. When David spotted Max in desperate need of help, he first called 911, then grabbed his knife.

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Viral Video Of Two Chimps Bathing A Dog Delights Internet

bathing dogA video that is delighting the Internet this week features two chimpanzees bathing a dog. The video, which has been shared across multiple social media platforms and has collected millions of views, was shot at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. It was posted online on Friday by Kody Antle, the facility’s owner.

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Shelter dog in Texas gives birth to 20 puppies in emergency C-section

dog giving birth to 20 babiesA Texas vet says never in his career has he seen such a special delivery – 20 pups born to one dog. The score was born to mom Luna – a rescue lab mix. Luna was running loose on a local Texas road and picked up by animal control. When Luna’s labor wasn’t progressing, animal control called in reinforcements. The vet ended up performing a C-section.

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Duty calls: Zoo’s retired nanny dog returns to help baby cheetah

dog nannyBlakey, an Australian Shepard was adopted by the zoo to act as a foster parent to baby animals. The devoted nanny dog went into retirement in 2017 at age 6. Over the years, Blakely cared for cheetahs, foxes, an aardvark, a warthog and even tiger cubs. 

After a cheetah cub was the lone survivor of its litter, the Cincinnati Zoo brought in, Blakely, to serve as a surrogate parent. His services would be needed at least one more time.


Guinness World Record for largest dog photo shoot shattered in Ohio

Guinness World RecordORANGE VILLAGE, Ohio-Guinness World Record for largest dog photo shoot shattered at the PAWSitively Pinecrest event Aug. 3. More than 300 dogs were photographed during the five-hour event to shatter the Guinness World Record for largest dog photo shoot. The previous record was 123, set in 2017 in the Philippines.


World’s Famous 175lb Pit Bull Has 8 Babies, Their Selling Price Is Jaw-Dropping

Hulk -giant pitfallMeet Hulk, quite possibly the world’s largest pit bull. Born in September 2013, he is 28 inches long and weighs a hefty 200 pounds (approx. 91 kg). His proud owners, Marlon and Lisa Grennan, of New Hampshire, who founded Dark Dynasty K9 Kennels, train protection dogs for celebrities, billionaires, and law enforcement around the world.

The world-famous security dog has 8 babies. His puppies are not only cute but also extremely valuable. Together, they could be worth up to a cool $500,000 after undergoing protection training to become elite protection dogs.


A Texas Police Officer Trying To Shoot A Loose Dog Killed A Woman Instead

Texas dog shootingA Texas police officer confronted by a loose dog pulled out his gun and opened fire Thursday, missing the animal and striking a woman standing nearby, killing her. The officer was placed on paid administrative leave.

The police department is conducting an internal investigation into the shooting, and the district attorney’s office is reviewing the incident to see if the officer’s actions were in accordance with the law.

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Hotel package includes private puppy party, prosecco in honor of National Dog Day

National Dog Day Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver is helping guests celebrate National Dog Day inside one of their luxury suites with a private puppy party and plenty of prosecco. The hotel is offering a “Puppies + Prosecco Package” for guests to purchase from Aug. 23 to 26.

Source: usatoday

Military Working Dogs Honored With New USPS Forever Stamps

military dog stampsA highly anticipated postage stamp collection honoring US military dogs was released Thursday. The special military working dog postage stamps showcase the canine heroes that work alongside service members and put their lives on the line to save others. 

According to the USPS, the new stamp collection features four breeds—German shepherd, Labrador retriever, Dutch shepherd, and Belgian Malinois—that are commonly used as working dogs by the U.S. military. Each block of four stamps features the four dog breeds, adding up to 20 stamps per booklet.

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Dog saliva infection leaves Ohio woman without arms, legs

dog owner amputtionOhio dog owner Marie Trainer was forced to undergo numerous amputations after she was infected by a bacteria that turned out to be from a dog’s saliva, her family said Thursday. She had both her arms and legs partially amputated and still may need more surgeries.

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